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Improved Melee System: Important Update

Sunday 13 August 2023


Second Lieutenant Zuka

Operations Officer

Recently, we introduced WebKnight’s Melee / Improved Melee System to our approved mod list. You'll no doubt be seeing and using it in more and more upcoming deployments so please take under consideration the following and direct others to this directive should it be required.


For all players


There is a keybind conflict between ACE Hide Weapon and WebKnight's Hide Weapon, to correct it;

  • Navigate to Options > Controls > Configure Addons > WebKnight’s Melee to view or adjust the keybindings.
  • Unbind the “Hide Weapon” key (default 0) to prevent interference with ACE’s “holster Weapon”. This will ensure you can access your medical equipment without any issues.
Keybind Image



  • Friendly fire is turned off but using melee on teammates will initiate unwanted animations and sounds.
  • Do not engage in such actions during operations, as it is contrary to the Code of Conduct
  • If you encounter such abuse, report it
  • Please familiarize or customize your keybinds to make the most of this mod.


For MSTs/GMs (Game Masters)

Instakilling Players

  • Players are at risk of being instakilled contrary to policy if the OPFOR uses specified execution animations.
  • Instead, opt for slashing attacks to correctly implement ACE damage.
  • Not doing this contridicts the medical system and MST policies.
GM Guidance Image


Procedure for Unintended Instakills

  • In case of accidental execution, the affected player will be deemed as "ARMA'ing".
  • The appropriate action will be a teleported reinsert for that player, as if the act had not taken place.
  • As always, adhere to guidelines and best practices to ensure everyone enjoys a seamless gaming experience.


If you have any questions, please direct to J3 Operations initially.

Second Lieutenant Zuka
Operations Officer

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