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from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

While it's only been 2 days since I last issued a UNISTAFF update, we've been so busy I'm issuing another one to mention a some new shiney things.


New ORBAT Roles and in-game positions directory

In my recent update about ORBAT Locking (Phase 1) I said we would be releasing a new area to the Operations Center called the roles directory this was released yesterday and I hope it proves really useful to both new and existing members alike. Below I'll point out a few features of it, and then mention some future plans we have for it too.

You can find it via the Operations Menu first and foremost



Or in other handy places, like next to ORBAT positions or ORBAT skill areas, just click on them, and it'll take you to the role directory, and then land you on the role you clicked on


We also put it in other handy places you might see role names, like for example - on your past deployments page in your dossier.

The purpose of the Role Directory is to list every active role we can place on an ORBAT, grouped by skill area, so you can navigate the areas using the menu on the right hand side.



What's really great though, is we've written up a short bio for every role, so you can read up on the roles your interested in, and it'll really help to de-mystify some roles, and help you decide what roles you'd like to pursue (or avoid!) Some other things you'll find are:

  • How many hours UNITAF members have spent in the role
  • Who the most experienced member of UNITAF in that role is (by operation hours)
  • What the minimum rank requirement for ORBAT locking is
  • A list of any training qualifications related or required by that role
  • A fancy picture (although we kind of rushed these out, so please send me some new ones if you can better any of the role images - let's have some competition!)


In the future the plan is to add loadouts to the roles directory, so you can see all the default loadouts we use, right here on UTFN - which we hope will help us improve those, too.



Obviously part of getting this out is heavily tied in with ORBAT Locking, we need to have a directory so you can look up the requirements for all the roles, right now - Qualification Requirements are not forced, but rank is. These aren't finalised, and we will re-balance the requirements according to feedback.



New Specialist Ranks

The eagle eyed among you will notice that some of the new roles in the roles directory require some new ranks, namely:

  • Specialist 3rd Class (SP3)
  • Specialist 2nd Class (SP2)
  • Specialist 1st Class (SP1)
  • Master Specialist (MSP)


You can find out more about these on the Ranks and Structure page by scrolling down to them, there are some basic descriptions of what we intend to use them for, the details will be finalised soon. I was conscious that we only had 2-3 ranks for non-leaders, and I wanted to bring some in so that in the long term, we have a more visible way of representing experience for non-leaders, and rewarding those for embarking on the future (coming soon) advanced trainings.

Do read about them on the link above, I will note though that all these new ranks irrespective of grade, are still out-ranked by Corporals in respect to the chain of command.



Chain of Command Update

Most of you are familiar with the way in which the COC works in UNITAF, if not you can head over to the COC intro to read up on it. Anyway, we realised that since most members are either inactive or active the rank distribution was slightly off, so we have re-issued the guidance on the number of subs each leader can take in the COC, Corporals are now 5-6 versus 6-10, and we've opened up a little breathing room to bring a new Corporal on board - which we need to do as we sometimes struggle for team leaders, so the NCOs are fielding candidates as we speak - so if your interested, speak to yours!



Promotions and Transfers

This week I also asked Sgt Kevin to step into a Cpl role - which was nonpunitive - I am conscious that Squad Leaders are few and far between, in doing so I promoted Cpl SoapyTarantula to Sergeant, to reflect both acitivity but the most likely candidates for these roles. Soapy has also Field Lead a few operations over the last few months, and I'm sure will continue to do so as we grow.



Activity / Inactivity Changes

Finally, we have updated the COC Charts and Roster Lists, by removing a bunch of members who have not played within 60 days, which is the upper limit for Reserves, this is mostly automatic, but I think all you should know is;

  • Regular (active inside 30 days) we currently have 28
  • Reserves (inside 30-60 days) we have 3
  • Inactive (outside 60 days) - we've added a discord role for this, and (Inactive members are removed from the COC


That's all for now.

