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UNITAF Public Server - Liberation on Lithium


Captain James

Commanding Officer

UNITAF Public Server - Liberation on Lithium

As we enter our 1st anniversary year, 3 major projects are being worked on by many people, and focused on by the UNISTAFF team and I. Those are;

  • A new campaign center with logistics and economy elements for official campaigns
  • A new player experience improvement
  • A public server

As always you can see the progress of all of these on the roadmap https://unitedtaskforce.net/roadmap

SSgt Zero has recently rolled out a Buddy System in line with #2, and developers are working away on #1, which we're really excited to roll out soon.



We are currently testing a Liberation server 24/7 on ops.unitedtaskforce.net, port 2302.

We wanted to ensure that any public server we run for UNITAF has the same style of play, and unique elements that UNITAF has. Sgt Ben has worked very hard over the last 3 months to find a solution to this, and we have settled on Liberation.


  • Uses the UNITAF base mods + Lythium
  • Arsenals are limited similar to our operations, but there is much more equipment than normal, we plan to update this soon, so the higher your UNITAF rank the more equipment you get
  • Vehicle access is restricted to UNITAF Regulars (deployed on official ops in the last 30 days)
  • Currently the server admins are the 4 Members of UNISTAFF, but we will look to expand this.
  • The server otherwise, uses the exact same settings as our operations


Liberation is a typical capture the island style of gameplay, but with a unique economy where you have to purchase equipment and earn resources, which fits well with our style of operations.

We hope that this will provide a nice platform for members to self organise mini-sessions, operations, patrols or even practices using Liberation and this is something that the staff team are happy to support.

We've got a dedicated channel on Discord for reporting issues, bugs called: j11-public-server https://discord.gg/by8TxY6 Please also use this if you need to request permissions for vehicles etc.


We'll work with regular players to publish a rules list for the server, but please;

  • Do use the server to practice
  • Do play as a team, and where suitable use SOP and normal structures
  • Do represent UNITAF well, and report any issues with public players
  • Do provide feedback and suggestions to the J11 channels


You can find an online guide to KP Liberation here: https://greuh-liberation.fandom.com/wiki/GREUH_Liberation_Wikia


I would encourage you all to give it a go, and we hope it will be a popular destination for players & we look forward to the feedback in the channel above.

Acknowledged by:
Capt James, 1Lt Kevin, 2Lt Jari, 2Lt Ben, SFC Zero, SSgt Mattjamco, SSgt Attackbee, Sgt Johannes, Sgt Skelly, Sgt Deksterus, Cpl Link, Cpl Pidu (Ret.), Cpl BigRed, SPC Jules, SPC Trustii, PFC Maciek, PFC Sharkhus, PFC nikjo (Ret.), PFC Squido, PFC Flubber Dubber, PFC Orv, PFC J. Wilson (Ret.), PFC Trifle, PFC Ghost (Ret.), PFC Bradley, Pvt BloodyMartyr, Pvt Kaddion, Pvt Magni, Pvt Jobbas, Pvt Dobbie (Ret.), Pvt WitchHunter, Pvt Ryolitt, Pvt Norseman, Pvt TheGood1, Pvt Waerm, Pvt RadicalZulu, Pvt Crossy, Pvt Salty, Pvt DeathGhosts, Pvt Falobalob, Pvt jakey, Rec Supermaster,

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Posted: 2020-06-06 12:57:27