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P15-202 Policy: Lesson Plans and Lesson Planning

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Major James

Commanding Officer

Unit Policy Update Notification

Policy: P15-202 Policy: Lesson Plans and Lesson Planning
Version: 1

With thanks and credit to the Policy Editors and Contributors:

  • Second Lieutenant WhiteWolf - Training Officer, Training Command (TC)
  • Sergeant mbaker5114 - Training NCOIC, J7 Training (J7)


Scope of change: 

Introduction of inaugural policy for standardisation of Lesson Plans and Lesson Planning.


Purpose of change:

To provide for a framework for upcoming system changes to FTXs bringing standardised Lesson Plans in accordance with the UNITAF Roadmap Item #64.


Link to updated policy: https://unitedtaskforce.net/training/sop/administration/lesson-planning
Ratified: by Central Command and with immediate effect

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