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Two new Campaigns and a Loadouts Tutorial

Friday 19 January 2024


Second Lieutenant Zuka

Operations Officer

Hi all, today Operations Command is proud to announce the launch of two new Campaigns.


Operation Black Flag

First we have Black Flag, a CBRN & Story-focused Campaign spearheaded by SP1 Fowlds in his first Outing as a Campaign Manager, with Assistance from Sgt Kerry. On the FL Side, we have SSG mbaker5114 as the Senior Field Leader, and Sgt Hrusi as his Deputy.


The Black Flag task force has been dispatched to gather intel and investigate a unknown hostile presence in the region of Khushab/Jilavur in the Takistan mountains, intel gathered so far shows that they have been harassing, capturing and killing civilians by using unethical methods.


You can find the Campaign OPORD here: https://unitedtaskforce.net/campaigns/portal/op-black-flag


Operation Everyman

Second and as a joint Effort from all of OC, we’re introducing Operation Everyman, boasting three playable BLUFOR Factions (USMC, UK, GER) with an open Campaign Team and low barrier to Entry. We hope the flexible Campaign Parameters and large Map will allow GM’s (especially newer Ones) to make and experiment with different Operation ideas.


The island nation of Akarya became an economic powerhouse due to its natural resources but it also sold uranium to Russia and the Middle East. NATO sent a battlegroup to Akarya to try and persuade the government to stop the production of uranium.


Anyone that wishes to get their start in Mission Making in UNITAF is welcome to ping J3, J4, or OC to get an ORBAT made, as well as Assistance for Mission Execution.

You can find the Campaign OPORD here: https://unitedtaskforce.net/campaigns/portal/op-everyman


Huge thanks to the respective CDEV’s, as well as J3, J4, and J5 for their stellar work and continued effort.


Loadouts Tutorial

Sgt Johnson (J5) has made a tutorial for anyone who would like to assist in loadout maintenance and creation with J5, the video outlines some of the tips not covered in the Loadouts Policy and some hands on demonstrations in how to actually go about suggesting loadout changes.

If you have any questions about this video do reach out to J5 or in the respective channels.


Cheers all,

Second Lieutenant Zuka
Operations Officer

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