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Selection: Unit Command Winter Selection 2023/24

Monday 10 July 2023


Major James

Commanding Officer

What is the winter selection?

UNITAF's Organisational Chain of Command (ORGCOC) is re-appointed in 6 month terms twice per year by Central Command. The ORGCOC is the body which manages UNITAF's day-to-day operations. It's comprised of NCOs and Officers who are selected to execute the overall strategy and direction of the unit as set by Central Command. As we reach the end of the Summer term in August, we will gradually re-appoint staff and introduce new staff to cover the 6-month winter term which runs until February.

How has the new ORGCOC been going so far?

The introduction of the new chain of command in March was a big change and in some respects it's still ongoing. The most developed command at current is Personnel Command, which inherited much of the progress of the troops which preceeded it. There is much work still to be done in Operations Command and Training Command, with the latter being a focal point into the winter as we move on Tiers 2.0, Lesson Plans and Correction Flags. Many groups in both Operation and Training Command are awaiting tools to aid them in the running of those commands to bring them up to the level of complexity enjoyed by Personnel Command and this will take time, but progress is ongoing.

Will any changes be made in this cycle?

As part of this selection, two new groups have been included in the preference matrix, one for J10 Development and one for J11 Communications. Both these groups are provisional and we're looking at expressions of interest at this stage. J10 is suitable if you have front-end or backend coding experience in PHP and MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JS. J11 is included to again explore dedicated staff for managing TAFFCAST and potentially other avenues for unit updates.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for submissions is 25th July 2023.
Who should respond to the winter selection?
Any member of the active force can submit a response to the winter selection
Where can I find out more about the Chain of Command?
You can find out more about how UNITAF's Chain of Command works, and information about all the specific areas in P15-127 Policy: Chain of Command
How can I respond to the winter selection?
If you are not currently a member of the ORGCOC you can;
  • Express your interest in contributing towards different areas in UNITAF
  • Express your interest in joining a staff management position
  • Provide feedback
If you are already a member of the ORGCOC you can;
  • Indicate that you'd like to extend your term
  • Indicate that you'd like to end your term
  • Provide feedback


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Major James
Commanding Officer
United Task Force

Major James
Commanding Officer

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