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Reporting observations

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Major James

Commanding Officer

As part of our wider roadmap changes you may recall we announced that we would be releasing our ORGCOC reporting tools to the total force.

You can now submit Observations to Dossiers. Observations are notes which are actively applied to Dossiers to allow the command structure to track trends positive or negative, it has become a vital tool for us over the years to track conduct and monitor the total force and ensure our policies and procedures are effectively distributed.

While often the assumption is that these tools are used for reporting bad conduct they are just as often used for reporting outstanding conduct or performance and we want to actively encorage it. By opening this responsiblity up to the total force, I hope that you'll take that responsibility as seriously as we do.


What is an observation?

An observation is essentially a note on the dossier of a member of the task force, it's used typically to monitor trends


How can I submit an observation?

You can now submit an observation by going to any Dossier, and then selecting the 'Report Observation' in the top right of the Dossier submenu


You can also submit them directly from your after action reports by using the 'Report Observation' option!


What are the types of things I can or should report?

  • Think of an observation as an after action report for your interaction with a member. If you have a really positive experence and you feel like it should be put on the record you can make an postive observation out of it. It might be picked up and escalated and if the member you observed has a trend of similar actions it could result in positive action from the command structure.
  • If you witness Negative conduct or a Policy Violations you can report them directly, they will be reviewed by staff who can convert them into official reports if required (more on that in a moment).
  • There are some general categories too for anything else you might think of.


What happens with my observations?
  • When you submit and observation it is considered a potential observation and is not automatically admitted to the dossier you submitted it to, instead it goes to a special inbox in Personnel Command where staff will review them
    • who can view your observation depends on a few factors
      • only staff with a higher rank than the person whom the observation is made on can see, view and handle it
      • staff will decide what to do with the observation, they may admit it to the dossier or they may decide not to if they think it's not valid


What else should I know?

Every time you submit a observation you'll be asked to agree with the Unit Observations Procedure (UOP)

  • Staff from Personnel Command will review my observations.
  • Staff cannot review observations made on themselves.
  • Personnel Command shall decide how to handle my observations, if applicable.
  • I may be contacted about my observations, if required.
  • I should not expect to be informed about outcomes of my observations.
  • My observations help UNITAF to improve and monitor trends in the active force.
  • I will not discuss my observations with anyone other than Personnel Command.
  • My observations are protected by Article 5: Confidentiality in the Code of Conduct.


Of course this is just the first of many tweaks and we'll make improvements as time passes, so if you have any questions or feedback please use the appropriate channels on Discord - and nobody go telling fibs on my Dossier or I'll come and find you.

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