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UNITAF Public Server - Liberation on Lithium
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Major James Commanding Officer (UNITAF)

As we enter our 1st anniversary year, 3 major projects are being worked on by many people, and focused on by the UNISTAFF team and I. Those are;

  • A new campaign center with logistics and economy elements for official campaigns
  • A new player experience improvement
  • A public server

As always you can see the progress of all of these on the roadmap

SSgt Zero has recently rolled out a Buddy System in line with #2, and developers are working away on #1, which we're really excited to roll out soon.



We are currently testing a Liberation server 24/7 on, port 2302.

We wanted to ensure that any public server we run for UNITAF has the same style of play, and unique elements that UNITAF has. Sgt Ben has worked very hard over the last 3 months to find a solution to this, and we have settled on Liberation.


  • Uses the UNITAF base mods + Lythium
  • Arsenals are limited similar to our operations, but there is much more equipment than normal, we plan to update this soon, so the higher your UNITAF rank the more equipment you get
  • Vehicle access is restricted to UNITAF Regulars (deployed on official ops in the last 30 days)
  • Currently the server admins are the 4 Members of UNISTAFF, but we will look to expand this.
  • The server otherwise, uses the exact same settings as our operations


Liberation is a typical capture the island style of gameplay, but with a unique economy where you have to purchase equipment and earn resources, which fits well with our style of operations.

We hope that this will provide a nice platform for members to self organise mini-sessions, operations, patrols or even practices using Liberation and this is something that the staff team are happy to support.

We've got a dedicated channel on Discord for reporting issues, bugs called: j11-public-server Please also use this if you need to request permissions for vehicles etc.


We'll work with regular players to publish a rules list for the server, but please;

  • Do use the server to practice
  • Do play as a team, and where suitable use SOP and normal structures
  • Do represent UNITAF well, and report any issues with public players
  • Do provide feedback and suggestions to the J11 channels


You can find an online guide to KP Liberation here:


I would encourage you all to give it a go, and we hope it will be a popular destination for players & we look forward to the feedback in the channel above.

New Mod Management Features
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Major James Commanding Officer (UNITAF)

Afternoon all,

This week we've rolled out some great quality of life features and I wanted to show you very briefly one that might help you when managing your mods for UNITAF, as well as save a lot of time for our administrators and mission developers.

I've kept this tied up in a short 4 minute video, which you can find below.

As always, if you'd like to discuss this, or have any questions feel free to put them here or in the assocciated contribution channel which is #j8-mods

Task Force Radio - TFAR (Beta!!!)
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Major James Commanding Officer (UNITAF)

As you may be aware from the Array of casual operations recently using TFAR (Beta!!!), we are comitted to testing it now in a official capacity, and the first planned operation with TFAR will be on Sunday March 8th.

Please refer to the correct mod on the workshop:

Note that post install, you need to manually transfer the Teamspeak Plugin from the Mod Directory to the Teamspeak Plugins, it is not automatic.

If you need help setting this up, please do use #help on discord.

We will issue further information prior to Sunday 8th, as well as preparing our ORBATs, and mission frameworks to support TFAR.

RE: Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Regular (1 Troop)
  1. "Light up FOB" option can be used at any time near an FOB, but please only use it for your own sanity when an FOB is not already lit. Local effect only.
  2. DAGOR variants added
  3. M1045 added (Tow Humvee)
  4. Changed some of the Medical/Engineer scripts
  5. Updated CBA for some Boxloader and other functions
  6. Modified 'flip vehicle' script so that people with a toolkit should be able to use it as well.
  7. Updated Arsenal whitelist to include new Privates/Recruits (have not modified for other promotions, sorry).
  8. Flatbed from Contact DLC added. Can load (small) vehicles, and the Huron containers with Boxloader mod.
  9. Boxloader Bulldozer added. Can delete fauna, fences, sidewalks, and other junk.
  10. Boxloader pallets added including ones that will work with ACE logistics if the ACE integration mod for boxloader is installed. Boxloader Regular pallets will fit in more vehicles as they are smaller.
Enabling Server Verified Signatures
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers


Well, it's about time we took action on the form we sent out a few weeks ago. After some boring testing and researching we have enabled verified signatures on the server.

