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TFCO SITREP/7 - December 20

Friday 25 December 2020


Major James

Commanding Officer


Welcome to this month’s monthly SITREP from Headquarters. If you're joining us in the last 30 days or so Welcome to UNITAF - I hope you're enjoying your time here so far. The SITREP is a monthly to bi-monthly update which contains a range of changes both past and upcoming as well as the discussions and focuses from up and down the chain of command, it's designed to keep everyone up to speed with the thoughts of the senior Chain of Command.

For more meat on the below summary, you'll find it further down in this SITREP.

- Big changes to 1UPs (Up Tiering) and Tier Progression

- A New After Action Report System with Reputation

- Upcoming Contribution Center & Campaign Centers

- Our new Sunday Campaign

- A new Core Infantry Course to follow on from Recruit Training

- An update on the ORGCOC


Activity and Recruitment

Total attendance is, believe it or not up another 20% on October, setting yet another new record. That means on average 7.6 deployments per person in this period!



November was (unsuprisingly) a record month for Deployments, with 27 deployments, a record set to be beaten this December.



Total Force Strength is the best indicator of the health of the unit and is stable at 70, this is the result of some purging done by the ORGCOC, which also explains why the total force activity is higher (with the 7.6 deployments PM up from 6.6, and 4.3 pre-COVID)







In the last 30 days or so, I was pleased to approve the following promotions. You'll notice a couple of Senior ORGCOC promotions, this is due to the On-Leave status of 2Lt Zero and SSgt Attackbee, which causes a ripple promotion effect. But some worthy candidates have joined the ORGCOC in recent weeks, and more will do so soon as well.

Plenty of new joins have blessed us this month as well, and some really promising talent too.


   RSN   Name   Grade   Rank
2Lt Jari O-1 Second Lieutenant
SSgt Mattjamco E-6 Staff Sergeant
Sgt Pete E-5 Sergeant
Cpl Flicky E-4 Corporal
PFC Bex E-3 Private First Class
PFC STORM E-3 Private First Class
Pvt Scape E-2 Private
Pvt Tim E-2 Private
Pvt Korean Falcon E-2 Private
Pvt Astreo E-2 Private
Pvt Nikolas259 E-2 Private
Rec Deckard112 E-1 Recruit
Rec M.Payne E-1 Recruit
Rec Trick83 E-1 Recruit
Rec Scott E-1 Recruit
Rec Reefa E-1 Recruit
Rec Warlord E-1 Recruit
Rec Inferno E-1 Recruit
Rec Gibbs E-1 Recruit
Rec Leo E-1 Recruit
Rec Dave E-1 Recruit
Rec Dan E-1 Recruit
Rec Dick E-1 Recruit
Rec Damascus E-1 Recruit
Rec Shaon311 E-1 Recruit
Rec Geno E-1 Recruit
Rec Gopnik E-1 Recruit
Rec Daniel E-1 Recruit
Rec Zuka E-1 Recruit
Rec SirCede E-1 Recruit
Rec Rowfow E-1 Recruit
Rec Blackout E-1 Recruit
Rec Archangel E-1 Recruit


A massive congratulations to all of the above, well deserved.



NCO Applications

The ORGCOC is still seeking more NCOs in what will become more of a continuous process, what we're looking for is people with the ambition to lead, being in an NCO gives you basically, guaranteed Leadership time, and likewise for Instructing as well as a number of other things. We know we've got some great potential in our newer members who might even still be CDT, Recruit or Private, and we just encourage you to reach out to your COC with that ambition, as we're more than happy to fast track the right candidate - check out our ORGCOC Policy and speak to your Troop or Section Commanders for more information.


UNITAF Strategy
The Campaign Center

Those long-time members of UNITAF will note the campaign center has been planned for some time, it will better tie together campaign missions by providing a central place for mugshots of HVTs, intel feeds and imagery as well as logistics, finance and other matters. The intention is to launch this alongside the new Sunday campaign on January 10th, it will be a massive change for UNITAF towards our long term goals.