ORBAT Locking - Phase 1
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

This week is the first time we have employed ORBAT Locking, this communication will explain simply what it is, why it's here and how it effects you.

If you'd like to discuss, the contribtion channel is #j6-training-and-sop on discord


What is ORBAT Locking?

When viewing a Order of Battle (ORBAT) which lists all the availible positions, UNITAF members are able to select which roles they wish to deploy to, ORBAT Locking refers to the restriction of the access to certain roles based on two primary restrictions; Rank and Training, this is now live and you may see some different functionality when looking at an ORBAT.


Rank Locking

The below image shows new functionality, whereby the role of Squad Leader requires the rank of Sgt (as shown in orange) as a minimum rank. In yellow the button reflects this requirement and disables your ability to deploy to this role. hovering over this button will display an explainantion. 

Rank locking above the rank of Private is currently only applied to Field Leadership Roles, recruits can access most fireteam roles, some - such as Combat Engineers, Grenadiers etc require you to be at least a Private.

We have added a 'Roles' directory to the operations center, where you'll be able to view the requirements of all roles outside of an ORBAT. It's accessable via Operations -> Roles or you can click here to open it


IETC (Initial Entry Training Course) Locking

When you make the rank of Private, it is assumed that you understand the core policies and SOP of UNITAF, but sometimes new SOP may be added to IETC, or you may be marked down for demonstrating a lack of understanding of basic SOP, in this case, you'll loose access to any role which requires any rank other than Recruit, as seen below, this shows my deployment screen based on my IETC having some red-checks on it, restricting me to some basic fireteam roles.

Note hovering over the button will explain the issue to me, clicking the button will take me right to my IETC profile, so I can identify the issue, speaking to an instructor or my COC will easily fix this.

We have added a 'Roles' directory to the operations center, where you'll be able to view the requirements of all roles outside of an ORBAT. It's accessable via Operations -> Roles or you can click here to open it


Future Training Locks

In the future, beyond the initial Phase 1 roll-out of ORBAT locking, we will add further requirements to advanced roles, expect to see this tie in with the training system for medics, pilots and special forces units, including marksmen, leaders, snipers and so on. We will monitor the effects of Phase 1, and keep everyone up to date on Phase 2 roll-outs.


Why ORBAT Locking

The primary purpose of ORBAT locking is to improve gameplay by ensuring that any person in a role is at least competant at it, it ensures brand new members can't automatically allocate critical mission roles and prioritises and rewards those whom have trained in a role to be able to access it before those who haven't. It's principle role is to promote and encourage the use of the training system, and the employment of SOP. In the future it will also be used to give a larger variety of weapons and gear to those who have progressed the training system too.


"One-upping" - Playing Roles you're locked out of

One-upping is a process of requesting to take a role you're not qualified for by contacting the leader (FL) of the operation and asking them. One-upping is encouraged task-force wide, it allows you to practice roles. Future fireteam leaders are encouraged to "One-up" in official operations, you can "one-up" into any role at any time by asking the ops FL.

The FL is not required to approve your "one-up", but as always, we will do our best to accomodate requests, the best way though is to work towards meeting the requirements of any role, which will mean you'll always have access to it.

Finally, One-upping allows us to make sure when new members are trying roles for the first time, that we can strategically place experienced members around them.


If you'd like to discuss, the contribtion channel is #j6-training-and-sop on discord


Hello all,

So we are looking to get a mission file that we can run 24/7 that will require little to no mods. The idea behind this is to get involved with the Arma 3 community more and gain players from the server.

We have discussed potentially having a wasteland or Domination style mission server on one of the default maps but with RHS weapons on it. These seem to be in popular demand with few servers fulfilling it.

If you have any suggestions and would like to contribute to this please fill the form out below.

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from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

UNITAF is commited to providing sessions on a regular basis and as we promote more members of the task force to experiment, practice and run their own sessions, we also want to make sure that when attending sessions you know what to expect from the types of sessions that you will see over time.

