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Suggestions for Public Server + Next Operation Map


Major James

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Suggestions for Public Server + Next Operation Map

Public Server

Now we've obtained a much more powerful dedicated server, we're looking for suggestions for a game-mode to run on it between main line operations, as we don't feel Liberation is getting adequate use. Let us know any ideas below, and we'll collate them all and put out a vote to decide the next one.


Next Operation Map

Looking at the strategic objectives, Operation torrent will be drawing to a close soon, and thus our time on Lythium will be too, to that end please feel free to suggest new maps below, or perhaps oppenent forces too, for our next campaign!

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Posted: 2019-10-06 15:51:04


Private SoapyTarantula


I think a map with lots of greenery and forests would be an excellent contrast to the Afghanistan deserts we're hiking around at the moment. I'd suggest looking at either Beketov or Ruha. They're both fairly foresty & green, and the eastern/northern european locale allows for a few different opponents to potentially face off against.

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