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Troop and Personnel Update

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Major James

Commanding Officer

As I outlined earlier this month our three main active troops would be dissolved and that process has been completed today.

Firstly, I want to reiterate my personal thanks to the Command Staff of 1 Troop, 2 Troop and 3 Troop for their work both recently and over the last 4 years for those staff past and present, so let's not forget 4 Troop. These guys have dedicated the extra time the unit needs to administrate what is a large organisation over a sustained period of time.

Some of your troop command staff have/are moving into new positions in the new ORGCOC and some are returning to regulars, but I'll be posting another update about that in the coming days.

With that said, we're looking forward to getting started with our new team in Personnel Command, so let me outline some immediate changes.


Changes to your chain of command

Effective immediately your chain-of-command point of contact has moved from your Troop to Personnel Command. This includes all ongoing management of your reports, activity and all matters related to your dossier. It's important to note that unlike your Troop prior, Personnel Command does not handle training or combat flagging related activities as this falls under Training Command. If you have not read up on the wider restructuring information please refer to my update which outlines it in detail. In the coming days, I'll be posting updates to our Chain of Command policy with more detail on these changes and to bring it in line with our restructuring.

  • If you are a Recruit, your chain of command now starts with the staff from J1 Recruiting
  • If you are a Regular or Reserve, your chain of command now starts with the staff from J2 Personnel


You can approach anyone from those staff groups about personnel matters and in the coming days we'll be posting a new contact sheet so it's easier for you to find which members of the chain of command you should contact for different matters. Both J1 and J2 fall under Personnel Command (PC) which is overseen by 1Lt Korean Falcon who reports directly to me. For ease of reference, until the contact sheet is updated, see below;


  • For Recruits;
    • Staff Sergeant Prius
    • Specialist 3rd Class T. Wolf
  • For Regulars:
    • Specialist 3rd Class T. Wolf
    • Master Sergeant Aiedail
    • Corporal Jenkins
    • Sergeant mbaker5114
    • Specialist 3rd Class Kerry
    • Master Sergeant Crossy
You can also easily find members of J1 and J2 on Discord as they have those suffixes attached to their names, note this also applies to all other command groups. (See below).
The ranks of members of the chain of command will also be updated in line with a new Promotions and Selections policy which will be coming, you guessed it - in the coming days. Personnel Command have been hard at work developing their SOPs for effective management and that's something they will look forward to sharing in due course.
Next steps
Some huge updates have just been released to our systems to facilitate the tools and permissions for Personnel Command and the removal of the legacy systems, please do report anything out of the ordinary to J10-Development channels. I've another update which will immediately follow this one and now that Personnel Command is up and running, we'll turn our focus to Operations Command and updates will follow regarding the changes to Field Leading and it's related permissions.
Maj James
Capt Jari
1Lt Korean Falcon
2Lt Zuka
2Lt WhiteWolf
MSG Crossy
MSG Aiedail
SSG Kevin
SSG mbaker5114
Sgt Hrusi
Sgt Johnson
Sgt Vyqe
Sgt Kerry
Sgt Jenkins
Cpl Jochem
Cpl mtb
Cpl Mohawk
Cpl Grezvany13
Cpl Mr.47
SPC Deksterus
SPC Mattjamco
SPC Johannes
SPC William
SPC Nomad
SP1 Hotspur
SP1 Fowlds
SP1 SkullCollector
SP1 Tony
SP1 Edoardo
SP1 Lexsal
SP1 Dreolic
SP1 Wavan
SP1 Aynzerwulv
SP2 Applechaser
SP2 Khan (Ret.)
SP2 Sean
SP2 Yoi Blackkit
SP2 LegacyStetson
SP2 Omni
SP2 Bomer
SP2 Minipily
SP2 Nico
SP2 T. Wolf
SP2 Charybdis
SP3 Noah_Hero
SP3 Scape
SP3 C.Angels
SP3 BlueWolf
SP3 Soren
SP3 Felix
SP3 B.Miller
SP3 Phili
SP3 Rusky
SP3 Clarke
SP3 Veagance
SP3 Miksi
SP3 Argo
SP3 Milk Man
SP3 Adshield
SP3 L. Baker
SP3 Jeb Saur
SP3 Shahid-e-Gomnam
SP3 Gendalorf
SP3 Cellhawk
PFC minilurk123
PFC WitchHunter
PFC Painchiller
PFC Sorgoroth
PFC Bossatron
PFC Pete
PFC Froz3nWolf
PFC PhantomMenace
PFC Alienking33
PFC Squido
PFC Maximized
PFC ryyszla
PFC HybridRage
PFC Ross
PFC Carl
PFC H. Sarwat
PFC Spectre
PFC Ellpuk
PFC Cypher
Pvt Trigger
Pvt BigPoppa
Pvt kMaN
Pvt donte
Pvt TannerJake
Pvt KillerQueen
Pvt Vincent
Pvt Phil McCarthy
Pvt Armadillo
Pvt Konabuy
Pvt Magni
Pvt reynolds
Pvt Yato
Pvt Beattie
Pvt ambi
Pvt WalkN
Pvt Slick
Pvt Ghosty
Pvt Zoid
Pvt Hamid
Pvt Z. Spencer
Rec P. Arnaud
Rec H2K
Rec Horner
Rec Taco
Rec Nilia
Rec slythegoat
Rec Rythoka
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Rec Ski
Rec Sunset
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