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The 2021 UNITAF Annual Survey


Major James

Commanding Officer

The 2021 UNITAF Annual Survey

Believe it or not folks as we approach our 2nd Birthday it's time for the UNITAF annual survey.

UNITAF has a robust platform of feedback analysis, with over 3,500 After Action Reports submitted comprising of over 600 A4 pages of feedback.

Alongside the chain of command feedback channel, this will be our second annual survey. We are interested in understanding how you feel about the ongoing development of United Task Force.

This is an opportunity to feedback directly to the headquarters, top-level non-mission specific feedback and ideas to be considered for the Strategy for the 2021 period.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

The closing date for submissions is 00:01 UTC on Sunday January 31st.

Click here to take part.

Acknowledged by:
Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Ben, 2Lt Mattjamco, 2Lt Jari, SFC Zero, SFC Luke, SSgt Cross, SSgt Deksterus, SSgt Skelly, Sgt Pete, Sgt Reefa, Sgt Flicky, Sgt Johannes, Cpl BigRed, Cpl WhiteWolf, Cpl Dungworth, Cpl Zuka, Cpl Scape, Cpl Crossy, Cpl Korean Falcon, Cpl LegacyStetson, SPC Bex, SPC STORM, SPC Flubber Dubber, SPC Trustii (Ret.), SPC Link (Ret.), SPC Mectus, SPC Attackbee, PFC Squido, PFC Bradley, PFC Hrusi, PFC Grezvany13, PFC Astreo, PFC Nomad, PFC Mohawk, PFC Ghost, PFC Trifle, PFC Maciek, PFC Ainz Ooal Gown, Pvt William, Pvt Geno, Pvt B.Miller, Pvt Minaus, Pvt Dr.Noooo, Pvt Nikolas259, Pvt Alex Jay, Pvt SuspiciousFox, Pvt Tim, Pvt Smaltin, Pvt majkel, Pvt Norseman, Pvt Denni, Pvt Edoardo, Pvt Shahid-e-Gomnam, Pvt Clarke, Pvt honger, Pvt Zack, Rec SeanTheLeprechann, Rec Westor, Rec Johan, Rec Pickle, Rec Rowfow, Rec Mabini, Rec Scott, Rec Tobi, Rec SirCede, Rec Santirek,

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Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Ben, 2Lt Mattjamco, 2Lt Jari, SFC Zero, SFC Luke, SSgt Skelly, SSgt Cross, SSgt Deksterus, Sgt Johannes, Sgt Pete, Sgt Flicky, Sgt Reefa, Cpl BigRed, Cpl Scape, Cpl Zuka, Cpl Crossy, Cpl Korean Falcon, Cpl LegacyStetson, Cpl Dungworth, Cpl WhiteWolf, SPC Mectus, SPC Link (Ret.), SPC Trustii (Ret.), SPC Flubber Dubber, SPC Attackbee, SPC Bex, SPC STORM, PFC Hrusi, PFC Fire Hawk, PFC Mohawk, PFC Grezvany13, PFC Ainz Ooal Gown, PFC Bradley, PFC Ghost, PFC Astreo, PFC Trifle, PFC Nomad, PFC Maciek, PFC Squido, Pvt Edoardo, Pvt Norseman, Pvt Tim, Pvt Shahid-e-Gomnam, Pvt Denni, Pvt Clarke, Pvt honger, Pvt B.Miller, Pvt Zack, Pvt Alex Jay, Pvt Ryolitt, Pvt Smaltin, Pvt William, Pvt majkel, Pvt Josef Pagalin, Pvt Minaus, Pvt Katalam, Pvt Nikolas259, Pvt Geno, Pvt Dr.Noooo, Pvt SuspiciousFox, Rec Westor, Rec SeanTheLeprechann, Rec Mabini, Rec Deckard112, Rec SirCede, Rec Blackout, Rec Santirek, Rec Pickle, Rec Russia, Rec Nickleby, Rec DiamondRamos, Rec Johan, Rec Rowfow, Rec Tobi, Rec Scott,

Posted: 2021-01-22 14:44:33