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Changes to Mods, SOP and Loadout Suggestions

Saturday 15 May 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer

Recently we introduced the new Roles Center, as a precursor to upcoming changes to the Tier and Capability system.

Firstly let's look at the replacement to how suggestions are logged for;

  • Mods
  • SOP / Procedure Changes
  • Loadouts

Which are no longer done via Discord.


Mod Management

In order to massively streamline the UNITAF mods suggestions, testing and approvals process the pending mods page now contains information relating to the status of mods that are under testing and that have been suggested.


 For those that have not been adopted, a reason code for the denial.



For those who are enlisted active members of UNITAF with a rank greater than Private (E-2) up to 3 active mod suggestions can also be made directly in the mods suggestion area.



The approvals process remains the same, with updates being provided in sequence with SITREPs about mod pack changes.


Standard Operating Procedures

In a simlar vein to Mods, the ability to request changes to Standard Operating Procedures is now possible. The feature is currently limited to those with the rank of Corporal (E-4) or greater, but will be tested and is expected to be rolled out wider in due course. There are two types of change requests;

Major - for content changes, removals or additions of practical SOP
Minor - for formatting, spelling and grammar or layout edits


Change requests can be raised from the procedure view.


When submitting a change request you'll need to provide a reason for the change, and the SOP will not accept further change requests until a response or action is made on any open change requests.




In line with Mods and Procedures, Loadouts now have front-end change requests. A new section of the Roles Center has been added which when viewing a specific role, allows you to navigate to the 'Loadouts' tab and view loadouts across all factions in UNITAF for this position. It also contains data on when the loadout was first and last used, and how many times it has been used, as well as it's approval status.


To open a change request for a loadout, you can navigate to that specific loadout from either the Roles Center or from any ORBAT containing that loadout using the existing Loadout Gear Icon. The feature is currently limited to those with the rank of Corporal (E-4) or greater, but will be tested and is expected to be rolled out wider in due course. 



From the loadout viewer if you have permission to open loadout change requests you'll see a new button, which will open the change request.



From here, you just need to import the loadout in game, make the required changes and then submit.


Roles Center

If you've yet to have the chance to check out the new Roles Center you can find tonnes of statistics over there about the most experienced members across the main combat areas and roles.



These changes will help to speed up the improvement of loadouts and procedures through crowdsourcing contributions. We'll continue to monitor it's usage and roll it out further as required.

Major James
Commanding Officer

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