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November Update

Monday 02 December 2019


Major James

Commanding Officer

It's been a little while since my last task-force wide update, so below are a bunch of important announcements rolled in. Please note I'll also likely not post updates textually via discord, rather just link to them here, since I am able to track who has read and acknowledged them.

Please ensure you take note of them, and indicate you have understood by clicking the Acknowledge button above. I would also appreciate it if you asked others to do so too, as I know people don't often read them, but there is important information below.


Operations, Mods Updates and Scheduling

We're pleased with the current progress, both operation turnout and ratings are generally ok or good, that's ok but not Excellent. We're working on some of the weaker points raised in many of your after action reports, and hope to see this reflected in them during weeks to come.

We are adding @CUP Terrains and @CUP Interiors to the presets for Operation Hammer from this Sunday December 8th onward. Please note this is a 3GB update for most. I have already added the Preset over on the Operations Center, so I suggest heading over there to import it to your launcher ASAP - if you need any help, use the #help channel on Discord.

This is primarly because we're changing Operation Hammer over to Bystrica, but also to give us better varitey for upcoming operations. Hammer will likely run on this stretch until mid-January at the earliest, especially now with the map change, but as always we'll gauge from after action reports how people feel about the current maps.

We will continue with weekly operations throughout the holidays, and plan to host a Christmas special on the 22nd, see https://unitedtaskforce.net/communications/topic/24 for suggestions, this will be confirmed soon, but will likely be a mix of COOP and PVP/Competative with a Christmas Twist. 


The New Members List

We've added a new members page over at https://unitedtaskforce.net/roster/list we hope this keeps you all better connected via Steam and also to promote members Twitch and Youtube content, we will be rolling out via UTFN a feature to hold twitch and youtube content right here on our site, very soon. 

I'd also like to encourage anyone that can, to stream or record sessions, and send these and any screenshots into Discord, as it will ultimately be very useful to us in the long run.

The second thing you'll notice, is we're showing who owns what DLC on this page, this is something you can personally edit by going to your account at the top right dropdown -> Account. Adding this is very helpful as it means we can plan our next campaign, which the running theory is will require Apex DLC.


After Action Reports

You'll likely know that we've added the MVP feature, and while no data from this will be released right now, we're going to monitor it and as and when we will make announcements, this is tied into the new Awards and Citations page on your dossier.

Please can I ask that you ensure that when you make AAR Comments, you indicate what we can do to get a better score from you. This is what they exist for and we've noted that at times this is not the case.


Website Avatars

We'd like everyone to have a custom avatar on the website, so if you don't happen to have one yet, just send it over to me on Discord, or if your not sure, or want some help taking one, just let us know as we're happy to leave the servers open after operations to facilitate this.


Recruitment and Staff and Contributions to UNITAF

I've been speaking to many recently about the current staff system and we're going to be shaking it up considerbly over the Chrismas period and beyond, we recognise that the model of a few people doing a lot won't work in the long run and we want to make it clearer to everyone how you can help UNITAF grow and prosper, by just doing your little bit, or as much as you want to support what we do.

Details about this will go out soon, but suffice to say we want as many people involved in recruitment, mission making, mission ideas and so on as possible, and our job really is to make it as easy and time short as we can, anybody recruiting just one person a month, designing or Zeusing one mission a month, or just coming up with ideas, at scale - we believe will be the key to growth into 2020.

That said, even before I get a chance to write up these changes, if you'd like to help, just drop me a message and I'd be happy to have a chat with you about it.

Finally, there have been literally hundreds of changes to the website here over the last month, and I can't detail them all here - you can view all the changes over on Change Log 4 on the UTFN Changelog here: https://unitedtaskforce.net/communications/topic/13#r37

Major James
Commanding Officer

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