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Welcome to United Task Force

Saturday 01 June 2019


Major James

Commanding Officer

This post contains Day 1 information about what's happening from today (June 1) leading up to our first deployment on June 16. 

  • We're launching www.unitedtaskforce.net to our pre-launch interest list members, to allow you to register accounts
  • We're using this time to kill some bugs and get some feedback
  • There are a lot of features which we have disabled during this launch period
  • Features will be enabled on www.unitedtaskforce.net between June 1 and June 16


What we want you to do

  1. Register on www.unitedtaskforce.net and follow the instructions to complete your application in full (it's imporant that you fill out all the sections, including the sections relating to your preferred roles)

  2. Let us know when complete in #general-chat on Discord to get your account processed fully. Please include @Personnel Staff (S1) in your message so they don't miss it.

  3. Download the Mods by following this guide (CLICK HERE) we will have some testing servers up next week.

  4. As you know, you must confirm your slots for upcoming missions as early as possible. To slot yourself: Log in to unitedtaskforce.net > click on Operations, selecting one of the two confirmed mission dates that you can make and going to ORBAT > Descide your desired slot > Click Deploy

Feel free to ask any questions or report any issues directly here, or via Discord. We'll be providing futher updates in due course. If you have any issues at all, please use the #help channel on discord.

Please click Acknowledged at the top of this page once you have completed all the steps.

Major James
Commanding Officer

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