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Public Liberation Server Changelog


Private Doctor Butts


Public Liberation Server Changelog

Here are the big additions for a (working) ver 18:

Humanitarian Missions Depending on how low your reputation is, one of two Humanitarian Missions will spawn.

  1. Refugees - Heal all of the refugees. Each refugee you heal will give you a certain amount of rep points.
  2. Supply Truck - Deliver a truck to a city. Completing mission will give you 20 rep points. Each is on a hidden timer for 20 minutes. Once the timer is up, it checks to see if it was completed. Arsenal: Greatly expanded with more gear, weapons, etc.

The humanitarian missions are pretty simple because I wanted to get them working and all the ideas I had to make them pretty haven't worked out well so far. But I am continuing to improve. For instance, the Refugee mission spawns everyone in a tent, but sometimes they spawn in a mass of people.

My next version will actually build bed rolls for them to spawn on so they aren't clumped together.

Acknowledged by:
Maj James, 1Lt Ben (Ret.), SFC Skelly (Ret.), SP3 Attackbee (Ret.), PFC BigRed,

Read by:
ojorn, Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Ben (Ret.), SFC Skelly (Ret.), Cpl Mason (Ret.), SP3 Attackbee (Ret.), PFC Maciek (Ret.), PFC J. Wilson, PFC BigRed, Pvt Rago, Pvt Doctor Butts, Pvt Oglogoth, Pvt Salty, Pvt Sobchak, Pvt Cerion, Pvt PhantomMenace, Pvt Dobbie (Ret.), Pvt Kaddion,

Posted: 2019-08-03 19:32:43


Private Doctor Butts


Altis and Tanoa versions have been updated to .019

Here are the changes:

  1. Hunger/Thirst removed

  2. Ranks Private and above are now a part of the Arsenal whitelist.

  3. Arsenal Whitelist expanded to include more throw/put objects, as well as other objects such as Kestral, Agtrag.

  4. Night and Silent scripts updated to include all Whitelisted weapons (if available).

  5. Humanitarian missions have been polished up a bit.

  6. Build circle around objects has been shrunk considerably.

  7. More UNITAF have been added to logistic/commander whitelist.


Private Doctor Butts


New Changelog, version 019:

1. The FOB objects (The Cargo HQ) is now lit with lights.
Notes: Dismantling an FOB will not delete the lights at this point in time (unless you disconnect/reconnect). Also, ACE does not detect that they are proper light sources, so you will still need to use a flashlight near it at night.

2. "Make me a..." Scripts are removed.
All players have medic and engineer abilities. Allows players to switch roles faster without having to worry about another setting.

3. RHS USAF 0.49 Addtions.
Integrated some of the new vehicles/weapons from the 0.49 update. Includes:
Stryker (M2)
M1220 Crows Variants
M1238A1 M2
Mk17 (Scar) variants Incl ammo types and silencer
M249 Light

4. KP loadouts should work now.

5. Build radius issue fixed (should not crush you now).

6. Older RHS USAF items added:
Some foregrips



Private Doctor Butts


  1. "Light up FOB" option can be used at any time near an FOB, but please only use it for your own sanity when an FOB is not already lit. Local effect only.
  2. DAGOR variants added
  3. M1045 added (Tow Humvee)
  4. Changed some of the Medical/Engineer scripts
  5. Updated CBA for some Boxloader and other functions
  6. Modified 'flip vehicle' script so that people with a toolkit should be able to use it as well.
  7. Updated Arsenal whitelist to include new Privates/Recruits (have not modified for other promotions, sorry).
  8. Flatbed from Contact DLC added. Can load (small) vehicles, and the Huron containers with Boxloader mod.
  9. Boxloader Bulldozer added. Can delete fauna, fences, sidewalks, and other junk.
  10. Boxloader pallets added including ones that will work with ACE logistics if the ACE integration mod for boxloader is installed. Boxloader Regular pallets will fit in more vehicles as they are smaller.
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