All sessions must be clearly labelled both in the servers name, and in any pings communicating that session so that it's clear what you as the organiser and those attending can expect from the session.


Official operations and patrols can vary in size and scope, but have one thing in common - they all utilize the full standard operating proceedures of UNITAF, and all standing orders, rules and SOP apply at all times. Official operatations or patrols are organised or lead by a UNITAF NCO or higher. Most official operations will be listed on the Operations Center with prior ORBATTING, but not always. 

Official Operations utilise the normal chain of command and count towards your service history, operational hours and record/statistics.

Casual operations and patrols are cooperative sessions with the same level of teamwork you'd expect from any UNITAF session, but expect them to be a little more laid back or perhaps less serious than official sessions. It's up to the organiser to communciate what they expect, casual ops may make use of other factions, weapons, assets, nations or styles of play than usual. Casual operations can be organised by any Regular member of UNITAF, it's not required that an NCO leads it.


Anything that doesn't fall into the above categories, typically these sessions will be wildely out of our normal sessions and feature unique or unusual styles of play.




In the server name (examples):

Official: UNITAF OFFICIAL OPERATIONS - Operation Hammer 10
Casual: UNITAF CASUAL OPERATIONS - Patrolling Takistan
Just for Fun: UNITAF JUST FOR FUN - Zombie Apocalypse


When communicating or pinging via discord:

Official: "This session is classified as a OFFICIAL OPERATION see for more information."

Casual: "This session is classified as a CASUAL OPERATION see for more information."

Casual: "This session is classified as JUST FOR FUN see for more information."


On the Operations Center

The operations center will state OFFICIAL/CASUAL/JUST FOR FUN on the upcoming events list.



Question or Idea?

This SOP can be discussed in the #j6-training-and-sop contribution channel on Discord.

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from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

ACE Medical

Extensive testing has been underway over the last week or so and we've settled on what we feel to be a suitable group of settings bearing in mind the ACE changes that came with the last update. Two points to note:

  • Morphine takes time to kick in now, don't overdose on it, and be sure to communicate with medical staff if you've injected yourself, so you can avoid overdosing, if you overdose on Morphine you will have to be MEDIVAC'd from the AO.
  • To ensure we can prevent death (to force us to deal with casualties rather than respawns) it's possible for a casualty to get a large number of wounds (50) which would require the same number of bandages, for this reason, if a patient is unresponsive with a large number of wounds (20-25+) then the senior medic present can initiate a medical evacuation with the command element, the patient will be lifted by land or air to a field hospital where they will be dealt with and then re-inserted.
  • The use of a Personal Aid Kit now requires a Doctor (Squad Medic) and a medical vehicle or a medical facility.


Mods & Modpack

  • Diwako's ACE Ragdolling has been removed as of today, as it's no longer supported by ACE in light of the medical re-write and the developer has indicated that there are no plans to support it
  • Simplex Support Services has been added, this will allow field leadership to utilise support and force multiplication units from the ACE interaction menu, and open up a wider variety of mission options.
  • PPS (Player Persistant Statistics) following a further test we've removed PPS, but we have plans to assist the developer with making changes, so expect to see it back soon.


Default Loadout / Roles

  • Corrected default uniform pattern
  • Added 2 Variations of the AR Role, M249 Long and M249 Short versions
  • Added 3 Variations of the Grenadier Role, M4, M16 and HK416 versions
  • Added the HAT, Heavy Anti-Tank Role
  • Removed old ACE Splints and Items
  • Removed some MRE/Canteen Items
  • Fixed some cases where roles wouldn't spawn a GPS


The Default Arsenal

  • Added more variations of default assault rifles
  • Added a larger / better variety of backpacks
  • Added more variations of head protection
  • Various other miscellaneous items have been added
  • Removed the ability to set a patch, rank patches will be automatically applied (or Red Cross if your a medic)



from Sergeant Zero Section Commander (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

Going off the G.R.I.N.C.H idea from Soapy. 
We are play as Santa's E.L.F (Elite Logistics Force) 
Our convoy must deliver Santa's precious toys to the G.D.C (Grotto Distribution Centre)

Will we make it in time or will the forces of G.R.I.N.C.H stop us? Will Santa get his toys?!
Will Christmas be ruined?

