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Viewing your Historic Dossier Reports and Observations

Monday 08 May 2023


Major James

Commanding Officer

From your account settings it is now possible to view Observations you have submitted on other Dossiers either via the Dossier or After Action Reports.


Accessing your account

By selecting your name in the navigation bar when logged in, and selecting account



Viewing submitted observations

  • Observations you have submitted at any time in the past, including if you were previously an NCO will be displayed in date order.
  • No information about the current status or processing of the observation is shown.
  • The ID/Reference may be used if Personnel Command need to contact you about your observations.



You can view your submitted comments via the actions menu.



Viewing your report history

  • You can also see any closed Report logged on your dossier
  • Closed reports will show the action taken upon closing the report
  • There are three main types of report
    • PAR (Personnel Action Report) an admin report used to request changes to your account, dossier etc (purely informational)
    • Praise Report - a praise report is created when you have done something exceptionally good, or a track record of the same
    • Reprimand Report - a Reprimand Report is a record of an official policy violation



Please be mindful that

This is the first time we have admitted access to self-dossier records for Reports and the status of over 2,450 reports which have been handled in the last four years. The purpose of opening up this information to you in respect of your own Dossier is to aid in the communication between you and Personnel Command going forward to ensure that you are always aware of their existence. For this reason Personnel Command do not have the ability to re-visit historic reports which exist on your Dossier and these are purely here for your reference.

  • The existence of your historic reports is viewable to members of J1 or J2 depending on your rank and theirs
  • Details of your historic reports cannot be viewed by members of J1 or J2 unless they were the person who handled them
  • Personnel Command (PC OIC) and Central Command (CC OIC) are the only other positions able to view the full details of your reports once closed.
  • At this time we are not listing active reports in your account settings which have not been investigated or resolved.

If you have any questions regarding reports closed on your dossier now or in the future you should approach someone from J1 Recruiting (if you are a Recruit) or J2 Personnel if you are a Regular or Reserve. Appeals for closed reports can be made to Personnel Command but their decision is final and binding.


Anything related to Observations or Reports of your own, or anyone elses is subject to P15-123 Policy: Code of Conduct, Article 5: Confidentiality


Thank you and if you have any general questions, please feel free to tag me, PC, J1 or J2 in the relevant Discord channel.

Major James
Commanding Officer

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