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ACE Version 3.14.0 Update


Major James

Commanding Officer

ACE Version 3.14.0 Update

Earlier today an ACE3 update was released which fixes a number of long-standing bugs, contains improvements but also has some wide ranging changes that will impact our operations - the most important are marked red. This updates details those most relevant to us, this update will present new challenges during operations and will require some additional SOP and SOP revisions in the future so please ensure you look it over.

If you are interested, you can find the full changelog here:


Vehicle Damage & Enhance Cook-Off 

Vehicle crews more easily take damage both during collisons but also when a vehicle takes incoming damage. Vehicles are less likely to explode and appear to catch-fire more easily. Vehicles which are critically damaged appear to set fire, explode and set everything around them on fire too, including the crew. This update also appears to fix the long standing issue where vehicle crews survive vehicle explosions.

This will mean lost vehicles will critically injure vehicle crews going forward, with the added complication of fire - see below for more on that one. It is likely we will invoke a new policy in that exploded vehicle crews will be killed and returned to base.



It is now possible to light people and objects on fire, and have it spread, cooking off vehicles will ignite occupants. Fire will burn you and cause intense pain. If on fire, you can stop, drop, and roll to try and extinguish it. When in rain or under water you are put out quicker. This also adds an interaction to pat people out if they are on fire via the ACE medical, torso actions. Be careful when putting fire out on other people, as the fire may spread onto you.
We forsee a challenge where unconcious people are on fire, but this will need operational testing to determine future SOP.


Splint, Fracture and Torniquet Indicators

Visual indicators for Splint, Fracture and Torniquets now show in the HUD, if enabled as shown below.




Ability to name cargo objects

An incredibly useful logistical feature, it's now possible to name cargo items.


Give it a descriptive name of what's inside, i.e. the contents or whom / callsign it belongs to.


This makes LOGPAKs in ACE cargo, very easy to identify.


BFT/CTAB Group Names

Group leaders can now set their own group names, reflecting on CTAB and BFT. This remains as SOP, but this is currently done by GMs, however it is now possible for the FTLs and so on to set their own callsigns per the ORBAT, also allowing for some BFT flexibility for vehicle crews etc to set theirs for seperate tracking.


ACE Towing

ACE have added their own towing mechanic, currently our towing is handled via the user action menu, however ACE's version has some noticable differences - the first is that a vehicles size and weight is taken into consideration, and therefore bigger vehicles are generally needed to tow smaller ones.

ACE also requires you have a rope of some kind in order to tow, two smaller lengths of rope have been added.


With a rope in your inventory, action menu the towing vehicle to attach a rope


Select where on the vehicle you'd like to attach it


Walk to the towed vehicle and again, select where to attach the rope.


Infantry speed indicator

The HUD will now show your stance/speed, making it easier to tell between combat and standard pace.