Time based convoy/logistics mission. Snow map (Obviously), and these hats- These Hats

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November Update
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

It's been a little while since my last task-force wide update, so below are a bunch of important announcements rolled in. Please note I'll also likely not post updates textually via discord, rather just link to them here, since I am able to track who has read and acknowledged them.

Please ensure you take note of them, and indicate you have understood by clicking the Acknowledge button above. I would also appreciate it if you asked others to do so too, as I know people don't often read them, but there is important information below.


Operations, Mods Updates and Scheduling

We're pleased with the current progress, both operation turnout and ratings are generally ok or good, that's ok but not Excellent. We're working on some of the weaker points raised in many of your after action reports, and hope to see this reflected in them during weeks to come.

We are adding @CUP Terrains and @CUP Interiors to the presets for Operation Hammer from this Sunday December 8th onward. Please note this is a 3GB update for most. I have already added the Preset over on the Operations Center, so I suggest heading over there to import it to your launcher ASAP - if you need any help, use the #help channel on Discord.

This is primarly because we're changing Operation Hammer over to Bystrica, but also to give us better varitey for upcoming operations. Hammer will likely run on this stretch until mid-January at the earliest, especially now with the map change, but as always we'll gauge from after action reports how people feel about the current maps.

We will continue with weekly operations throughout the holidays, and plan to host a Christmas special on the 22nd, see for suggestions, this will be confirmed soon, but will likely be a mix of COOP and PVP/Competative with a Christmas Twist. 


The New Members List

We've added a new members page over at we hope this keeps you all better connected via Steam and also to promote members Twitch and Youtube content, we will be rolling out via UTFN a feature to hold twitch and youtube content right here on our site, very soon. 

I'd also like to encourage anyone that can, to stream or record sessions, and send these and any screenshots into Discord, as it will ultimately be very useful to us in the long run.

The second thing you'll notice, is we're showing who owns what DLC on this page, this is something you can personally edit by going to your account at the top right dropdown -> Account. Adding this is very helpful as it means we can plan our next campaign, which the running theory is will require Apex DLC.


After Action Reports

You'll likely know that we've added the MVP feature, and while no data from this will be released right now, we're going to monitor it and as and when we will make announcements, this is tied into the new Awards and Citations page on your dossier.

Please can I ask that you ensure that when you make AAR Comments, you indicate what we can do to get a better score from you. This is what they exist for and we've noted that at times this is not the case.


Website Avatars

We'd like everyone to have a custom avatar on the website, so if you don't happen to have one yet, just send it over to me on Discord, or if your not sure, or want some help taking one, just let us know as we're happy to leave the servers open after operations to facilitate this.


Recruitment and Staff and Contributions to UNITAF

I've been speaking to many recently about the current staff system and we're going to be shaking it up considerbly over the Chrismas period and beyond, we recognise that the model of a few people doing a lot won't work in the long run and we want to make it clearer to everyone how you can help UNITAF grow and prosper, by just doing your little bit, or as much as you want to support what we do.

Details about this will go out soon, but suffice to say we want as many people involved in recruitment, mission making, mission ideas and so on as possible, and our job really is to make it as easy and time short as we can, anybody recruiting just one person a month, designing or Zeusing one mission a month, or just coming up with ideas, at scale - we believe will be the key to growth into 2020.

That said, even before I get a chance to write up these changes, if you'd like to help, just drop me a message and I'd be happy to have a chat with you about it.

