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TFCO MINOR SITREP/19 - June 22: Selection and Promotion Results


Major James

Commanding Officer

TFCO MINOR SITREP/19 - June 22: Selection and Promotion Results

Good evening all, a very quick update for you today. This update will roundup some organisational updates, including the results and progress of the 3 selection boards conducted in June 2022. I hope to publish a MAJOR SITREP soon, with some more operational details.

4 Troop

As those in 4 Troop will know 4-TRP is to be dissolved on the publishing of this SITREP, there are a number of reasons why HQ has decided to return to a 3 Troop command structure and this decision was made some weeks ago. This seemed like the right time to do it as 2Lt Dungworth, TC for 4-TRP needed to step down due to work commitments. I want to take this opportunity to thank 2Lt Dungworth and all of 4-TRP-CMD for their hard work with the Troop since it's formation, many of them are moving over to other troops and I wish them all the best in those new roles. 2Lt Dungworth specifically has made wide ranging contributions over the last year or so, but work commitments prohibit him from exercising his current roles. I hope you will join me in thanking him for those, and hopefully in the future he will join us back in the ORGCOC.
By merging 4-TRP into the remaining troops, each troop will be larger and have more staff than they do now, this is more of a management restructure for communication efficiency at command level, but I thought it important that everyone is informed.

Troop Sergeant Selection Board

The June Troop Sergeant selection has closed with 2 selections from 6 candidates.
Firstly, all the candidates were great choices this time around, but specifically I would like to welcome and congratulate;
  • to SFC Whitewolf (4-TRP) on promotion to Master Sergeant (MSG) and reassignment to Troop Sergeant, 1 Troop
  • to SFC Skullcollector (2-TRP) on promotion to Master Sergeant (MSG) and reassignment to Troop Sergeant, 2 Troop

Very well done, I look forward to seeing what you do in these new roles.


(Assistant) and Section Commander Selection Boards

The Section Commander selection has closed with no vacancies, this is due to the gaining of 2 Section Commanders from the dissolution of 4-TRP, I'm sure another chance will arise in the near future.
Finally, the Corporal selection will be postponed to 2 weeks, until the next HQ meeting.

Other Notable Transfers

  • SSG Johannes, reassigned Section Commander, 3-SEC, 2-TRP
  • Cpl ryyzla, reassigned Assistant Section Commander, 1-SEC, 1-TRP
  • Cpl Mason, retired
  • Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam, retired
  • MSG Zuka, staff post reassigned Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (SNCOIC), J3-5 Operations Office
  • Capt Kevin, staff post reassigned Officer in Charge, J-1 Recruitment and Retention Office

Acknowledged by:
Maj James, 1Lt Jari, 1Lt Korean Falcon, 1Lt Mattjamco, 1SG Zuka, MSG WhiteWolf, MSG SkullCollector, SFC Crossy, SFC Aiedail, SSG Nico, SSG Prius, SSG Hotspur, Sgt William, Cpl Veagance, Cpl Wavan, Cpl Vyqe, Cpl Sean-TheLeprechaun (Ret.), Cpl mbaker5114, Cpl Jenkins, Cpl Dreolic, Cpl Hrusi, Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam, Cpl Johnson, SPC Kevin, SP1 Johannes, SP1 Deksterus, SP1 Nomad, SP2 Bex, SP2 Aynzerwulv, SP2 Edoardo, SP2 Mohawk, SP2 Chelmy, SP2 B.Miller, SP2 Dungworth (Ret.), SP2 Lexsal, SP3 Minipily, SP3 Astreo, SP3 Fowlds, SP3 Applechaser, SP3 Jochem, SP3 Flubber Dubber, SP3 Scape, SP3 Jeb Saur, SP3 Khan, SP3 SuspiciousFox, SP3 Yoi Blackkit, SP3 Bomer, SP3 Clarke, SP3 Omni, SP3 mtb, SP3 LegacyStetson (Ret.), SP3 ryyszla, SP3 Taru, PFC Kerry, PFC Reefa (Ret.), PFC Rusky, PFC Squido, PFC HybridRage, PFC Charybdis, PFC BlueWolf, PFC T. Wolf, PFC Felix, PFC BigRed (Ret.), PFC J. Wilson (Ret.), PFC Shambala, PFC H. Sarwat, PFC Milk Man, PFC Spectre, PFC Pete, PFC C.Angels, PFC Cellhawk, PFC Argo, PFC L. Baker, PFC Miksi, PFC Adshield, Pvt TannerJake, Pvt Armadillo, Pvt Painchiller, Pvt Kat, Pvt PhantomMenace, Pvt cjmUK, Pvt JERRY_86, Pvt WalkN, Pvt Brendan, Pvt JaSmAn, Pvt WitchHunter, Pvt Mikael (Ret. PH), Pvt BuLLDoG., Pvt Milfner, Pvt riccardi48, Pvt Darkman, Pvt donte, Pvt KovalSix, Pvt Cypher, Pvt R.Gonzalez, Pvt FrOzT, Pvt Maximized, Pvt Magni, Pvt ambi, Pvt Mr.47, Pvt SilberJojo, Pvt Vincent, Pvt Soren, Pvt choco_pie, Pvt Phili, Pvt Ross, Pvt Rain Twister, Pvt Chris, Rec StefanGaming, Rec kMaN, Rec S.Grafton, Rec Rated, Rec Bossatron, Rec Traph1k,

