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Minor SITREP: Fatigue and Tier Balancing


Major James

Commanding Officer

Minor SITREP: Fatigue and Tier Balancing


This week we're issuing a small and minor SITREP with some updates and rebalancing on both the Fatigue and Tier systems. These updates have gone live. Some of these are bug fixes and some are new developments - in each case they are all contained here as they will make fundamental changes to both systems.

If you are new to UNITAF then welcome - this SITREP is a monthly/bi-monthly update from the Commanding Officer, with updates about UNITAFs development, minor SITREPs are infreqent and usually focus on a specific topic, wheras major SITREPs review each month and look forward to the next, and cover all areas.


Tier System - Practice Hours

It was raised to our attention recently that Practice Hours were being awarded to cross-over areas. A cross-over area (also known as derived roles/areas) is used to award like-for-like operation hours when a role constitutes experience in multiple areas. For example Anti-tank roles give like-for-like Core Infantry hours because the role is mostly being infantry, until a threat is located. This is supposed to only work with operation hours, but we located a bug whereby Anti-tank practices also gave Core Infantry practice hours, this was also the case with a few other derived areas.

This bug also concerns the following areas;

  • Field Leadership
  • Communications
  • Core Infantry

You will see in the Tier Update of today (07/06/2021) that you may have been tiered backwards in one or more the above areas if you were allocated practice hours by this bug. If you acheived Tier II Core Infantry and were promoted due to this bug - for now we will not issue demotions so long as Tier II Core Infantry is achieved in reasonable time.


Combat Fatigue Balancing

With the successful launch of Combat Fatigue, a number of bugs and re-balancing items were reported, what follows is a summary of those changes.

  • FTXs no longer give 60 second bonuses per FTX, instead they give 20 seconds bonus to fatigue per hour
  • FTXs that cover multiple subjects will now correctly split the bonus over each area, instead of duplicating it
  • FTXs no longer count towards fatigue, a reported bug showed that attending an FTX increased Core Infantry Fatigue, this is no longer the case.


New Combat Roles

A number of new Combat Roles have been introduced, to fill some areas we feel needed more specific ORBAT details.

  • Combat Medic Medical Tier II - a command detached medic, usually used in specific cases where additional medical personnel are required (such as single squad operations or Logistical Teams, but not in the Squad or Platoon Command Elements.) Equal to a Squad Medic in ability.
  • UAV Operator (Reconnaissance) Combat Support Tier III - to compliment it's attack counterpart, and SUAV smaller role, the UAV-OR is specifically for the reguarly used Global Hawk, high altitude model, denoting that it is a non-combative platform.
  • Joint Fires Observer (JFO) Communications Tier IV - able to request, control, and adjust joint mortar, Field Artillery, Naval Fire Support, A-10, AC-130, and other Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft. Controlling multiple ground and air based fire support assets at the same time.
  • Communications Specialist Communications Tier III - senior version of the Radio Operator, for use in scenarios where experienced RTOs are required, including Special Forces applications.
  • Infantry Team Leader (ITL) Field Leadership Tier III - The Infantry Team Leader is a unqiue role utilised in non-SOP deployments whereby an Infantry team is operating in a non-standard team which is larger than a Fireteam but smaller than a standard Infantry Rifle Squad. Specific examples are in typically 8 man teams with either a single fireteam leader or none at all. ITLs can command either a Rifle Team or a Weapons Team, depending on the circumstances.


Miscellaneous Change-log

  • T897 - Duration that a user has been procedure flagged for, has been added to MYCOC
  • T1199 - Member activity status added to MYCOC
  • T1193 - Combat Fatigue overview for subordinates added to MYCOC
  • T1185 - Fixed Practice Hour duplication in Cross-over-areas
  • T1181 - Combat Fatigue, added support for split SOP FTXs
  • T1190 - Combat Fatigue, fixed bug causing FTXs to contribute to Infantry Fatigue
  • T1207 - Mod size added to Operations Mod editor/views
  • T1206 - FTX and Instructor slots can now be changed in the ORBAT editor for FTXs
  • T1201 - L-Plate slots, fixed issue where it was possible to change an L-Plate slot to any other slot
  • T1187 - Added the ability to make loadout change requests for non-existant loadouts
  • T1189 - Fixed a bug to link MYCOC PCFs to user profiles


Roadmap Updates

Finally, now that the Fatigue system is bedding in, we'll be reviewing the Roadmap in the coming days and I would expect to see the Campaign Center, with intelligence, planning and building on the logistical side of campaigns to be brought back to the fore, so we look forward to providing that update soon.

As always, if you have any issues or questions with anything contained in this SITREP, please use the appropriate channels, be that ORGCOC or on Discord.


Major, James
Commanding Officer

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Maj James, Capt Kevin, 1Lt Jari, 2Lt Deksterus, 2Lt Mattjamco, MSG Korean Falcon, MSG Dungworth, MSG Johannes, SFC Skelly (Ret.), SSG SkullCollector, SSG WhiteWolf, SSG Crossy, SSG Scape, SSG Zuka, Cpl BigRed, Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam, Cpl Dreolic, Cpl Noah_Hero, Cpl William, Cpl Aiedail, Cpl LegacyStetson, Cpl Chelmy, Cpl hotspur, SP3 TommyHel, SP3 Zero, SP3 Astreo, SP3 Mectus (Ret.), SP3 Flubber Dubber, SP3 Ainz Ooal Gown, SP3 Bex, SP3 STORM, SP3 Nomad, SP3 Mohawk, SP3 Fire Hawk, SP3 Sean-TheLeprechaun, SP3 Hrusi, PFC Nico, PFC Natlos, PFC Clarke, PFC Bomer, PFC Edoardo, PFC Matthias, PFC Pete, PFC Fowlds, PFC Jeb Saur, PFC Flicky, PFC Scotsy, PFC PMCRUGBY, PFC Lexsal, PFC Wavan, PFC Tobiwan, PFC Vyqe, PFC Siberian, PFC Squido, PFC J. Wilson (Ret.), Pvt Pepper, Pvt Ryolitt (Ret.), Pvt Josh, Pvt Denni, Pvt JaSmAn, Pvt Yoi Blackkit, Pvt Gendalorf, Pvt Beardley, Pvt ryyszla, Pvt Dr.Noooo, Pvt majkel, Pvt Strange, Pvt Blackdragon, Pvt Norseman, Rec Lan2u, Rec Boone, Rec Ash, Rec Jake Hawk, Rec nexy, Rec Deer, Rec Tobi, Rec Miki laursen, Rec Duke, Rec Pribovich, Rec Felix, Rec GleepZorp,

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Posted: 2021-06-07 00:37:16