Finally, there have been literally hundreds of changes to the website here over the last month, and I can't detail them all here - you can view all the changes over on Change Log 4 on the UTFN Changelog here:

RE: UTFN Changelog
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

Change List 4


  • Changed the ORBAT, OPORD and Preset buttons on the Upcoming Operations Center to be disabled if a preset, opord or orbat is not yet available
  • A new version of the past operations page, which groups operations by campaign and shows campaign statistics
  • New UTFN logo on all pages
  • Customised the home page dependant on if the user was logged in or not, and customised the CTA buttons
  • Made the communications (comms) page simplier by removing many of the unused categories
  • Automated the change of user status between Regular and Reserve



  • An error in the way AAR ratings have been rounded, they are now more accurate
  • A bug whereby a user could vote themselves as MVP
  • An issue where the OPORD was hard coded for Operation Torrent



  • An hours in role and Tier indicator to upcoming ORBATs
  • A LOA feature whereby a user can be set away to a certain date
  • Global hours now shows on the website home page
  • Finished version of the Awards and Citations module on user profiles, is now live
  • Mod Preset button to Operations center, which downloads a Arma 3 Launcher Preset file
  • Social Icons to User Dossiers (for Steam / Youtube and Twitch
  • A new Full Member list page, shows a lot of information about members
  • Added DLC's and Social accounts to the User Account page, user can add which DLC's they own, and social account links
  • The ability to vote an MVP on operational AARs

As this is the first Chrismas since we started United Task Force, we're suggesting to hold a 'Christmas Special' in place of the scheduled Operation on December 22nd.

We're quite open on how to run this so if you have any ideas for game-modes or something a bit different for this session, please post below so we can have a look at all the ideas - no idea is a bad idea!

If you like an idea that someone else has put forward, please let us know below too.

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Public Server

Now we've obtained a much more powerful dedicated server, we're looking for suggestions for a game-mode to run on it between main line operations, as we don't feel Liberation is getting adequate use. Let us know any ideas below, and we'll collate them all and put out a vote to decide the next one.


Next Operation Map

Looking at the strategic objectives, Operation torrent will be drawing to a close soon, and thus our time on Lythium will be too, to that end please feel free to suggest new maps below, or perhaps oppenent forces too, for our next campaign!

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General update from HQ Staff
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

It's all go this week, and about time that we provided an general update on things-going-on, what with the 4th HQ Staff meeting taking place last night, it seemed to me the ideal time to do so.

We have discussed and made some changes to 'standard ORBATs' used for missions, and have made some changes to specifically this Sunday's mission, to ensure all elements have a maximum of 2 radio channels either 1 down or lateral and one up.

Vehicle Crewman / Specialised Roles
In response to feedback and suggestions, dedicated vehicle crewman roles have been and will be used on ORBATs when required by said operation, we encourage you to try these roles and please do feedback to @Operations SNCOIC (S3) via the normal methods as your try this role, so we can tweak it's usage. The vehicle crews will act for now as an element under the same command as the Fires Support Group, which in turn will be under the command of the Platoon Leader. We've allowed specification of Driver/Gunner positions on the ORBAT, these elements while mobile with often be slightly back from the Infantry Frontline, but provide vital fire support and/or movement and mobility.

Training Sessions
We are looking into some more practical based non-mandatory training sessions to rinse/repeat operational scenarios in-game without using Operations as the space to do so, @Training Staff (S7) will advise in more detail in due course, but essentially the aim is to provide a more practical way to absorb unit SOP, or indeed improve ones skills. This is in addition to the other methods in place, such as the training checks and challenges.

Mod Changes
There have been some mod removals and additions, the appropriate staff team will announce the details ASAP. One notable addition is the ability to CPR a casualty (chance based) who is in cardiac arrest back to life via ACE Medical, and with a higher chance when using Defib Pads, we hope this will add another option for troops in frontline scenarios. Details to follow.

Database Driven Ops
As mentioned in the last ops briefing, we made a bit of a breakthrough in development this week, we now have the technical capability to insert game data to and from the website to the operations in real time, we intend to use this to persist map markers, vehicles, assets and managing these things using the website, and hopefully, to allow full management of loadouts on the website, and have them injected as you join the server on operations. We're excited to see where this goes, and how it will assist us going forward to do some pretty unique things.

