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Public Liberation Server Changelog

Saturday 03 August 2019


Private Doctor Butts


Here are the big additions for a (working) ver 18:

Humanitarian Missions Depending on how low your reputation is, one of two Humanitarian Missions will spawn.

  1. Refugees - Heal all of the refugees. Each refugee you heal will give you a certain amount of rep points.
  2. Supply Truck - Deliver a truck to a city. Completing mission will give you 20 rep points. Each is on a hidden timer for 20 minutes. Once the timer is up, it checks to see if it was completed. Arsenal: Greatly expanded with more gear, weapons, etc.

The humanitarian missions are pretty simple because I wanted to get them working and all the ideas I had to make them pretty haven't worked out well so far. But I am continuing to improve. For instance, the Refugee mission spawns everyone in a tent, but sometimes they spawn in a mass of people.

My next version will actually build bed rolls for them to spawn on so they aren't clumped together.

Private Doctor Butts

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