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Updates to the ORBAT Restrictions System

Saturday 09 May 2020


Major James

Commanding Officer

As part of the phased introduction of the Tier system we introduced back in February we have now updated the ORBATs for official operations to allow anyone who has achieved the required Tier of any role to deploy to it without requesting a 1-UP when they don't exceed the previously required minimum rank.

This puts us into a slight hybrid state, where you can still over-ride the Tier requirement for official ORBATs IF you exceed a certain rank. For example, a Private First Class (PFC) can still deploy to a Anti-Tank Medium Role, even if they don't have the Tier, but a Private would need the Tier as they don't exceed the rank requirement.

This will lead us to a full switch over soon, where even if you have the rank, you will still require the Tier - which is the final goal, so please ensure you attend the FTXs for the roles you generally deploy to. We'll keep our finger on the pulse and make that change at a time that feels right.


Upgrade your own ORBAT role

One of the bonuses of this system is that you will be able to upgrade your own ORBAT role (within reason). We already allow people to request upgrading their ORBAT roles, so for example if your are T2 in Anti-vehicle, you can slot into a T1 (Light Anti-tank) role and then request that it be upgraded to a T2 or T3 role, i.e. Medium or Heavy.

A better example might be if you slot into a Rifleman role, is changing it to a more advanced Infantry role such as Grenadier.

Soon this will be automatic, allowing you to change loadouts or roles yourself (or via your Operational COC), based on your dossier, but for now you'll need to contact the Field Leader or your Operational chain of command.

Obviously, when this is released fully, it will depend on the role, we can't upgrade a T1 Aircrew role to T3 Fixed Wing, if it's not required. But for many roles, it's a nice thing to have. 


Future Balancing

Right now, we will monitor performance in roles but we do expect to balance roles or tiers in the future. For example we may feel that we would like Fireteam Leaders to have more experience, or Pilots to have less, and so on and so forth. Which may lead us to move roles to higher Tiers in order to achieve this - but as above, will be done with consideration at the right time. And with a particular avoidance to re-tiering the roles rather than the tiers.


I hope you enjoy a bit more freedom and reward for having practiced in any given area, as a result of this update.
If you'd like to discuss this, Training, SOP you can do so in #j6-training-and-sop on Discord

Major James
Commanding Officer

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