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Update to our Activity, Discharge & Participation Policy

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Major James

Commanding Officer

We recently updated our Activity, Discharge & Participation Policy to Version 2. This policy controls how UNITAF classifies members into the Regular, Reserves and Inactive groups.

The main changes you'll find are;

  • The default inactivity state is now Inactive (known as a standard Discharge)
  • Discharge applies for members not active within 60+ days
  • Reserves applies for members not active in operations for 30+ days (but who are contactable)
  • Discharged members no longer retain access to Discord or the Website


We've added a new method for Inactive members to return to Regulars or Reserves called a re-induction. The re-induction is like a new member induction but for returning members.

We've added proper on-leave statuses to allow members who cannot be active for 60+ days to apply to have their accounts remain open.

We've added new guidance to the Retired state, the Retired state can now be applied for when you expect to go inactive. Retired members retain access to most all of UNITAFs services.


You can find the updated policy here: P15-125 Activity, Discharge & Participation Policy

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