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The UNITAF Integrated Mission Framework (IMF) & Other Updates


Major James

Commanding Officer

The UNITAF Integrated Mission Framework (IMF) & Other Updates

Good evening all,

Following a record turnout for Operation Diffidentia 6, I wanted to provide a general update on various areas with a bunch of really exciting developments that the UNISTAFF team, NCOs and contributors have been working on, with a focus on the new and proprietary UNITAF Integrated Mission Framework we recently completed.


Recruits and Promotions

We've had a influx of new recruits recently (welcome to you all) and this is a trend that we hope to continue at pace over the coming months - while this is probably in light of the global lockdown, the completion of the IMF succeeds a major part of our roadmap which means we look to begin UNITAFs public launch in the very near future, which will see us pushing UNITAF into the eyes of the wider Arma community, as well as engaging with the BIS Community Team and Streamers etc. This will afford us more regular and sizeable operations.


Integrated Mission Framework (IMF)

I recently completed a 8 month long ambition of integrating our website here, with the game along with some help from some of our contributing friends - which now allows us to interact with the game from and using our website accounts. This already implements features such as:

  • Injecting loadouts when you spawn/deploy based on the position you select here on UTFN
  • Dynamically selecting your spawn position based on the ORBAT
  • Setting rank patches and uniforms according to mission parameters
  • Doing all this in real time, allowing us to change things on the fly


We're working on developing currently

  • Buddy team support for ORBATs
  • Automatic radio frequency setup based on ORBATs
  • Automatic team assignment for STHUD/BFT based on ORBATs
  • Loadout customisation via ORBATs
  • Arsenal expansion based on Rank/Tier
  • Additional Loadouts based on Rank/Tier


A note on the Lobby/Spawn Area

Please be reminded, that the servers using the IMF will be onlined at T-30 to allow Zeus, NCO's and Recruits to connect for the purposes of Planning, Set-up and testing. We ask all on the ORBAT to be joined by the mission start time, in time for the briefing at +5 minutes. You will not get access to any equipment before this time, so if you do join, please do not mess around in the spawn building, it is there to provide a smoother start to all missions.


Video Demo of the early release of the IMF


The framework will be published to our contributors for use across Practice, Casual and Official Operations, and afford us a unique angle not covered by any other platform that I'm aware of. This will speed up, massively load in and setup times for missions, utilising data we have already through UTFN.


Default Loadouts & Arsenals

With the IMF using the loadouts, we will be soon publishing the contents of all default loadouts, as well as that of the arsenals, so from the ORBAT you can see the default contents of loadouts. As mentioned above, this will also be customisable, and furthermore allow us to deploy as multiple factions, using the same system. As always, feedback for the Loadouts can be send either through the COC or via #j6-training-and-sop on Discord.


Upcoming Events

With something scheduled for almost every day this week, there's plenty going on, and we're due to deploy on Operation Pavise, East Africa from Sunday.


See you in the field!

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Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Ben (Ret.), 1Lt Mattjamco, SFC Skelly (Ret.), Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.), Cpl Pidu (Ret.), SP3 Attackbee (Ret.), SP3 Jules, SP3 Zero (Ret.), PFC Squido, PFC Bradley (Ret.), PFC Maciek (Ret.), PFC J. Wilson, PFC BigRed, PFC Ghost, PFC Trifle (Ret.), Pvt Kaddion, Pvt Dobbie (Ret.), Pvt neulon, Pvt AirborneNinja, Pvt Pollard90, Pvt DeathGhosts, Pvt Salty, Pvt WitchHunter, Pvt BloodyMartyr, Pvt Bo Voort, Pvt SoapyTarantula, Rec Catriix, Rec Jake Hawk, Rec Malcom,

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Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Jari, 1Lt Ben (Ret.), 1Lt Mattjamco, SFC Skelly (Ret.), Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.), Cpl Pidu (Ret.), SP3 Jules, SP3 Trustii (Ret.), SP3 Attackbee (Ret.), SP3 Clarke, SP3 Zero (Ret.), PFC Ghost, PFC J. Wilson, PFC BigRed, PFC Bradley (Ret.), PFC Maciek (Ret.), PFC Trifle (Ret.), PFC Squido, PFC Sharkhus (Ret.), Pvt DeathGhosts, Pvt WitchHunter, Pvt BloodyMartyr, Pvt Kaddion, Pvt Dobbie (Ret.), Pvt AirborneNinja, Pvt Pollard90, Pvt Salty, Pvt Ryolitt (Ret.), Pvt Bo Voort, Pvt neulon, Pvt SoapyTarantula, Rec Jake Hawk, Rec Mozzy, Rec Malcom, Rec Catriix, Rec C. Angels,

Posted: 2020-04-13 20:16:32
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