The Contribution Center

Probably a little known development, the contribution center aims to communicate what UNITAF is working on at any time, and better facilitate people joining our working teams that cover all of the key functions of UNITAF, again more information will be forthcoming, as it is released.


Operations Schedule and Campaigns

As mentioned previously, Vertex ends this Sunday, and we're kicking off 2021s first Sunday with a Operation Panther mission, on January 10th, we'll be deploying to our new Sunday campaign, which I'm really excited for, and an announcement will be forthcoming with details very soon.


Update: Minimum Rank Operations

You'll notice as promised in SITREP/6, and as part of the Quality Strategy that the minimum rank operations have been fully implemented, and all combat deployments now require a minimum rank of Recruit, as do all advanced Trainings, and you may occasionally see higher minimum requirements, such as for Special Forces deployments, or ORGCOC sessions.


Update: Reputation

Again, part of SITREP/6 and the Quality Strategy was the introduction of the Reputation system to extend the AARs. This Sunday, Vertex 14 will be the first deployment to issue the new AARs, while we're not doing anything with the Reputation system right now, we're going to monitor how it is used first, before we implement any systems around it's data. The purpose of the system is to identify anybody who needs correcting on mild policy or behavioural issues by using a crowd sourced reputation system, but also to use it for issuing the new Good Conduct medals too.


An example of the updated AAR system can be seen below, note that you can only rate people in your immediate team.


Update: Tier System and UP-tiering (1UP/2UPs)

Field Leaders in the past have been inundated with requests for 1UPs and the system has also not been the most fair either, to bring it in line with other UNITAF systems, you'll notice the Automatic UP-tiering system was recently released and is being used on a all upcoming deployments.


Here is the low down of how it works;

On ORBAT release, only those with the required tiers can slot into those roles, but they will see buttons which indicate when they will be able to 1UP or 2UP to a role, the ORBAT will tell you exactly when you will be able to 1UP or 2UP to a role.


24 Hours after initial release of an ORBAT (or 48 hours for 2UPs), having given enough time for qualified persons to deploy, the ORBAT will automatically seek those who are in the tier below for all roles, to help with this we've added two changes.
The first is a release time, so you know when the ORBAT was released, to the right hand side.



Next is a non-pinged message into mission-pings by the bot, which will inform everyone when 1UP and 2UPs are possible for any given operation.
In any case, when possible, the ORBAT will show you either a 1UP or 2UP button in place of the deploy button.



UP-tiering is a privilege though and not a right; so we've also added some further fallbacks to prevent UP-tiering in some circumstances;

- UP-tiering is not possible on FTXs
- You can't UP-tier if you've recieved a reprimand in the last 7 days (such as a no-show)
- You can't up-tier to a certain combat area if you've been flagged for not following a certain SOP in that area
- You can only UP-tier 2 levels in total
- You'll need to have attended at least 1 FTX in the respective area


In each case, you'll be given a warning, examples below;


Ability to Swap ORBAT positions without Cancelling a Deployment

Another nifty change you may have noticed above is the ability to swap your ORBAT position without having to cancel your current one first, this is especially useful for 1UPs, re-deploy buttons have an apt UNO-REVERSE icon so you know you are switching roles.

None to report.


The UNITAF mod has been under regular testing in the last few weeks, and we intend to launch this alongside the new campaign on January 10th, again there will be a dedicated announcement when this happens, but we very much look forward to replacing the table with the tablet.


If you don't already have an avatar, check out this ping to find out how: https://discord.com/channels/573494917998051348/637195879375175681/780369912191123466


I'd like to especially thank this month SSgt Attackbee and 2Lt Zero for their service over the last 18 months, and we hope to see them deploying again soon.

It's been another great month for UNITAF, and I'm especially excited to see the UNITAF Mod and Campaign Center launched in early 2021.




Major James
Commanding Officer

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