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Updates to UNITAF’s Campaign System

Tuesday 21 November 2023


Second Lieutenant Zuka

Operations Officer

Over the three years UNITAF has been active, you formed many great ideas into Campaigns spanning most of the history of modern warfare and different theatres of war, both fictional and realistic. Our current system, utilising dedicated Field Leaders and Game Masters has worked well in providing diverse and exciting deployments, missions, and stories told through actions in-game or out of it.

To preserve this and to widen our pool of mission makers, we are now classifying campaign teams into two distinct campaign types, explained below;

  • Independently managed campaigns ('Independents') are fixed campaign teams, stories, and intelligence
  • Centrally managed campaigns managed by Operations Command, J4 and J3, these shall function similarly to how our Historical Campaigns (Op Giantsbane / Op Panther) have so far, with the title of Mission Makers and Field Leaders changing hands frequently.

To Explain

  • Independents:

    • Have a fixed Campaign Team of their choosing

    • Have exclusive control over their story progression, intel, etc.

    • Requirement: Commit to a regular schedule

      • More or equal to 3 Ops over a 3 Month period


  • Centrally managed:

    • Managed by J4/J3/OC

      • Can either be created by OC or requisitioned from Independent Campaigns no longer meeting independent criteria

    • Any GM / FL fulfilling the necessary criteria can FL / IO

    • No fixed operations frequency

    • J4/OC can activate or deactivate Central Campaigns


We hope that these changes will help both Field Leaders and Mission Makers alike, along with the recently announced Matchmaking features get mission concepts off the ground and onto the schedule and we'll ensure that we review the active campaigns here in Operations Command based on these new requirements and will provide more information in due course.

These changes have been approved by Central Command and are effective immediately - any other documents dated prior to this update are replaced by the above until future notice.

Second Lieutenant Zuka
Operations Officer

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