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Situation Reports / Headquarters

Friday 23 July 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer


Welcome to this month's SITREP, it's been a bit over a month since SITREP/11 so this one hopefully will bridge the gap. If this is your first SITREP, welcome to UNITAF - I hope you are enjoying your time here thus far.

It is important to note that the SITREP is an important communication which contains key updates from across the senior chain of command, and failure to read it is not a valid defence! That said, I do hope you find this new format useful.

Unless otherwise stated, any update provided in this SITREP is effective immediately.


In terms of campaigns, our deployments supporting Operation Brimstone have had significant impact on the sector and we do expect to start to pull our forces out over the next month. We will maintain a small presence in the region to provide support to local forces, but this will be not at the scale of some of the direct action we've taken to date.

We will be deploying to a new theater in due course, but I don't have anything concrete I can share at this time. Some of our direct action effort between the exit of Brimstone and the new theater will be supporting Operation Eiche and Operation Typhoon. 

I can also announce that starting August, UNITAF will be supporting the United Nations peacekeeping in Angola, Africa as part of the 'Blue Helmets' effort this will be dubbed Operation Overture.


Entrenching tools update

concerns P13-120 Organising a Mission, updated to Version 4

From Monday July 26, entrenching tools can only be in loadouts for, carried and used by;

  • Combat Engineers
  • Support Engineers
  • Assistant Automatic Riflemen
  • Assistant Machinegunner
  • Light Vehicle Crewman (Driver)
  • APC/IFV Crewman (Driver)
  • MBT Crewman (Driver)

This is an intentional reduction in supply of tools to 1-2 per fireteam, to ensure that at least 4 personnel from each fireteam maintain full security at all times. It has the added bonus of a geniune specialty boost to the Assistant and Engineer roles. This will be reviewed throughout the next few weeks, since loadouts and arsenals will be updated to support this change you may encounter tools in places they should no longer be so please let us know if you do.

As a note to mission support teams, the removal of the tool will be automated across all arsenals and loadouts, but please check as required as some roles will need it adding.

Note from Monday it becomes an breach under loadout SOP to use knowingly an entrenching tool if you are not acting in one of the above roles, in the same way as treated for AT or MGs.


Rules of engagement update

concerns existing policy P3-9 Rules of engagement & law of war, updated to Version 2

This policy now contains information on laws of war, such as combatants vs non-combatants and what constitutes a valid target. 
You must read this as it is effective immediately and is a core component of operations.



New policy for civilians, enemy captives and detainees

concerns new policy P3-155 Civilians, enemy captives and detainees, Version 1

This new policy outlines the proper handling of civilians, enemy captives and detainees
You must read this as it is effective immediately and is a core component of operations.


From today, the following changes apply to all default CBA settings files;

  • Removed forced inventory size setting
  • Removed forced ACEX view distance setting


The current versions of this file can be found here (for developers)


The up-to-date mod requests and under-testing list can be found here https://unitedtaskforce.net/operations/mods/pending if you have made a request and it has not been mentioned below, check this page for an update on the request status if it has not been approved it will be listed in the Denied/Dissapproval List section with a reason code.

  • Task Force Canada (TFC-CAF) APPROVED
  • Enhanced Map Ace Version APPROVED CORE
  • Angola Maps v1.3 APPROVED
  • Saint Kapaulio APPROVED
  • Apricot's MW NVG VFX REMOVED


Roadmap Changes

In the last TAFFCAST we shared the Roadmap for 2022, I'm pleased to publish it in it's current form with a nice update to the Roadmap here, you can find it via the menu or on this link unitedtaskforce.net/roadmap

The roadmap has been fully updated into Now, Next and Future so you can have a look over there and see what might be surfacing on future SITREPs. There is a lot over there, so I would encorage you to check it out.

We will update it regularly and it is of course subject to change.

Promotions and Selections Process

new policy P15-154 Policy: Promotions and Selections, Version 1

This policy puts into action best practices which have been underway for recent promotions in the ORGCOC.




