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Update for the loadout quartermaster system

Friday 07 July 2023


Major James

Commanding Officer

Previously, loadouts on the UTFN quartermaster system did not display quantities and therefore were unable to display accurate information about kit weight and contents. Today, we've released some improvements for the Quartermaster system to better help you when browsing loadouts, and to assist our teams in Operations Command, and J5 Loadouts when inspecting them.


When browsing a loadout via the gear icon on the ORBAT, or from the faction browser, the following improvements have been made;

  • The quantity of all items is clearly displayed on all loadouts for all items
  • Unstowed equipment is listed first
  • The contents of the uniform and body armour are listed seperately below unstowed items, to make it clearer where they are stowed
  • The class of all items is displayed in a table format
  • The weight of the row is displayed in the table, this factors in the quantity
  • The total weight of the kit is displayed below the contents tables




Data accuracy

Sometimes items will appear on loadouts which aren't in the UTFN classname database, in this case the QM system will alert you with the below prompt, and you can notify J5/J8 of this and it can be rectified to improve accuracy of the system.


As usual, I trust you'll find this update useful and please do direct any queries J10 Development on Discord, should you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Major James
Commanding Officer

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