I'm sure you'll agree there are plenty of exciting things on the radar, there are a number of other important announcements coming soon - to which the staff teams are currently working on and I / they will look forward to sharing them in due course.

Finally, as I did during the meeting, I'd like to re-iterate my thanks to all the staff and staff IC's for the outstanding work they are doing, and I'm sure you will all agree that it's very much appreciated, please do thank them, and of course should you like to get stuck in and help, contact the relevant staff head via the Structure -> Staff page here on UTFN, to find out how you can get stuck in.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this general update, please do comment directly here or via #general-chat on Discord.

RE: UTFN Changelog
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

Change List 3

Added / New Features

  • Avatars to Dossier Profiles
  • Training Records to Dossier Profiles
  • Advanced Training System
  • Training Videos
  • Training Challenges
  • Training Requests
  • Support for Training Schools
  • Changed Instructor Lists on Qualifications to be Per School
  • Discord Role and Nickname Management through UTFN, supporting Rank Changes
  • Ability to 'Hide Green' checks on Qualification Check View
  • UNITAF Roadmap Functionality
  • Database Editors for Staff Teams
  • Discord S3 Notifications on ORBAT Slotting Event
  • 'Not Attending' View for NCOs to see who's not attending an ORBAT
  • Statistics blocks for Deployments added to Dossier Views
  • Logistics / Assets Finance System is now live, updating a midnight daily
  • Mission Objectives injected automatically onto Opords
  • Custom scrollbars for webkit browsers
  • Chain of Command view for Personnel List


Changed / Improved

  • Operation Status on Ops Center is now dynamic
  • Homepage / Ops Center shows 'Live Now' when an operation is ongoing
  • On training overviews member lists, changed score to % completed
  • Added Tooltips to Roadmap items to make it clearer they are clickable
  • Design of Assets/Stores View


Bugs Fixes

  • AAR Ratings have been fixed / corrected, as they were calculated incorrectly
  • Mobile Design of SOP Popups
  • Double Scrollbar on Mobile devices



  • Personnel List view
RE: Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Reservist (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)
  1. "Light up FOB" option can be used at any time near an FOB, but please only use it for your own sanity when an FOB is not already lit. Local effect only.
  2. DAGOR variants added
  3. M1045 added (Tow Humvee)
  4. Changed some of the Medical/Engineer scripts
  5. Updated CBA for some Boxloader and other functions
  6. Modified 'flip vehicle' script so that people with a toolkit should be able to use it as well.
  7. Updated Arsenal whitelist to include new Privates/Recruits (have not modified for other promotions, sorry).
  8. Flatbed from Contact DLC added. Can load (small) vehicles, and the Huron containers with Boxloader mod.
  9. Boxloader Bulldozer added. Can delete fauna, fences, sidewalks, and other junk.
  10. Boxloader pallets added including ones that will work with ACE logistics if the ACE integration mod for boxloader is installed. Boxloader Regular pallets will fit in more vehicles as they are smaller.
Enabling Server Verified Signatures
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Corporal Ben Team Leader (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)


Well, it's about time we took action on the form we sent out a few weeks ago. After some boring testing and researching we have enabled verified signatures on the server.

This means we now have control of what client side mods are used while in mission. This allows us to monitor and give everyone the best possible server performance. Please see below for all mods that are currently allowed on the server during mission. Please note the reason why some mods have not been allowed client side is due to either conflicts with other mods, outdated or are not needed.

You will notice that in the Arma 3 Launcher mods will be listed as numbers. This is just a way around the data limit steam have in place for the launcher, this is the only way around this when running so many mods and keys. In short, you can ignore this as it will enable the mods needed and not change anything locally on your system. Then if you scroll down you will see the optional mods that you can enable. 

Image from Gyazo

Current base mods NEEDED;

Current OPTIONAL mods which are supported and allowed;

If we have missed your most favourite client side mod, please feel free to request here. We will look in to your request and test.

