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Sunday 30 May 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer


Welcome to this month’s monthly SITREP from Headquarters. If you're joining us in the last 30 days or so Welcome to UNITAF - I hope you're enjoying your time here so far. The SITREP is a monthly to bi-monthly update which contains a range of changes both past and upcoming as well as the discussions and focuses from up and down the chain of command, it's designed to keep everyone up to speed with the thoughts of the senior Chain of Command.

This months MAJOR SITREP has some wide ranging updates to the ORBAT, Slot Allocation and Tier System, as has been discussed in recent SITREPs and Podcasts, for that reason we'll start with the perspective and return to the retrospective at the end.

Combat Fatigue System


This is perhaps the biggest update to the dynamic orbat system since the introduction of up-tiering, and follows our continual commitment since the introduction of P15-145 Policy: ORBAT Slot Allocation to increase the fairness and level playing field of slot supply and demand. While we've talked about this in previous SITREPs, it's important to understand the role of the system. Combat Fatigue has nothing to do with your ability to execute a role, and is therefore does not interfere with the Tier system at all. What Combat Fatigue does do, is change the availiblility of slots to individuals with the same Tier, by giving them different deployment button access times, based on factors such as behaviour, SOP adherance, and most importantly their recent activity in that role or role area.

Simply put, the more you play in an area the more Combat Fatigued you become, and the more the Combat Fatigue system will try to allocate that slot to other people who have the same tier as you first, but offering you easier access to other roles not related to that area.


Video Overview of the Combat Fatigue System


Goals of the Combat Fatigue System

Fatigue is designed to address the following primary unintended behaviours of the Dyanmic ORBAT System that will increase fairness;

1 - To give new members of UNITAF priority access to Core Infantry slots (by virtue of them being less fatigued)
2 - To spread wider access to specialist and lower supply slots by fatiguing regular deployees in favour of those at the same Tier/Experience
3 - Millisecond slot rushing on ORBAT release, by spreading slotting over the opening 15 minutes of an ORBAT.

Combat Fatigue does not address a number of other behaviours which we will come to update in the future (such as slot vacation / swapping).


How the Combat Fatigue System Works

Combat Fatigue balances slot allocation by adjusting the accessible time of different slots across Combat Deployment ORBATs based on an individuals past performance. Combat Fatigue is applied to each tier (combat area) seperately.

Each day at 0600 UTC, alongside the Tier Update, an individuals Combat Fatigue will be calculated and updated. Fatigue is calculated using the following formula;

Global Fatigue applies to all Combat Areas and is calculated as: (Reprimands in Last 30 days * 120 seconds)

Local Fatigue only applies to the Combat Area of the Applicable slot and is calculated as:
60 seconds for each ORBAT completed by the individual in this area in the last 30 days (60 days in the case of low supply slots, with less than 30 slots per month)
30 seconds for each SOP Correction Flag on this individuals dossier in this Combat Area
A bonus reduction in fatigue of 60 seconds per FTX/Practice attended in this combat area in the last 30 days (60 days for low supply slots)

Local Fatigue + Global Fatigue = Total Fatigue and this total number of seconds is applied to each slot on an ORBAT.


Where to locate your Combat Fatigue

You can view your own combat fatigue using the Dossier Practice Progression area of your Dossier. It will show the total fatigue for each Combat Area, broken down by Global and Local Fatigue factors. If you have any questions about specific parts of your Combat Fatigue (such as Reprimands or PCFs, you should speak to your Chain of Command). In line with Tiers, Combat Faitgue updates each day around 0600 UTC. Only you and the ORGCOC can see your Fatigue, and you can't see the Fatigue of others.


Combat Fatigue for ORBATs

When viewing an ORBAT before release and during the Fatigue period, the ORBAT will display instead the time in UTC in which the slot will be accessible to you based on your own Combat Fatigue.



Combat Fatigue cannot be negative and there is no maximum fatigue.
Combat Fatigue does not yet apply to the pre-slotting stage
Combat Fatigue applies to both ORBAT Release, 1UP and 2UP stages
Combat Fatigue does not yet apply to slots that have been recently vacated by someone else

When will it be implemented?

The combat fatigue system goes live with this SITREP, but your initial fatigue will not be calculated until the next day at 0600 - so you will be able to explore it and your current fatigue tomorrow and it will apply to all future ORBAT releases. We'll continue to monitor behaviours following this update and adjust as needed and in line with feedback.
This policy updates 
P15-145 Policy: ORBAT Slot Allocation



Changes to Tiering for the Recruit Rank


The Recruit rank as a probationary period is automatically ended when the holder completes Tier II in Core Infantry and has a clean service record. As an infantry first policy; Infantry is a vital part of operations and everyone must have an understanding of life on the ground and the implementation of UNITAF policies and procedures. This is especially important for those moving on to primarily deploy in supporting roles such as Aircrew, Calvarly and Mission Support, which integrate closely with but are not infantry roles.