Read by:
Maj James, 1Lt Mattjamco, 1Lt Korean Falcon, 1Lt Jari, 1SG Zuka, MSG SkullCollector, MSG WhiteWolf, SFC Crossy, SFC Aiedail, SSG Hotspur, SSG Nico, SSG Prius, Sgt William, Cpl Hrusi, Cpl Veagance, Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam, Cpl Vyqe, Cpl Johnson, Cpl Sean-TheLeprechaun (Ret.), Cpl Dreolic, Cpl mbaker5114, Cpl Wavan, Cpl Jenkins, SPC Kevin, SP1 Johannes, SP1 Nomad, SP1 Deksterus, SP2 Aynzerwulv, SP2 Dungworth (Ret.), SP2 Lexsal, SP2 Bex, SP2 B.Miller, SP2 Edoardo, SP2 Mohawk, SP2 Chelmy, SP3 Fowlds, SP3 Omni, SP3 Bomer, SP3 Jochem, SP3 Applechaser, SP3 Flubber Dubber, SP3 SuspiciousFox, SP3 mtb, SP3 Jeb Saur, SP3 Taru, SP3 Astreo, SP3 Yoi Blackkit, SP3 Minipily, SP3 ryyszla, SP3 LegacyStetson (Ret.), SP3 Clarke, SP3 Khan, SP3 Scape, PFC Shambala, PFC Rusky, PFC T. Wolf, PFC Milk Man, PFC Pete, PFC BlueWolf, PFC Reefa (Ret.), PFC BigRed (Ret.), PFC HybridRage, PFC Adshield, PFC Charybdis, PFC Kerry, PFC Sack, PFC Spectre, PFC Squido, PFC Argo, PFC Cellhawk, PFC L. Baker, PFC C.Angels, PFC Felix, PFC J. Wilson (Ret.), PFC Miksi, PFC H. Sarwat, Pvt Painchiller, Pvt Chris, Pvt Brendan, Pvt Soren, Pvt Milfner, Pvt cjmUK, Pvt TannerJake, Pvt KovalSix, Pvt Armadillo, Pvt WalkN, Pvt R.Gonzalez, Pvt FrOzT, Pvt ambi, Pvt Phili, Pvt Mikael (Ret. PH), Pvt Magni, Pvt Vincent, Pvt Ross, Pvt Darkman, Pvt Maximized, Pvt JERRY_86, Pvt Kat, Pvt donte, Pvt BuLLDoG., Pvt Cypher, Pvt riccardi48, Pvt choco_pie, Pvt WitchHunter, Pvt SilberJojo, Pvt JaSmAn, Pvt Mr.47, Pvt Rain Twister, Pvt PhantomMenace, Rec S.Grafton, Rec Traph1k, Rec kMaN, Rec Bossatron, Rec StefanGaming, Rec Rated, Rec Lothbrok, CDT allexxbog, App Waermflasche, App friedtoast,

Posted: 2022-06-24 20:12:41
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