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Operation Enduring Freedom

The United Kingdom supports the international efforts of the Global War on Terror, with the British contribution to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, and support to the American-led Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, 2002.

Operation Typhoon

The Russian Federation has fabricated a coup on the Democratic Republic of Sahrani and has placed ballistic missiles capable of reaching mainland US on the island nation, the US has deployed the USMC to free a strategic ally in the region and restore the democratically elected regime in power.

Operation Eiche

After Russian made claims on Finnish grounds to secure its further expanding borders it went into a second winter war. Finland turned to Germany for help, it sent troops to help fend off the invasion.

Operation Brimstone

After efforts across the middle east against ISIS by coalition forces. UNITAF is tasked with moving forces towards the western regions of Syria to aid Syrian Armed Forces against the ever growing Islamic State (IS).

Operation Parabole

UNITAF deploys to South America after the sudden meteoric rise of cartel leader Rafael Mendez to the Presidency in Isla Abramia, we have obtained credible evidence that he is supporting terrorist groups and militias across the globe.