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TFCO SITREP/3 - September 20 (Roadmap 2021)

Tuesday 08 September 2020


Major James

Commanding Officer




Welcome to this month’s monthly SITREP from Headquarters. If you're joining us in the last 30 days or so Welcome to UNITAF - I hope you're enjoying your time here so far. This SITREP contains a range of changes both past and upcoming as well as the discussions and focuses from up and down the chain of command, it's designed to keep everyone up to speed with the thoughts of the senior Chain of Command.


So without futher ado, let's get started. 

For more meat on the below summary, you'll find it further down in this SITREP.

- Today we publish "Roadmap 2021" which contains the confirmed future plans for UNITAF

- We've made policy updates to the General Unit Policy

- We've made policy updates to the Organisational Chain of Command Policy (ORGCOC)

- Pvt Grezvany13 has made some outstanding updates to the UNITAF Mod, which we'll talk about below

- We've added the highly requested "other games feature" you can find it in your account settings

- We've added the requested "custom clientside mods" feature, you can also find it in your account settings

- We recently re-tiered the Field Leadership section, moving all roles up one tier, and introducing a Junior Team Leader role.


Activity and Recruitment

I'm happy to report August saw another, slightly increased 15% increase in active personnel (what we call the total active force) from 53 to 61 and another 25% increase in total slots deployed over the month. 


As I mentioned last month, I really concern myself with the Total Force Strength, which is the best indicator of the health of the unit, and it continues to show an upward trend, I'd just like to commend the ORGCOC, and all the recruiters for the work they are doing on this front. As you'll see from my SITREP, recruitment is a big focus for UNITAF .



The number of deployments, naturally increases with activity, I've been pushing the ORGCOC to ensure we have regular operations around the Sunday anchor, we're lucky to have many active and talented GMs and AGMs that have provided another 24 deployments in August (up from 20 deployments in July)



Moving over to After Action Reporting, I'm really pleased to report August as a all-time record for Field Leadership and Communication, with an average of 86% and 80% respectively across the 24 deployments.



Server performance, tactics and teamwork, also all see a rise from July.





This month, I was pleased to be able to approve the following promotions, and if you've been in UNITAF for any period of time you'll know that this month see's some substantial promotions in the ORGCOC, as well as a large number of new Privates and PFCs.

I'll be touching on the ORGCOC movements later in this SITREP, but it's great to see such a large number of PFCs across the unit, and equally - the privates coming in under them. I'm looking forward to promoting our first Specialist (SPC), hopefully in the not too distant future.


Second Lieutenant O-1 2Lt Zero
Second Lieutenant O-1 2Lt Kevin
Staff Sergeant E-6 SSgt Ben
Sergeant E-5 Sgt Trifle
Sergeant E-5 Sgt Jari
Corporal E-4 Cpl Skelly
Private First Class E-3 PFC Deksterus
Private First Class E-3 PFC Johannes
Private First Class E-3 PFC Orv
Private First Class E-3 PFC Link
Private E-2 Pvt STORM
Private E-2 Pvt TipJay
Private E-2 Pvt Gawron
Private E-2 Pvt macks
Private E-2 Pvt Ryolitt
Private E-2 Pvt Moni
Private E-2 Pvt Bruns
Private E-2 Pvt Ulti
Private E-2 Pvt Grezvany13
Private E-2 Pvt Max
Private E-2 Pvt Sobchak
Private E-2 Pvt STORM
Private E-2 Pvt E1n4r
Private E-2 Pvt bunty-boy
Private E-2 Pvt Milky


A massive contgratulations to all of the above, well deserved.



August ORGCOC Changes

Obviously we saw some massive planned changes to the Organisational Chain of Command in August as I promoted 2 Officers, 3 Sergeants and 2 Corporals. As the Total Force grows, it's important we seek out new leadership to continue to propel UNITAF forward, and this is a process we will continue on our way to a Total Force of 120, seeing us double in size from the date of writing.

It's important that with UNITAFs current state, that we transition the control of the unit across the COC, and reduce all single points of failure, this has seen UNITAF decentralise Server Administration, Development, Recruitment, Training and now Operations. This de-centralisation and focus on the military chain of command, allows myself as Commanding Officer, and other members of my Staff and Troop Command, to focus on things like this, our future and strategy - as the day to day operations are covered by the rest of the ORGCOC, which in turn will expedite our progress further still.



Unit Policy Changes

Clarification was added to the Unit Policy about "multi-clanning", we allow multi-clannning but we've had cases of recruitment whereby members join the discord in order to DM members of the server. To avoid this we've now blocked access to members of the public to see you on Discord unless they are a Recruit (inducted) and we've also added a section to the policy about advertising or inviting UNITAF members to other servers or communities. If you're unsure, check with a member of the ORGCOC for clarification.



