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UNITAF Operations Checklist


Major James

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UNITAF Operations Checklist

So you want to run a UNITAF operation? Great. This post will briefly outline the process to ensure it's a success. We need to know 5 things first, in order to set your operation up.


  1. What type of operation is it? There are two main types of operations, Official and Casual. They are explained in detail here. (Remember if it's an official operation at least one NCO must be present)

  2. Who will the server admin be? Reach out to one so that you can ensure someone will be on hand to set your mission up for you. Don't worry if you are not sure, one will respond when you post in discord.

  3. How many slots do you need for your ORBAT, and in what composition? Any NCO or higher can setup the ORBAT for you and get your operation onto the ops center.

  4. What mods are required for your operation? Is it the core mod set, or is it different? Again your chosen Server Admin (SA) or Field Leader (FL) can set this up for you so the presets are published correctly. All mods must be from the approved mods list. If a mod you need isn't on the list, you need to request it via the #j8-mods channel.

  5. Who's got the mission file? Are you sending a mission file? Have you followed the Mission Framework for official missions? Has it been tested? Equally do you need a Zeus or Zeus slot? In which case we may have mission files ready to go for your chosen map.


Send this information to one of the J5 channels, either j5-official-op-planning or j5-casual-op-planning using an @NCOs ping to get started. Remember we'd like to see as many operations as possible, so we will help you to get setup as best we can. Try to give at least 24 hours notice if possible.

And if it helps, use the template below:




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Posted: 2019-12-16 17:33:50
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