This means we now have control of what client side mods are used while in mission. This allows us to monitor and give everyone the best possible server performance. Please see below for all mods that are currently allowed on the server during mission. Please note the reason why some mods have not been allowed client side is due to either conflicts with other mods, outdated or are not needed.

You will notice that in the Arma 3 Launcher mods will be listed as numbers. This is just a way around the data limit steam have in place for the launcher, this is the only way around this when running so many mods and keys. In short, you can ignore this as it will enable the mods needed and not change anything locally on your system. Then if you scroll down you will see the optional mods that you can enable. 

Image from Gyazo

Current base mods NEEDED;

Current OPTIONAL mods which are supported and allowed;

If we have missed your most favourite client side mod, please feel free to request here. We will look in to your request and test.

Regards - Cpl Ben

RE: Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Regular (1 Troop)

New Changelog, version 019:

1. The FOB objects (The Cargo HQ) is now lit with lights.
Notes: Dismantling an FOB will not delete the lights at this point in time (unless you disconnect/reconnect). Also, ACE does not detect that they are proper light sources, so you will still need to use a flashlight near it at night.

2. "Make me a..." Scripts are removed.
All players have medic and engineer abilities. Allows players to switch roles faster without having to worry about another setting.

3. RHS USAF 0.49 Addtions.
Integrated some of the new vehicles/weapons from the 0.49 update. Includes:
Stryker (M2)
M1220 Crows Variants
M1238A1 M2
Mk17 (Scar) variants Incl ammo types and silencer
M249 Light

4. KP loadouts should work now.

5. Build radius issue fixed (should not crush you now).

6. Older RHS USAF items added:
Some foregrips


RE: Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Regular (1 Troop)

Altis and Tanoa versions have been updated to .019

Here are the changes:

  1. Hunger/Thirst removed

  2. Ranks Private and above are now a part of the Arsenal whitelist.

  3. Arsenal Whitelist expanded to include more throw/put objects, as well as other objects such as Kestral, Agtrag.

  4. Night and Silent scripts updated to include all Whitelisted weapons (if available).

  5. Humanitarian missions have been polished up a bit.

  6. Build circle around objects has been shrunk considerably.

  7. More UNITAF have been added to logistic/commander whitelist.

Public Liberation Server Changelog
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Private Doctor Butts Regular (1 Troop)

Here are the big additions for a (working) ver 18:

Humanitarian Missions Depending on how low your reputation is, one of two Humanitarian Missions will spawn.

  1. Refugees - Heal all of the refugees. Each refugee you heal will give you a certain amount of rep points.
  2. Supply Truck - Deliver a truck to a city. Completing mission will give you 20 rep points. Each is on a hidden timer for 20 minutes. Once the timer is up, it checks to see if it was completed. Arsenal: Greatly expanded with more gear, weapons, etc.

The humanitarian missions are pretty simple because I wanted to get them working and all the ideas I had to make them pretty haven't worked out well so far. But I am continuing to improve. For instance, the Refugee mission spawns everyone in a tent, but sometimes they spawn in a mass of people.

My next version will actually build bed rolls for them to spawn on so they aren't clumped together.

Official UNITAF Mod List
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Major James Commanding Officer (UNITAF)

We will add mods to this collection as and when changes are made, please favourite this collection and click 'subscribe to all'

We will make announcements as and when, you just need to open it and click 'subscribe to all' each time a change is made.

This method is only so you can download mods ahead of operations, to avoid creating pre-sets you can still join the server from the launcher as normal.

Connecting to the UNITAF server & testing
in Announcements/Modpack/Servers
from Major James Commanding Officer (UNITAF)

We have a server up now, which will remain up for the next week, until the first Operation this Sunday.

Please be sure to follow the below guide, to setup everything as needed prior to this operation, as always we are on hand in #help if you need any assistance.

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