ORGCOC Policy Changes

We've made changes to the Organisational Chain of Command policy, that now means that ORGCOC Members (NCO, SNCO and Officer) are required to hold double the minimum activity requirement of regulars (2 instead of 1 operation per month) in order to hold their position. This is mostly to ensure that we have active and dedicated leadership. Secondly, it's now a requirement that ORGCOC members lead in their current grade around 50% of their deployed time. For example;

Corporals must lead teams or squads ~50% of the time
Sergeants must lead squads or platoons ~50% of the time 
Officers must lead Squads, Platoons or Companies ~50% of the time

Obviously this is not a hard fast rule, but it's purpose is not to make sure only ORGCOC members lead, rather to make sure that those that lead most often, are members of the ORGCOC. There's a real value to having our most invested members in leadership positions, as they are the most invested in what we are doing, and are bound by all of the required policy, that the wider membership are not.



NCO Applications

While there are no current vacancies, we continue to seek out future NCOs SNCOs and Officers, check out our ORGCOC Policy and speak to your Troop or Section Commanders for more information.



Leadership Tier Changes

All leadership positions have moved up one tier this month, so FTL is now T2, SL T3 and so on. We've added a new Junior Team Leader role at T1. This is because I believe leaders need more experience than the system allowed for, and because I prefer to limit the number of newer team leaders on larger operations, for a better balance.

I continue to review all areas of tiering, so there may be future changes.




There's so many people I'd like to thank this month;

- as we reach the end of Operation Ember, a big thanks must go to 2Lt Kevin and PFC Link

- Pvt Grezvany13 for his amazing work on the UNITAF mod, which will be coming soon

- Cpl Sharkhus for some outstanding Recruit Section recruitment and training

- Pvt Tipjay for his entertaining and paintstakingly edited videos, such as the below from Operation Ember 4



UNITAF Strategy



Roadmap 2021 is the culmination of a process spanning back to the 2019/2020 Annual Survey, and the last 3 UNISTAFF Meetings as well as combing through your suggestions and feedback. I like to think UNITAF does things differently, and our starting point for doing things here is usually to look at what other units do, and then just turn it upside down. One of the things that made us progress so far over the last year, was having a clear roadmap of where we are going and why, and one that stays true to the reason we started in the first place.


I'm happy to present the updated Roadmap, Roadmap 2021 - the content covered there is huge, so I won't repeat it here as you can head over there at your leisure and to see all the exciting things we're getting up to over the next 12 months, and what UNITAF will look like in a year from now. I'm excited to see much of it take form. 


Of course if you have more ideas, feel free to suggest them, or discuss them in the relevant channels.

You can view Roadmap 2021 here




Recruitment is a major focus in September, please do assist where you can, through streaming, Reddit, Discord and through word of mouth, you invite your friends and support us in these areas. Especially when helping to develop recruits.




Pvt Grezvany13 has been doing some outstanding work with the UNITAF mod, which we should start to test over the next month or so, features include;

- Automatic setting of radio channels, buddy teams, colors, units and callsigns

- Replacing the table with a UNITAF Menu, easy access to loadouts, earplugs and nvgs

- In game OPORDs and ORBATs

- Completely replacing the UNITAF Mission Framework with a lightweight easy to use version, embedded into the mod



I'm really excited to see it soon, and I hope you enjoy it when it comes. We at this point, must have one of the most dynamic software systems in the entire MILSIM community, and I'm looking forward to see it progress further.



Tuesday Campaign (Operation Herrick)

2Lt Zero will be announcing Operation Herrick, earmarked for a Deployment at the end of September, which will tie in with the end of Operation Ember (on which note, I don't have details of our next Sunday Campaign just yet) Herrick will be a Afghanistan deployment with the 3CBs British Royal Marines under UNITAF, I'm really looking forward to seeing it, I just thought I'd steal his thunder and announce it here.

This will see UNITAF running similtaneous operations weekly on two seperate anchor days, Sunday and Tuesday.


The Campaign Center

I won't mention too much here, as the campaign center is covered on the Roadamap, but it is our intention to launch it for the start of Operation Herrick, and the to-be-named Sunday campaign. If you don't know, the Campaign center will be a place for centralised Intel, HVTs, images, and all elements of grouped operations in UNITAF, bringing much more lore back to our deployments and also re-integrating the logistics and assets system. 


- We're testing DUI in order to get around using ST Interface due to the colour reset issue

- Server issues over the last few weeks have been resolved



- Russian FSB Loadouts Faction Approved

- BAF 3CB Loadouts Faction Approved

- 3CB Mods Approved

- Alpha Gear (Russian) Mods Approved



- Nothing to report/request


It's been another green month for UNITAF, with some really exciting developments on the horizon, and a growing, happy force.
I look forward to seeing you on a deployment in September.



Major James
Commanding Officer

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