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TFCO MAJOR SITREP/22 - Tier Splitting and Enhanced Tiers

Sunday 04 June 2023


Major James

Commanding Officer

After a lengthy overnight downtime, I am pleased to inform you that this update marks the culmination of several updates we have been working on for the Tiers 2.0 Roadmap. It includes significant enhancements to the UNITAF progression systems, and it is crucial for everyone to thoroughly understand these changes. Although the immediate impact of this update is focused, the underlying systems we have implemented will enable us to make exciting and rapid adjustments to the progression systems in the upcoming weeks and months.


Warning: Due to the scope of changes we are expecting lots of bugs, specifically with twice daily calculations of Tiers. As much as we have tested we will not have caught every instance and therefore if you notice anything odd about your tiers, please report them immediately to the J10 Development channel on Discord.


Changes to Field Leadership and the Introduction of Combat Leadership

The Field Leadership combat area has been split into the following two new areas;

  • Combat Leadership
  • Field Leadership


The following changes have been made as a result of the split:

  • SOPs related to Field Leading and Mission Planning have been moved from Combat Leadership to Field Leadership and in general we'll now start to intensify the introduction of Field Leadership SOP and properly review our Combat Leadership SOP
  • Roles in Infantry Squad Leadership have been moved to Combat Leadership and those in Platoon and Company have been moved to Field Leadership
  • Tiers for these new areas have been recalculated on all dossiers and you can see this best by going to your Dossier, Tier Progression and then looking at the Combat and Field Leadership Tier Progressions.


Note: No historic practices have been attributed to the new Field Leadership combat area, however it does not currently have practice hours as a requirement for it's tiers and we'll review this at a later date.

This is also the first of a number of announced combat area splits which was announced in the TFCO Roadmap Priority Report - December 22: Tiers 2.0 which is worth a read if you are interested in the background and wider direction of these changes.


The relevant Tier Progression views for Leadership have been updated and now fully match the new requirements outlined in P1-82 Leadership in UNITAF


We've also rolled out other essential Leadership related updates:

  • Leadership and Mission Support slots can now be pre-slotted by any qualified person up to 24 hours prior to ORBAT release (pre-slotting)
  • Manual assignment systems have been updated to use new Leadership requirements
  • P1-82 Leadership in UNITAF has been updated, tier requirements have been removed from the policy as they are now in the system proper.


Below: Visiting an ORBAT 24 hours prior to release will allow you to pre-slot into Leadership or Mission Support slots, if you are qualified, note that pre-slotting does not yet support Fatigue and we'll address this in the near future.



The Enhanced Tier System

As you may have noticed there are some interesting changes introduced by the Leadership Tiers update. Since inception, Tiers have only supported Combat and Practice hours as part of their progression, but Tier Progression now supports the following as progression requirement options;

  • Combat hours in area (variable per combat area and tier or none at all)
  • Practice hours in area (variable per combat area and tier or none at all)
  • Deployments in a role either from it's combat area or another
  • Rank or grade
  • Deployments as a field leader in a role
  • Deployments as a intelligence officer in a role


Below: You can see how the new system makes use of a dynamic check system and you can see the status of all of the pre-requisites for Tier promotion making it easy to keep track;


This change, which was necessary for the Leadership policy updates, has currently been implemented only in Leadership combat areas. However, moving forward, we have plans to review and rebalance all combat areas. While we cannot provide specific details at this time, we can confirm that Mission Support will be the next area of focus. These updates provide us with a powerful toolkit to rebalance the Tiers with more accurate experience.
In the near future, we will introduce specific Lesson Plan support to the Tier system, particularly for the Intake. This feature will enable even more precise progression in the future. As we implement these changes, you may notice the removal of legacy requirements, such as plain combat or practice hour requirements, similar to what we did with Field Leadership and Combat Leadership. This is part of our effort to refine the desired experience requirements in different areas.


Design and UI Improvements

While making these changes, we've scrubbed up a few of the tier related areas too.


As we move away from raw hour requirements for Tiers in the future and as we start splitting and adding more combat areas, we've removed the hours listing on the main Tiers Overview on dossiers as their relevancy will start to decrease. We've also made the tier blocks smaller so we can fit more on one screen too.



Calculation and Update Changes

Previously Tiers would be calculated twice daily on the hour and this has now been updated to 24 times daily checked every second minute, this means your tiers should not be more than an hour out of date at any given time. As usual, the announcements of tier changes will still be made once each morning in the EU timezone.



Looking Forward

As I mentioned earlier it's exciting to finally update our legacy systems to support the new policies recently announced. More so now we have those tools we will look forward to the opportunity to rebalance other combat areas and their relevant tiers in due course and on a much more frequent basis and this is something we'll keep you updated on as the implementation of the enhanced tier system beds in.


Full Changelog

  • Split Field Leadership and Combat Leadership areas and associated tiers and roles
  • Added support to tiers to alter the hours requirements on a by area and by tier basis
  • Removed legacy slot warnings for field leaders
  • Added support to tiers for number of deployments in a role
  • Added support to tiers for number of FL deployments
  • Added support to tiers for number of IO deployments
  • Added support to tiers for rank requirements
  • Added support to tiers to remove combat and practice hour requirements
  • Overhauled UI on dossier for tiers and tier progression
  • Added an exit button to the tiers progression view to return to the dossier
  • Updated manual assignment system to dynamically produce qualified users on a drop down based on the role and the new requirements and without reloading the page
  • Added information about the deployment weather and time of day to the release pings



Major James
Commanding Officer

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