Changes to 'L' Plates

updates existing policy P15-145 Policy: ORBAT Slot Allocation, Version 2 (2.1 minor)

Updates have been made to the mechanics of learner slots, those are;

  • A learner slot is permitted per 20 slots on the ORBAT (increased from 1 per orbat)
  • Anyone who is Tier-0 in the area can use the Learner Slot (changed from 0 combat hours in the combat area)
  • If the learner slot is not claimed 24 hours after the release of an orbat, it will now automatically become a normal slot



I was expecting a steep decrease in activity to winter, as I've said before we've never experienced a proper summer and so we don't have anything to go off. The latest figures indicate a good recovery and we'll likely recruit out of the dip, one thing to watch out for is a swathe of re-activations come winter.




I was really pleased to approve the following promotions after the last month. Some highlights are;

  • our first master Specialist, MSP Bex!
  • 2Lt Zero (now Cpl Zero) stepping down from the ORGCOC (see my discord announcement for more on this)
  • the selection of 2Lt Deksterus, SFC Dungworth and Sgt Skullcollector

Congratulations all, well deserved.

Second Lieutenant O-1 Deksterus
Sergeant First Class E-7 Dungworth
Sergeant E-5 SkullCollector
Corporal E-4 Dreolic
Corporal E-4 Zero
Corporal E-4 Aiedail
Master Specialist E-5 Bex
Specialist E-4 Hrusi
Specialist E-4 Wavan
Private First Class E-3 Sean-TheLeprechaun
Private First Class E-3 Natlos
Private First Class E-3 Bomer
Private First Class E-3 Jeb Saur
Private First Class E-3 Matthias
Private First Class E-3 Clarke
Private E-2 Yoi Blackkit
Private E-2 Prius
Private E-2 Fowlds
Recruit E-1 Ross
Recruit E-1 Smowl
Recruit E-1 Haven
Recruit E-1 Kyoptic
Recruit E-1 mtb
Recruit E-1 Pablos
Recruit E-1 Akerman
Recruit E-1 J. Gloster
Recruit E-1 Strung
Recruit E-1 BotPaddy
Recruit E-1 TeddyOregeno
Recruit E-1 Deer
Recruit E-1 SirGagalot
Recruit E-1 donte

I'm biased of course, but I'd say the highlight was issuing our first 2 Year Service Medals. Congratulations all.

Sgt Zuka Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-07-04 21:43:48
SPC STORM Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-07-04 21:43:22
SPC Nomad Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-07-04 21:42:23
SPC Mohawk Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-07-04 21:41:54
SFC Korean Falcon Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-07-04 21:41:29
Sgt SkullCollector Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-07-04 21:39:55
Cpl Aiedail Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-07-04 21:39:55
PFC Jeb Saur Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-07-04 21:39:55
PFC Siberian Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-07-04 21:39:55
Capt Kevin Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-23 09:23:19
PFC Sean-TheLeprechaun Medal of Occupation   2021-06-21 01:44:58
PFC William Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-06-21 01:42:11
PFC TommyHel Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-06-21 01:42:11
2Lt Mattjamco Combat Operations Service Medal with Silver Star 2021-06-21 01:41:46
SSgt Skelly Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:41
PFC Maciek Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:29
PFC Mason Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:26
Cpl BigRed Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:22
PFC Squido Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:18
Cpl Zero Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:15
Pvt Ryolitt Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:10
Maj James Long Service Medal 2 Year 2021-06-16 01:15:05
Sgt Crossy Medal of Occupation   2021-06-14 18:52:50
Sgt SkullCollector Medal of Occupation   2021-06-14 18:52:50
SPC Fire Hawk Medal of Occupation with Bronze Oak Leaf 2021-06-14 18:52:14
SPC Flubber Dubber Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-06-07 08:47:27
PFC Edoardo Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-06-06 22:27:34

Deployment background information

Deployment background information has been added to a number of places. This is the first part of the OPORD editor (for NCO reference) is also requested at the scheduling stage. This has been requested alot, and will help you to determine if you want to deploy on any given operation.

On the ORBAT


On release pings (both general and pre-release)


Rank quality of life changes

A few minor information changes to ranks can be found on the ranks area and on dossiers;

Time in grade on dossier profiles


Average age on promotion



  • Various fixes to MYCOC2.0 from #suggestions on table sorting
  • Removed the menu items from the roles center for Administration roles
  • Fixed the COC Report timestamps
  • Removed FTX hours from being counted as combat hours in the Roles Center
  • Added a next and previous SOP navigation item to SOP footers
  • Fixed an issue where non-logged in users couldn't view SOP
  • Fixed access issues for TSgts in MYCOC and COC Reports


Major James
Commanding Officer

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