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UTFN Changelog


Major James

Commanding Officer

UTFN Changelog

UTFN (United Task Force Network) is the name for the software built and maintained for UNITAF at https://unitedtaskforce.net

The long term goal for UTFN is an immersive platform to extend the persistancy of in-game campaigns and operations by providing a platform to interact with and change the course of operations using UTFN. The platform also supports the growth and managment of UNITAF by way of automation and data management, supporting NCOs, Officers and staff with vital information.

Planned Features (Not yet implemented)
  • Rank / Medals View showing requirements/prerequisites and showing the users whom have attained it

  • Roles/Preffered Roles system showing requirements/prerequisites of roles both in and out of game, show the recruitment status of each role and allow transfer requests between roles

  • Statistics system, to track in game events such as bullet fired, kills, casualties, ACE Medical, Vehicle interaction to provide stats per user such as most used weapons, ammo, # kills / deaths, average engagement distance, furtherst kill etc etc. Stats will be averaged over units for AAR purposes.

  • Full Logistics simulation allowing S4 staff to manage the purchase, deployment of and maintenance of UNITAF assets. Finance system supports this, with political factors implicating the income.

  • Qualification/Progression based ORBATs and UTFN controlled gear management: To control the availibility of in-game equipment based on UTFN databases, so more advanced / qualified members of UNITAF have access to equipment they are trained or positioned to use, promoting progression to newer members.

Below is a link to a playlist of Youtube Videos explaining certain features of UTFN, be aware that as development speed is quite high, the videos may show older interations of features.



This page will be updated periodically as new ideas are confirmed either by the development team or from the UTFN suggestions page. Below will follow updates and changelogs.

For ideas, bugs and suggestions submission, visit UTFN Suggestions / Bugs / Ideas

Acknowledged by:
Maj James, 1Lt Ben (Ret.), SFC Crossy, Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.), SP3 Zero (Ret.), SP3 Attackbee (Ret.),

Read by:
Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Ben (Ret.), SFC Skelly (Ret.), SFC Crossy, Cpl Mason (Ret.), Cpl Veagance, Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.), SP3 Attackbee (Ret.), SP3 Zero (Ret.), PFC J. Wilson, PFC Bradley (Ret.), PFC Ghost, Pvt Oglogoth, Pvt Rago, Pvt Dobbie (Ret.), Pvt Cerion, Pvt McKelvie, Pvt Doctor Butts, Pvt Salty (Ret.), Pvt SoapyTarantula, Pvt AirborneNinja, Pvt Markkwald, CDT Hawkyie, App Xflux,

Posted: 2019-07-14 10:07:56


Major James

Commanding Officer

Change List 1
  • Added countdown to next operation to homepage
  • Deployed 'Comms' module V2
  • Added support for in-game Avatars
  • Updated future OPORDs to new design / layout
  • Fixed a bug whereby a user would see a green 'Attending' button in the Ops Center to an Op they weren't attending
  • Added a list of a qualification's instructors to the Training Center
  • Fixed a bug whereby the check update of a training qual would show the wrong instructors name


Major James

Commanding Officer

Change List 2

  • Changed all countdown timers to refer to the users local timezone as detected by UTFN
  • Changed all times to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and changed the UNITAF clock to UTC
  • All times are now UTC and/or the users local timezone
  • Added a 'Hide replies' toggle button to the Comms Center
  • Adding spacings to the Comms area blocks
  • Added database support for in-game statistics
  • Added Discord Auth support, will be later used for login/role management
  • Added Training System Support for Multiple Schools, ready for adding new Quals


Major James

Commanding Officer

Change List 3

Added / New Features

  • Avatars to Dossier Profiles
  • Training Records to Dossier Profiles
  • Advanced Training System
  • Training Videos
  • Training Challenges
  • Training Requests
  • Support for Training Schools
  • Changed Instructor Lists on Qualifications to be Per School
  • Discord Role and Nickname Management through UTFN, supporting Rank Changes
  • Ability to 'Hide Green' checks on Qualification Check View
  • UNITAF Roadmap Functionality
  • Database Editors for Staff Teams
  • Discord S3 Notifications on ORBAT Slotting Event
  • 'Not Attending' View for NCOs to see who's not attending an ORBAT
  • Statistics blocks for Deployments added to Dossier Views
  • Logistics / Assets Finance System is now live, updating a midnight daily
  • Mission Objectives injected automatically onto Opords
  • Custom scrollbars for webkit browsers
  • Chain of Command view for Personnel List


Changed / Improved

  • Operation Status on Ops Center is now dynamic
  • Homepage / Ops Center shows 'Live Now' when an operation is ongoing
  • On training overviews member lists, changed score to % completed
  • Added Tooltips to Roadmap items to make it clearer they are clickable
  • Design of Assets/Stores View


Bugs Fixes

  • AAR Ratings have been fixed / corrected, as they were calculated incorrectly
  • Mobile Design of SOP Popups
  • Double Scrollbar on Mobile devices



  • Personnel List view


Major James

Commanding Officer

Change List 4


  • Changed the ORBAT, OPORD and Preset buttons on the Upcoming Operations Center to be disabled if a preset, opord or orbat is not yet available
  • A new version of the past operations page, which groups operations by campaign and shows campaign statistics
  • New UTFN logo on all pages
  • Customised the home page dependant on if the user was logged in or not, and customised the CTA buttons
  • Made the communications (comms) page simplier by removing many of the unused categories
  • Automated the change of user status between Regular and Reserve



  • An error in the way AAR ratings have been rounded, they are now more accurate
  • A bug whereby a user could vote themselves as MVP
  • An issue where the OPORD was hard coded for Operation Torrent



  • An hours in role and Tier indicator to upcoming ORBATs
  • A LOA feature whereby a user can be set away to a certain date
  • Global hours now shows on the website home page
  • Finished version of the Awards and Citations module on user profiles, is now live
  • Mod Preset button to Operations center, which downloads a Arma 3 Launcher Preset file
  • Social Icons to User Dossiers (for Steam / Youtube and Twitch
  • A new Full Member list page, shows a lot of information about members
  • Added DLC's and Social accounts to the User Account page, user can add which DLC's they own, and social account links
  • The ability to vote an MVP on operational AARs
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