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Task Force Radio - TFAR (Beta!!!)


Captain James

Commanding Officer

Task Force Radio - TFAR (Beta!!!)

As you may be aware from the Array of casual operations recently using TFAR (Beta!!!), we are comitted to testing it now in a official capacity, and the first planned operation with TFAR will be on Sunday March 8th.

Please refer to the correct mod on the workshop:

Note that post install, you need to manually transfer the Teamspeak Plugin from the Mod Directory to the Teamspeak Plugins, it is not automatic.

If you need help setting this up, please do use #help on discord.

We will issue further information prior to Sunday 8th, as well as preparing our ORBATs, and mission frameworks to support TFAR.

Acknowledged by:
Capt James, 2Lt Zero, 2Lt Kevin, 2Lt Ben, Sgt Mattjamco, Sgt Attackbee, Sgt Skelly, Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.), Cpl BigRed, Cpl Jules, PFC Ghost, PFC Bradley, PFC J. "Willy" Wilson, PFC Squido, Pvt Ryolitt, Pvt AirborneNinja (Ret.), Pvt Kaddion, Pvt SoapyTarantula (Ret.), Pvt Dobbie,

Read by:
Capt James, 2Lt Zero, 2Lt Ben, 2Lt Kevin, Sgt Trifle, Sgt Skelly, Sgt Attackbee, Sgt Mattjamco, Cpl Jules, Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.), Cpl BigRed, PFC Squido, PFC Mason, PFC Ghost, PFC J. "Willy" Wilson, PFC Bradley, Pvt Dobbie, Pvt J. Kowalski, Pvt SoapyTarantula (Ret.), Pvt Ryolitt, Pvt Kaddion, Pvt AirborneNinja (Ret.), Rec Jake Hawk,

Posted: 2020-03-01 17:04:59