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TFCO SITREP/8 - January 21 + Podcast

Sunday 31 January 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer


Welcome to this month’s monthly SITREP from Headquarters. If you're joining us in the last 30 days or so Welcome to UNITAF - I hope you're enjoying your time here so far. The SITREP is a monthly to bi-monthly update which contains a range of changes both past and upcoming as well as the discussions and focuses from up and down the chain of command, it's designed to keep everyone up to speed with the thoughts of the senior Chain of Command.

For more meat on the below summary, you'll find it further down in this SITREP.

- UNITAF completes a record breaking December/January

- We address slot supply and demand plans for 2021

- We talk about the campaign center plans

- We launch TAFFCAST for the first time

- Liberation gets an Update with a new map, new faction


Activity and Recruitment

As we close out January we see some incredible levels of activity across the force with new records across the board, as of writing we are at 110 strong. All January figures below do not include today (January 31). 92 Members of the active force have deployed so far in January, at an average of 6.8 deployments per month. We will likely put a hold on recruitment in the coming month, if at least temporarily while we see how things balance out with operations.



We've continued the trend of over 25 deployments per month for the 4th month running, and for the first time ever, deployed more than once per day for the entire month of January 21.

Overall AAR ratings remain stable, with Operation Brimstone starting in the strong 90s for it's first few Sunday deployments.






Due to popular demand, and for the first time ever, we will be releasing a Podcast episode alongside each SITREP, the TAFFCAST is hosted by UNISTAFF members and will discuss in detail topics from the SITREP. In EP001 we discuss;

- What is UNISTAFF
- Slot Supply and Demand
- Training and Tier Systems
- Liberation Server
- Campaign Center
- Future Plans for the Podcast


Or use this feed URL in iTunes and other Podcast players


In future episodes we will be inviting guests on, and various other topics, it would be great to get your feedback on this new resource, on Discord. If you'd like to come on the podcast in a future episode, or have topics you want us to discuss, please for now at least, speak to SFC Zero.





In the last 30 days or so, I was pleased to approve the following promotions. Some of these are related to the opening of 7 and 8 Section and the future 4 Troop.

Plenty of new joins have blessed us this month as well, and some really promising talent too.


  Rank Grade Name
  Major O-4 James
  Sergeant First Class E-7 Zero
  Sergeant E-5 Cross
  Sergeant E-5 Luke
  Corporal E-4 Scape
  Corporal E-4 Zuka
  Corporal E-4 Reefa
  Corporal E-4 Korean Falcon
  Private First Class E-3 Ainz Ooal Gown
  Private First Class E-3 Nomad
  Private First Class E-3 Dungworth
  Private First Class E-3 Trifle
  Private First Class E-3 LegacyStetson
  Private First Class E-3 Mectus
  Private E-2 Geno
  Private E-2 Mohawk
  Recruit E-1 Weasel
  Recruit E-1 SkullCollector
  Recruit E-1 Sujak
  Recruit E-1 Nickleby
  Recruit E-1 William
  Recruit E-1 Akay
  Recruit E-1 Westor
  Recruit E-1 Frank
  Recruit E-1 BaileyLR
  Recruit E-1 Katalam
  Recruit E-1 Santirek
  Recruit E-1 Fire Hawk
  Recruit E-1 Jill
  Recruit E-1 DiamondRamos
  Recruit E-1 Matthias
  Recruit E-1 SuspiciousFox
  Recruit E-1 Pickle
  Recruit E-1 Edoardo
  Recruit E-1 MEOSH
  Recruit E-1 Alex
  Recruit E-1 Hrusi
  Recruit E-1 Shahid-e-Gomnam
  Recruit E-1 Josef Pagalin
  Recruit E-1 Russia
  Recruit E-1 SeanTheLeprechann
  Recruit E-1 Mabini
  Recruit E-1 Tokyo
  Recruit E-1 Johan
  Recruit E-1 B.Miller
  Recruit E-1 Zack
  Recruit E-1 Minaus
  Recruit E-1 Chelmy



A massive congratulations to all of the above, well deserved.