Regards - Cpl Ben

RE: Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Reservist (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

New Changelog, version 019:

1. The FOB objects (The Cargo HQ) is now lit with lights.
Notes: Dismantling an FOB will not delete the lights at this point in time (unless you disconnect/reconnect). Also, ACE does not detect that they are proper light sources, so you will still need to use a flashlight near it at night.

2. "Make me a..." Scripts are removed.
All players have medic and engineer abilities. Allows players to switch roles faster without having to worry about another setting.

3. RHS USAF 0.49 Addtions.
Integrated some of the new vehicles/weapons from the 0.49 update. Includes:
Stryker (M2)
M1220 Crows Variants
M1238A1 M2
Mk17 (Scar) variants Incl ammo types and silencer
M249 Light

4. KP loadouts should work now.

5. Build radius issue fixed (should not crush you now).

6. Older RHS USAF items added:
Some foregrips


RE: Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Reservist (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

Altis and Tanoa versions have been updated to .019

Here are the changes:

  1. Hunger/Thirst removed

  2. Ranks Private and above are now a part of the Arsenal whitelist.

  3. Arsenal Whitelist expanded to include more throw/put objects, as well as other objects such as Kestral, Agtrag.

  4. Night and Silent scripts updated to include all Whitelisted weapons (if available).

  5. Humanitarian missions have been polished up a bit.

  6. Build circle around objects has been shrunk considerably.

  7. More UNITAF have been added to logistic/commander whitelist.

RE: UTFN Changelog
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

Change List 2

  • Changed all countdown timers to refer to the users local timezone as detected by UTFN
  • Changed all times to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and changed the UNITAF clock to UTC
  • All times are now UTC and/or the users local timezone
  • Added a 'Hide replies' toggle button to the Comms Center
  • Adding spacings to the Comms area blocks
  • Added database support for in-game statistics
  • Added Discord Auth support, will be later used for login/role management
  • Added Training System Support for Multiple Schools, ready for adding new Quals
Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Reservist (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

Here are the big additions for a (working) ver 18:

Humanitarian Missions Depending on how low your reputation is, one of two Humanitarian Missions will spawn.

  1. Refugees - Heal all of the refugees. Each refugee you heal will give you a certain amount of rep points.
  2. Supply Truck - Deliver a truck to a city. Completing mission will give you 20 rep points. Each is on a hidden timer for 20 minutes. Once the timer is up, it checks to see if it was completed. Arsenal: Greatly expanded with more gear, weapons, etc.

The humanitarian missions are pretty simple because I wanted to get them working and all the ideas I had to make them pretty haven't worked out well so far. But I am continuing to improve. For instance, the Refugee mission spawns everyone in a tent, but sometimes they spawn in a mass of people.

My next version will actually build bed rolls for them to spawn on so they aren't clumped together.

Official UNITAF Mod List
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

We will add mods to this collection as and when changes are made, please favourite this collection and click 'subscribe to all'

We will make announcements as and when, you just need to open it and click 'subscribe to all' each time a change is made.

This method is only so you can download mods ahead of operations, to avoid creating pre-sets you can still join the server from the launcher as normal.

from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

UTFN is developed by UNITAF for UNITAF, and therefore we have complete control over it's development direction. Some of the best ideas for features have come from casual conversation with UNITAF members so this is the page to submit your ideas for UTFN.

Below you can submit ideas for new features, changes to existing features, integrations etc we will also accept bugs on this page for fixing.

To see the latest updates, visit the UTFN Changelog

UTFN (United Task Force Network) is the name for the software built and maintained for UNITAF at

The long term goal for UTFN is an immersive platform to extend the persistancy of in-game campaigns and operations by providing a platform to interact with and change the course of operations using UTFN. The platform also supports the growth and managment of UNITAF by way of automation and data management, supporting NCOs, Officers and staff with vital information.