Why is it being changed?

we're balancing policy to do two things:

- Give priority / make it easier for Recruits to access Core Infantry slots (through Combat Fatigue)
- Make it harder for Recruits to progress in specialist roles, before they complete probation

What is changing?

We have discussed the best way to approach this and we've decided that rather than restrict access to practices - Recruits will be welcome to attend any practice they are eligible for like any other member. Instead, we have added a Rank and Tier Requirement to all Tier II qualifications across all Combat Areas of Tier II in Core Infantry, and the Rank of Private (E-2).

This means that recruits can only advance non-infantry Tiers to Tier I maximum, allowing them to continue use the 1-UP and 2-UP systems to access Tier II and Tier III slots, but not allowing direct access to higher Tier slots before their probation ends. Recruits will naturally fill Core Infantry roles to fulfill this requirement, at the same time the Fatigue system will support them with priority access.



What happens to my current tiers?

Any recruit with non-infantry Tiers above Tier I will be re-calculated to Tier I in line with this update, but on your promotion to Private in the next daily update your Tiers will be re-calculated based on your total acitivity meaning that you may jump multiple tiers on your promotion.

When will it be implemented?

This goes live with this SITREP, but Tier rank and Tier requirements will not be factored into calculations until the next day at 0600.
This policy updates P15-145 Policy: ORBAT Slot Allocation



Learner Slots or 'L' Plates

Another new feature for our newer members, a learner slot is a unique ORBAT slot which allows an individual who has not yet been able to gain any combat experience in a combat area to do so. It allows individuals to get their first step on the ladder allowing them to access the up-tiering systems for a combat area. It does this by only allowing someone who has practice experience but no combat in experience in a specific combat area to slot without needing the usual Tier requirement. Learner slots function as follows;

- One Learner slot is permitted per ORBAT
- Learner slots can only be applied to Tier I roles
- Only someone with at least one FTX logged in the related combat area, but no combat operations in the area, can use the Learner Slot
- The field leader may choose to change any of the Tier I slots to a Learner slot at their discretion.
- To use 'L' Plate slots, you cannot have had Reprimands in the last 7 days, or any active PCFs in this Combat Area.


How to assign a Learner Slot

From the ORBAT editor, roles eligible for conversion will be shown with a blue cap icon. Should the slot not be claimed, the Field Leader can return here to conver the slot back to a regular slot.


Locating Learner Slots on ORBATs

Learner slots are easy to find on open ORBATs, denoted by their blue cap and blue deploy buttons.


Once the slot has been claimed it is again denoted with it's blue cap.


When will it be implemented?

This goes live with this SITREP.
This policy updates P15-145 Policy: ORBAT Slot Allocation



Loadout and SOP Editors and Mod Suggestions


This is a reminder from the Minor SITREP in April, that it is now possible to make Mod Suggestions through the website, as can changes to combat loadouts and SOP be suggested. Full details of these new systems and how to use them is detailed in this Minor SITREP.


Video Overview


UNITAF Mod Support for Joint ORBATs

In an exciting addition to the UNITAF mod, support will be added for linked ORBATs. The UNITAF framework is to receive an update allowing users to link ORBATs together, this will allow the framework to support the following;

- Multiple Practices on the same server with full loadout support
- Operations with overlapping start and end times, such as early starting recon teams, or extra long missions
- Missions with multiple ORBATs running at the same time, with different factions and loadouts, such as joint nation operations


When will it be implemented?

Testing is underway currently, we expect this update to be live and usable during June 2021, if you'd like to help with the Mod, or have Mod making or scripting experience, please let us know.

Activity and Recruitment

After some record months of growth, we see a minor sip in April for both attendance and TFS, although due to the nature of the new Induction program, there will be some variance. This is likely also impacted by the (hopefully good European weather) and easing of lockdown restrictions.



An aboslutely stellar effort from the entire ORGCOC in a record 40 deployments in May.



Server performance is still a concern, with a number of recent very large ORBATs on conventional missions accounting for some of this rating dip. Mission Support teams should be mindful of this.



Candidates and Candidate Inductions


In line with previous SITREPs, we are continuing with the Candidate Intake system, at present, doing around 2 intakes per month on average, with each intake averaging 6 Candidates. The most recent change is that Candidates are no longer members of UNITAF and they attend their Induction and Recruit training before they are given access to the website, or Discord servers. This is to allow the possibility of application rejection if required at any stage.

