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Mod Changes, Operation Updates, Templates for Jan 2020

Sunday 12 January 2020


Major James

Commanding Officer

ACE Medical

Extensive testing has been underway over the last week or so and we've settled on what we feel to be a suitable group of settings bearing in mind the ACE changes that came with the last update. Two points to note:

  • Morphine takes time to kick in now, don't overdose on it, and be sure to communicate with medical staff if you've injected yourself, so you can avoid overdosing, if you overdose on Morphine you will have to be MEDIVAC'd from the AO.
  • To ensure we can prevent death (to force us to deal with casualties rather than respawns) it's possible for a casualty to get a large number of wounds (50) which would require the same number of bandages, for this reason, if a patient is unresponsive with a large number of wounds (20-25+) then the senior medic present can initiate a medical evacuation with the command element, the patient will be lifted by land or air to a field hospital where they will be dealt with and then re-inserted.
  • The use of a Personal Aid Kit now requires a Doctor (Squad Medic) and a medical vehicle or a medical facility.


Mods & Modpack

  • Diwako's ACE Ragdolling has been removed as of today, as it's no longer supported by ACE in light of the medical re-write and the developer has indicated that there are no plans to support it
  • Simplex Support Services has been added, this will allow field leadership to utilise support and force multiplication units from the ACE interaction menu, and open up a wider variety of mission options.
  • PPS (Player Persistant Statistics) following a further test we've removed PPS, but we have plans to assist the developer with making changes, so expect to see it back soon.


Default Loadout / Roles

  • Corrected default uniform pattern
  • Added 2 Variations of the AR Role, M249 Long and M249 Short versions
  • Added 3 Variations of the Grenadier Role, M4, M16 and HK416 versions
  • Added the HAT, Heavy Anti-Tank Role
  • Removed old ACE Splints and Items
  • Removed some MRE/Canteen Items
  • Fixed some cases where roles wouldn't spawn a GPS


The Default Arsenal

  • Added more variations of default assault rifles
  • Added a larger / better variety of backpacks
  • Added more variations of head protection
  • Various other miscellaneous items have been added
  • Removed the ability to set a patch, rank patches will be automatically applied (or Red Cross if your a medic)



Major James
Commanding Officer

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