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Operation Lebra (2018)

Estonian-Russian tensions result skirmishes throughout the Ida-Viru border region. The previous governing body attempted to claim independence as Chernarus for a short time before collapsing due to intense sanctions. Now the Chernarussian nation is dissolved and the region is being seized.

Operation Fulcrum (2013)

The BAF has an established presence in the region of Uzbin. Having been in Takistan since the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom, the continuous occupation and support of ANA forces against the Taliban has rumours of coming to an end. Along these murmurs, a new wave of insurgency rears its head.

Operation Honeybadger (2001)

Following the September 11 attacks, the United States starts an Bombing Campaign against the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan. Just twelve days later, the first conventional ground forces arrive. Working with local militants to overthrow the government, seeing the Taliban’s Leader, Osama Bin Laden, fleeing towards Pakistan.

Operation Everglade (1984)

The USSR has invaded Norway in an attempt to bypass the NATO forces stationed in West Germany. UNITAF has been deployed to Vidda to slow down the advancing army and to buy time for a better defensive posture to be achieved.

Operation Polaris (2039)

The med has suffered a pandemic, crippling the economy, IDAP quickly overrun by the need for aid. CSAT seeing an opportunity claim the islands. With no real choice what was left of the government accepted the help. The pandemic is now over but CSAT has yet to leave and shows no inclination to do so. NATO have decided to strike back and free the islands of occupation

Operation Sapphire (2006)

The Region of Kapaulio, after a long period of Civil Wars and Turmoil between the population, seems to have finally settled into a new Government. The US, intrigued in claiming a stake in the resource-rich Soils of Kapaulio, have agreed to send a Battalion of Army Rangers to aid in training local Forces and help maintain Stability in the region.

Operation Overture (2021)

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution compelling Angola to accept the support of the Blue Helmets in an effort to allow food and services to reach the civilian population.

Operation Eiche (2025)

After Russian made claims on Finnish grounds to secure its further expanding borders it went into a second winter war. Finland turned to Germany for help, it sent troops to help fend off the invasion.

Operation Parabole (2017)

Multiple terror attacks have hit cities across Europe. As part of a multinational effort to bring those responsible to justice, German KSK deploys to dismantle the ring of weapon smugglers supplying the terror group.

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