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Maj James, 1Lt Mattjamco, 1Lt Korean Falcon, 1Lt Jari, 1SG Zuka, MSG WhiteWolf, MSG SkullCollector, SFC Aiedail, SFC Crossy, SSG Nico, SSG Hotspur, SSG Prius, Sgt William, Cpl Hrusi, Cpl Sean-TheLeprechaun (Ret.), Cpl Dreolic, Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam, Cpl Vyqe, Cpl Wavan, SPC Kevin, SP1 Nomad, SP1 Deksterus, SP1 Johannes, SP2 B.Miller, SP2 Aynzerwulv, SP2 Lexsal, SP2 Mohawk, SP2 Fire Hawk, SP2 Dungworth (Ret.), SP2 Chelmy, SP2 Edoardo, SP2 Bex, SP3 ryyszla, SP3 Noah_Hero, SP3 LegacyStetson (Ret.), SP3 STORM (Ret.), SP3 Scotsy (Ret.), SP3 Bomer, SP3 mtb, SP3 PMCRUGBY, SP3 Jeb Saur, SP3 Yoi Blackkit, SP3 Applechaser, SP3 SuspiciousFox, SP3 Khan, SP3 Scape, SP3 Flubber Dubber, SP3 Minipily, SP3 Natlos (Ret.), SP3 Astreo, SP3 Clarke, SP3 Fowlds, PFC Siberian (Ret.), PFC Blackdragon (Ret.), PFC Spectre, PFC Tim (Ret.), PFC HybridRage, PFC Squido, PFC Argo, PFC J. Gloster, PFC BigRed (Ret.), PFC Matthias, PFC Sack, Pvt Kat, Pvt Haven, Pvt Ross, Pvt Meyer, Pvt Smowl, Pvt Rain Twister, Pvt JaSmAn, Pvt donte, Pvt Vincent, Pvt Zack, Pvt T4l3, Pvt T. Ashworth, Pvt Nickleby, Pvt Kyoptic, Pvt Metters, Pvt Brenwen, Pvt Silderoy, Pvt Strange, Pvt Josh, Pvt TeddyOregeno (Ret.), Pvt Afya, Rec RustyRifleman, Rec Casey, Rec GleepZorp, Rec Redkawak, Rec Frits, Rec MOOSE , Rec Kton, Rec Duke, Rec P. Hastings, Rec Barrineau,

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Maj James, 1Lt Mattjamco, 1Lt Korean Falcon, 1Lt Jari, 1SG Zuka, MSG WhiteWolf, MSG SkullCollector, SFC Crossy, SFC Aiedail, SSG Hotspur, SSG Prius, SSG Nico, Sgt William, Cpl Dreolic, Cpl Vyqe, Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam, Cpl Mason (Ret.), Cpl Wavan, Cpl Johnson, Cpl Sean-TheLeprechaun (Ret.), Cpl Hrusi, SPC Kevin, SP1 Johannes, SP1 Deksterus, SP1 Nomad, SP2 Aynzerwulv, SP2 Chelmy, SP2 Bex, SP2 Dungworth (Ret.), SP2 Fire Hawk, SP2 Mohawk, SP2 B.Miller, SP2 Edoardo, SP2 Lexsal, SP3 Scotsy (Ret.), SP3 Khan, SP3 Applechaser, SP3 Jeb Saur, SP3 PMCRUGBY, SP3 Astreo, SP3 Noah_Hero, SP3 Scape, SP3 Flubber Dubber, SP3 Clarke, SP3 Bomer, SP3 Taru, SP3 Yoi Blackkit, SP3 Fowlds, SP3 ryyszla, SP3 SuspiciousFox, SP3 Natlos (Ret.), SP3 LegacyStetson (Ret.), SP3 STORM (Ret.), SP3 mtb, SP3 Minipily, PFC Blackdragon (Ret.), PFC HybridRage, PFC Matthias, PFC Spectre, PFC Tim (Ret.), PFC Sharkhus (Ret.), PFC Argo, PFC BigRed (Ret.), PFC Sack, PFC Mectus (Ret.), PFC Squido, PFC J. Gloster, PFC Siberian (Ret.), Pvt TeddyOregeno (Ret.), Pvt Josh, Pvt T. Ashworth, Pvt Kyoptic, Pvt Smowl, Pvt Metters, Pvt Rain Twister, Pvt Kat, Pvt Strange, Pvt T4l3, Pvt Nickleby, Pvt Afya, Pvt donte, Pvt Haven, Pvt Ross, Pvt Meyer, Pvt Brenwen, Pvt JaSmAn, Pvt Vincent, Pvt Zack, Pvt Silderoy, Rec GleepZorp, Rec P. Hastings, Rec Redkawak, Rec Barrineau, Rec RustyRifleman, Rec Frits, Rec MOOSE , Rec Kton, Rec Casey, Rec Duke, CDT Niroman, App K.Dobe,

Posted: 2021-10-21 20:00:00
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