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Appointing your initial NORGCOC

Monday 06 February 2023


Major James

Commanding Officer

In my recent SITREP I announced plans to restructure the Organisational and Operational Chains of Command by splitting them moving forward - you can see the link above and image below for more information on the specifics of the changes. Over the last few weeks we've been receiving applications and expressions of interest from across UNITAF for the starting line-up for the internally dubbed "New Chain of Command" or NORGCOC. This name won't stick, but it's handy in the mean time.


Below: UNITAFs new Chain of Command
ImportantAll of the key information is contained within the image linked below, it's important to understand the changes that you open the image and view it fully.



I felt it important to appoint from the top down as I wanted to ensure each of the Command Units built up their own teams, but this has now been approved. I must also stress a key point of the system to remember; that is that the teams being appointed are there to be approachable and to enable unit-wide contributors to assist in the effort in their areas, as well as working in those areas - what is most important is that these teams become enablers. There are a few exceptions to this, namely J2 and J9 which do not feature much unit-wide activities and will rely predominantly on their staff to function.

After re-appointing myself, I'm pleased to announce the following.


Personnel Command (PC)

I was happy to appoint 1Lt Korean Falcon (PC) as OIC Personnel Command, Korean commented:

"As the officer in charge of Personnel Command, my goal is to ensure an improved onboarding process for applicants and recruits and build a new, centralised system for the management of regulars. With the teams under my control, we will ensure that dossier notes and reports, whether medal, praise or reprimand, are dealt with appropriately and fairly"


As OIC Korean subsequently made the following appointments to the eight positions across PC;

  • J1 Recruiting NCOIC SSG Prius (J1)
  • J1 Recruiting NCO PFC T. Wolf (J1/2)
  • J2 Personnel NCO MSG Aiedail (J6/2)
  • J2 Personnel NCO MSG Crossy (J3/2)
  • J2 Personnel NCO Sgt mbaker5114 (J6/2)
  • J2 Personnel NCO Cpl Jenkins (J2)
  • J2 Personnel NCO PFC T. Wolf (J1/2)
  • J2 Personnel NCO PFC Kerry (J2)


Operations Command (OC)

I'm pleased to announce that 1SG Zuka (OC) will take up OIC Operations Command, he commented:

"We aim with this new structure, to allow all that wish to create missions and campaigns within UNITAFs standards to do so. We have managed to assemble a crack(ed) team of Mission makers and managers, and the doors of OPSCOM are open, reach out!"

As OIC Zuka subsequently made the following appointments to 3 of the 6 positions across OC;

  • J3 Operations NCOIC MSG Crossy (J3/2)
  • J3 Operations NCO  - Vacant
  • J4 Campaigns NCOIC Cpl Vyqe (J4)
  • J4 Campaigns NCO  - Vacant
  • J5 Loadouts NCOIC Sgt Johnson (J5)
  • J5 Loadouts NCO - Vacant

Training Command (TC)

Of course, 2Lt WhiteWolf (TC) will take up OIC Training Command, he said:

"I'm pleased to be appointed as OIC Training Command and am looking forward to continuing the good work we have been doing in J6. We will be looking to continue creation of standardised lesson planning, policy structure review, and the integration of the leadership qualification programme, as well as a few other actions that are already in-flight such as ATER request reviews and practice area CSIPs (Leadership/Medical) and getting as many of you involved in the process as we can."

As OIC Whitewolf subsequently made the following appointments to the four positions across TC;

  • J6 Policy NCOIC MSG Aiedail (J6/2)
  • J6 Policy NCO Cpl Jochem (J6)
  • J7 Training NCOIC Sgt mbaker5114 (J7/2)
  • J7 Training NCO Cpl Bond (J7)

Service Command (SC)

Finally, Capt Jari (SC) will take up OIC Service Command, he said:

"In Service Command our goal will be to build upon the UNITAF framework, manage mods and improve performance where possible and I'm happy to be joined by the following people:"

  • J8 Mods NCO PFC Grezvany13 (J8)
  • J9 Server NCO SPC Kevin (J9)
  • J9 Server NCO SP1 Mohawk (J9)



Next steps

As I mentioned before, these changes are big in scope, and so the standing ORGCOC and Troops will continue for at least the next 4 weeks, In the mean time these new teams appointed will now begin work as we start to transition to our new central structure and away from the Troop system. It's important that you are aware that both will be working along side eachother in the coming weeks and we'll make further announcements as we reach the end of the transition. Until otherwise stated and the full handover is confirmed, the ORGCOC and the Troops remain in absolute command of their respective areas.

We won't be making any official positional or rank changes until the transition period is complete at which point the newly appointed positions will derive the ranks of the ORGCOC under new polices which will be publised during the transition period. You can of course now contact those teams in which you are interested in helping with, and we'll soon be making changes across all our systems to reflect the changes in the coming days and weeks.


Finally congratulations on those being appointed thus far, I'm excited to see what we will achieve.

Questions? If you have any questions about this update, you can use the #general-chat on Discord in the mean time.

Major James
Commanding Officer

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