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Operation Brimstone

After efforts across the middle east against ISIS by coalition forces. UNITAF is tasked with moving forces towards the western regions of Syria to aid Syrian Armed Forces against the ever growing Islamic State (IS).

Operation Parabole

UNITAF deploys to South America after the sudden meteoric rise of cartel leader Rafael Mendez to the Presidency in Isla Abramia, we have obtained credible evidence that he is supporting terrorist groups and militias across the globe.

Operation Daesh Dawn

British forces have been redeployed to the province of Diyala after an alarming surge in insurgent activity, showing increased levels of organization and tactics.

Operation Vertex

Ukrainian-Russian tensions are at an all-time high. Now the Chernarus nation is dissolved land is being seized by both Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has offered NATO offers military assistance with securing ex-Chernarus land and settlements.