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Operation Everyman (2015)

The island nation of Akarya became an economic powerhouse due to its natural resources but it also sold uranium to Russia and the Middle East. NATO sent a battlegroup to Akarya to try and persuade the government to stop the production of uranium.


Operation Quantum (2009)

Two weeks ago, a MEI (Meteor Event, Impact) was observed in Kingdom of Regero, a previously independent and non-aligned monarchy located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Western Africa. We thought little of it until we noticed an increased refusal for international cooperation with the ESB (European Space Bureau) and USSA (United States Space Administration). With recent development indicating that the Kingdom of Regero has their hands on something very valuable, our fears may have come true...

Operation Guardian Angel (2007)

The Democratic Republic of Ritmo, an ex-colony of the Crown in the Pacific, has fallen to Turmoil. To intervene and restore peace in the region, the British Government has authorized the deployment of the 3rd Commando Brigade.

Operation Deadlock (2022)

The Sahranian Government on Lingor has struggled for years to maintain control over the island. The well-equipped but ill-trained military is riddled with corruption and incompetence, struggling to subdue drug cartel and de-facto pirates on the island and have in time sparked a revolution that has effectively taken over most of the island.

Operation Black Flag (2020)

The Black Flag task force has been dispatched to gather intel and investigate a unknown hostile presence in the region of Khushab/Jilavur in the Takistan mountains, intel gathered so far shows that they have been harassing, capturing and killing civilians by using unethical methods.

Operation Valiant Guardian (2020)

A civil war in the country of Illyria has been raging for years. The troops of the Social Federal Republic of Illyria have been hit with low morale and overstretched supply lines. With the hopes of independence being far from dead, the defenders begin a counter offensive along most of the frontline.

Operation Steadfast Resolve (2014)

With the Iron Curtain falling, the power vacuum has created incentive for other nations to take up the mantle of military and economical superpowers. As such, it came no surprise that a resource rich nation of Takistan would force themselves onto the global stage.

Operation Hetman (2023)

After a long period of political unrest between Poland and Belarus, tensions came to a boil when Belarus opened its borders for Russian Forces to bolster its own. In response to the AFRF buildup along the SuwaƂki Gap, Poland called on other NATO members to aid in the defense of its homeland.

Operation Fault Line (2018)

Following a large territory expansion the Middle East by IS - American forces, have rotated to a new area of operations, moving towards the western region of Yemen to aid in direct action, counter-insurgency and training with the Yemeni Armed Forces against the ever growing threat.

Operation Lebra (2018)

Estonian-Russian tensions result skirmishes throughout the Ida-Viru border region. The previous governing body attempted to claim independence as Chernarus for a short time before collapsing due to intense sanctions. Now the Chernarussian nation is dissolved and the region is being seized.

Operation Fulcrum (2013)

The BAF has an established presence in the region of Uzbin. Having been in Takistan since the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom, the continuous occupation and support of ANA forces against the Taliban has rumours of coming to an end. Along these murmurs, a new wave of insurgency rears its head.

Operation Honeybadger (2001)

Following the September 11 attacks, the United States starts an Bombing Campaign against the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan. Just twelve days later, the first conventional ground forces arrive. Working with local militants to overthrow the government, seeing the Taliban’s Leader, Osama Bin Laden, fleeing towards Pakistan.

Operation Everglade (1984)

The USSR has invaded Norway in an attempt to bypass the NATO forces stationed in West Germany. UNITAF has been deployed to Vidda to slow down the advancing army and to buy time for a better defensive posture to be achieved.

Operation Polaris (2039)

The med has suffered a pandemic, crippling the economy, IDAP quickly overrun by the need for aid. CSAT seeing an opportunity claim the islands. With no real choice what was left of the government accepted the help. The pandemic is now over but CSAT has yet to leave and shows no inclination to do so. NATO have decided to strike back and free the islands of occupation

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