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Sunday 14 July 2019


Major James

Commanding Officer

UTFN (United Task Force Network) is the name for the software built and maintained for UNITAF at https://unitedtaskforce.net

The long term goal for UTFN is an immersive platform to extend the persistancy of in-game campaigns and operations by providing a platform to interact with and change the course of operations using UTFN. The platform also supports the growth and managment of UNITAF by way of automation and data management, supporting NCOs, Officers and staff with vital information.

Planned Features (Not yet implemented)
  • Rank / Medals View showing requirements/prerequisites and showing the users whom have attained it

  • Roles/Preffered Roles system showing requirements/prerequisites of roles both in and out of game, show the recruitment status of each role and allow transfer requests between roles

  • Statistics system, to track in game events such as bullet fired, kills, casualties, ACE Medical, Vehicle interaction to provide stats per user such as most used weapons, ammo, # kills / deaths, average engagement distance, furtherst kill etc etc. Stats will be averaged over units for AAR purposes.

  • Full Logistics simulation allowing S4 staff to manage the purchase, deployment of and maintenance of UNITAF assets. Finance system supports this, with political factors implicating the income.

  • Qualification/Progression based ORBATs and UTFN controlled gear management: To control the availibility of in-game equipment based on UTFN databases, so more advanced / qualified members of UNITAF have access to equipment they are trained or positioned to use, promoting progression to newer members.

Below is a link to a playlist of Youtube Videos explaining certain features of UTFN, be aware that as development speed is quite high, the videos may show older interations of features.



This page will be updated periodically as new ideas are confirmed either by the development team or from the UTFN suggestions page. Below will follow updates and changelogs.

For ideas, bugs and suggestions submission, visit UTFN Suggestions / Bugs / Ideas

Major James
Commanding Officer

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