NCO Applications

The ORGCOC will continue to seek more NCOs in expectation of the opening of 4 Troop in the coming months, so we will consider all interested persons and help to develop those with potential as this process unfolds, what we're looking for is people with the ambition to lead, being in an NCO gives you basically, guaranteed Leadership time, and likewise for Instructing as well as a number of other things. We know we've got some great potential in our newer members who might even still be CDT, Recruit or Private, and we just encourage you to reach out to your COC with that ambition, as we're more than happy to fast track the right candidate - check out our ORGCOC Policy and speak to your Troop or Section Commanders for more information.


UNITAF Strategy
The Campaign Center

The CC takes a slight backstep in development due to the prioritisation of changes to the ORBAT system. The main framework changes have been completed, and the next modules to be released will be the POI and Intel Modules.



We've recently added a new discord channel called #contributor-info which contains a whole host of information on how to get involved in pushing UNITAF forward, so I highly recommend checking that out. This month also sees some changes to Joint Task Groups (JTGs) and Staff Task Groups (STGs) which are detailed in that channel.

Current STGs are;
#stg1-adv-infantry - Creation of Advanced Core Infantry Lesson Plans / SOP
#stg2-mission-makers  - Collection of experienced mission designers and game masters for scheduling gaps
#stg3-aircrew-review - Implementation and creation of an updated and split Rotary / Fixed Aircrew Program
#stg4-inductions - Review of applications and candidate vetting
#stg5-training-map - Rebuilding the Operations Center, currently on Malden, to Altis
#stg6-training-feedback  - Working to improve training plans

Operations Schedule and Campaigns

We've kicked off to a great start with Operation Brimstone, with Parabole returning eariler this month, and a number of well recieved Daesh Dawn deployments, as well as the return of our historicals in both December and January, Panther and Giantsbane. In February we will continue with Brimstone, Parabole and Daesh Dawn, but we look to new campaigns to bolster operations, and we welcome our talented mission developers and game masters to come forward to plug future schedule gaps. Active teams are looking at German campaigns, amongst others.


Liberation Server

Next week, the liberation server will be updated, this cycle will see us on Chernarus Winter, deployed as the Russian Forces.


Slot Supply and Demand

In TAFFCAST we discuss the fact that UNITAF has a much greater demand currently for slots than we have a supply of, hence the intent above to spin up additional campaigns as and when possible, as well as increasing the number of missions and their frequency across all campaigns. We will also make small interventions to the ORBAT system over the coming months, and it's important to note we will do this incrementally and each time communicate ahead each change, so we can monitor the effects, but our intent is to do the following;

- Introduce 'L' plate slots across some ORBATs, which are dedicated to those who have training, but no combat experience in a role, to make it easier to get your first foot on the ladder
- Introduce more operations with minimum and maximum ranks, for example Operations targeted at Recruits, with minimal Private+ slots will give Recruits access with less competion to other roles, contrasted with an equal number of the opposite, for example (Private+) operations, possiby run at the same time on the same day.
- Introduce alternative methods of role access based on capability, not experience, so newer members who are overly capable of a role, but lack the Tiering, still have a fair chance at accessing them, without making the tier redundant. In short, priority will be given to those with both, and then recurse from there.
- Split Aircrew into two Tiers, Rotary and Fixed, and move JTAC/FAC roles into Aircrew from Communications.
- Make the deployment buttons fairer, by factoring in how many times you've deployed in a role to give you an advantage if you've not been able to get one in the past - so long as you have the requirements of course.
- Introduce new ways of indicating your status on specific ORBATs, such as "100% Reserve" "Reserve Maybe" and collecting information about how many people would have attended an operation if they could have.

Mods for Approval

A seperate update will follow in the coming days, dedicated to a Mod review, including suggestions.


The UNITAF Mod was released this month, and continues to be updated.


Remember that the UNITAF Annual Survey closes today at 23:59, so if you have not submitted it yet, please do so here

It's been another great month for UNITAF, please do let us know your feedback, including the new Podcast, and we look forward to reporting the Survey Results in SITREP/9 in a months time.


Major James
United Task Force






Major James
Commanding Officer

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