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UTFN Suggestions / Ideas / Bugs Submission

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Major James

Commanding Officer

UTFN is developed by UNITAF for UNITAF, and therefore we have complete control over it's development direction. Some of the best ideas for features have come from casual conversation with UNITAF members so this is the page to submit your ideas for UTFN.

Below you can submit ideas for new features, changes to existing features, integrations etc we will also accept bugs on this page for fixing.

To see the latest updates, visit the UTFN Changelog

UTFN (United Task Force Network) is the name for the software built and maintained for UNITAF at https://unitedtaskforce.net

The long term goal for UTFN is an immersive platform to extend the persistancy of in-game campaigns and operations by providing a platform to interact with and change the course of operations using UTFN. The platform also supports the growth and managment of UNITAF by way of automation and data management, supporting NCOs, Officers and staff with vital information.

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