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RE: UTFN Changelog
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)
Change List 1
  • Added countdown to next operation to homepage
  • Deployed 'Comms' module V2
  • Added support for in-game Avatars
  • Updated future OPORDs to new design / layout
  • Fixed a bug whereby a user would see a green 'Attending' button in the Ops Center to an Op they weren't attending
  • Added a list of a qualification's instructors to the Training Center
  • Fixed a bug whereby the check update of a training qual would show the wrong instructors name
UTFN Changelog
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

UTFN (United Task Force Network) is the name for the software built and maintained for UNITAF at

The long term goal for UTFN is an immersive platform to extend the persistancy of in-game campaigns and operations by providing a platform to interact with and change the course of operations using UTFN. The platform also supports the growth and managment of UNITAF by way of automation and data management, supporting NCOs, Officers and staff with vital information.

Planned Features (Not yet implemented)
  • Rank / Medals View showing requirements/prerequisites and showing the users whom have attained it

  • Roles/Preffered Roles system showing requirements/prerequisites of roles both in and out of game, show the recruitment status of each role and allow transfer requests between roles

  • Statistics system, to track in game events such as bullet fired, kills, casualties, ACE Medical, Vehicle interaction to provide stats per user such as most used weapons, ammo, # kills / deaths, average engagement distance, furtherst kill etc etc. Stats will be averaged over units for AAR purposes.

  • Full Logistics simulation allowing S4 staff to manage the purchase, deployment of and maintenance of UNITAF assets. Finance system supports this, with political factors implicating the income.

  • Qualification/Progression based ORBATs and UTFN controlled gear management: To control the availibility of in-game equipment based on UTFN databases, so more advanced / qualified members of UNITAF have access to equipment they are trained or positioned to use, promoting progression to newer members.

Below is a link to a playlist of Youtube Videos explaining certain features of UTFN, be aware that as development speed is quite high, the videos may show older interations of features.


This page will be updated periodically as new ideas are confirmed either by the development team or from the UTFN suggestions page. Below will follow updates and changelogs.

For ideas, bugs and suggestions submission, visit UTFN Suggestions / Bugs / Ideas

Connecting to the UNITAF server & testing
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

We have a server up now, which will remain up for the next week, until the first Operation this Sunday.

Please be sure to follow the below guide, to setup everything as needed prior to this operation, as always we are on hand in #help if you need any assistance.

Welcome to United Task Force
in Announcements/UNITAF Wide
from Second Lieutenant James Commanding Officer (UTF/AMFOR/1-PLT)

This post contains Day 1 information about what's happening from today (June 1) leading up to our first deployment on June 16. 

  • We're launching to our pre-launch interest list members, to allow you to register accounts
  • We're using this time to kill some bugs and get some feedback
  • There are a lot of features which we have disabled during this launch period
  • Features will be enabled on between June 1 and June 16


What we want you to do

  1. Register on and follow the instructions to complete your application in full (it's imporant that you fill out all the sections, including the sections relating to your preferred roles)

  2. Let us know when complete in #general-chat on Discord to get your account processed fully. Please include @Personnel Staff (S1) in your message so they don't miss it.

  3. Download the Mods by following this guide (CLICK HERE) we will have some testing servers up next week.

  4. As you know, you must confirm your slots for upcoming missions as early as possible. To slot yourself: Log in to > click on Operations, selecting one of the two confirmed mission dates that you can make and going to ORBAT > Descide your desired slot > Click Deploy

Feel free to ask any questions or report any issues directly here, or via Discord. We'll be providing futher updates in due course. If you have any issues at all, please use the #help channel on discord.

Please click Acknowledged at the top of this page once you have completed all the steps.

Some aspects of this website are fictional. United Task Force is an online gaming organisation that simulates real-world military operations using Arma 3, a sandbox PC game and custom software. Any usage herein of logos or representations of nations or military organisations is done for historical representation and fair use.

The UTFNET/UTFN software and is the sole property of United Task Force, all rights are reserved. ©2019