The next intake will be on June 5



TAFFCAST Episode 4 is now available, we talk about some of the current priorities and plans for the unit with a focus on Recruits and Privates and their early experience joining UNITAF. We're joined by @Pvt Strange talking about how he got into UNITAF and his experience, as well as the live Q&A.
TAFFCAST is now on Spotify has now moved to Spotify's Anchor platform so if you have subscribed to it by other means you'll find out how you can catch TAFFCAST on all major platforms, including Spotify here: https://anchor.fm/unitaf
Episode 4 on all major platforms, including Spotify here: https://anchor.fm/unitaf




This month SSgt Cross and 1Lt Ben (Ret.) both retired from the ORGCOC, allowing a cascade of promotions throughout the ORGCOC. We welcome those joining us for the first time, and well done as well to those advancing in the ORGCOC too.

First Lieutenant O-2 Jari
Sergeant First Class E-7 Johannes
Sergeant First Class E-7 Korean Falcon
Sergeant First Class E-7 Deksterus
Sergeant E-5 WhiteWolf
Sergeant E-5 Scape
Sergeant E-5 Dungworth
Sergeant E-5 Crossy
Corporal E-4 Noah_Hero
Corporal E-4 SkullCollector
Corporal E-4 Chelmy
Corporal E-4 Shahid-e-Gomnam
Corporal E-4 Pete


In an exciting turn of events we meet our first Master Specilist (informally dubbed leader of the E-4 mafia) MSP Luke, and a host of SPC and PFC promotions.
Well done of course to the Privates ending their probations as well.


Master Specialist E-5 Luke
Specialist E-4 Nomad
Specialist E-4 Mohawk
Specialist E-4 Ainz Ooal Gown
Specialist E-4 Astreo
Private First Class E-3 Siberian
Private First Class E-3 Edoardo
Private First Class E-3 Flicky (Ret.)
Private First Class E-3 TommyHel
Private First Class E-3 William
Private First Class E-3 Cross
Private E-2 Lexsal
Private E-2 Strange
Private E-2 SeanTheLeprechann
Private E-2 Natlos
Private E-2 Beardley
Private E-2 Tobiwan



Awards and Citations

Well done to all those recieving awards this period as well.

Maj James Combat Operations Service Medal with Silver Star 2021-05-24 17:30:01
Cpl LegacyStetson Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-05-23 22:04:51
SFC Korean Falcon Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-05-23 22:04:31
2Lt Mattjamco Professional Development Ribbon   2021-05-23 22:00:09
Capt Kevin Education Command Medal with Bronze Star 2021-05-23 21:59:32
1Lt Jari Combat Attachment Award   2021-05-23 21:58:31
2Lt Mattjamco Combat Attachment Award   2021-05-23 21:58:31
SPC Ainz Ooal Gown Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-05-23 21:58:04
PFC Mason Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-05-23 21:57:54
PFC Wavan Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-05-23 21:56:52
PFC Dreolic Darwin Award   2021-05-16 21:45:12
PFC Hrusi Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-05-09 22:01:09
Sgt WhiteWolf Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-05-09 22:01:09
Cpl Pete Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-05-09 22:01:09
PFC Wavan Medal of Occupation   2021-05-09 21:49:30
PFC Dreolic Medal of Occupation   2021-05-09 21:49:30
SSgt Skelly Prisoner of War Medal   2021-05-09 21:49:30
Pvt Beardley Prisoner of War Medal   2021-05-09 21:49:30
SPC Astreo Prisoner of War Medal   2021-05-09 21:49:30
Pvt Norseman Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-05-03 14:03:41
1Lt Jari Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-05-03 14:03:41



Update to Dossier Design

Finally, there has been a nice little update to the Dossier rank and awards area, which also works on mobile!

Notice to Medical Personnel

A SOP update may follow, but a reminder to all medics when dealing with MINIMAL patients that combat and area safety must be prioritised over 3rd party treatment. Medics should not instruct MINIMAL patients other than when requested by the patient or when giving medical advice. The role of a MINIMAL patient is first and foremost their combative role, which may even require them to instruct the medic. It is important that situational awareness and 360 security be maintained and this includes the proper triage of patients in accordance to SOP and factoring in any current threat.

Server Performance
We are looking into making hardware changes for larger missions (60+) where performance degradation is noticeable. Please be mindful of this and missions at this scale and larger must have hyper aware AI management and next-to-no editor placed objects.


A special mention to those who have supported UNITAF on Pateron, please do let me know if you have, as I know some people have done it under a name not related to UNITAF, which makes it very hard to thank you personally. But it is nevertheless, much appreciated.


UNITAFs 2nd Birthday Celebration

In a slight update to my previous message UNITAFs Official 2nd Birthday will be Celebrated on June 16th 2021. We will look to plan a number of special events from June 16 to June 20 to celebrate this milestone.

Should you find any issues with the system updates found in this SITREP, please report them to the J10 channel, as soon as possible.


It's been another great month for UNITAF, please do let us know your feedback, including the new Podcast on Discord.


Major James
United Task Force

Major James
Commanding Officer

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