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TFCO MINOR SITREP/15 - October 21 - Joint Fires SOP, Mods, Lessonplans

Sunday 31 October 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer

This minor SITREP contains some interim updates and will be effective Monday 1st November 2021.

  • This SITREP
    • concludes the work of STG-11
    • completes the roadmap item  #71 Communications SOP Review


An upcoming feature will change the process for FTX scheduling to only allow FTXs to be scheduled from an approved lessonplan. Until now most lessonplans live on Google Documents but with this update, lessonplans will be created, edited and published in a new Lessonplans area. Lessonplans can be associated with difficulty levels, different SOPs and roles. Once published and approved lessonplans can be selected when scheduling FTXs. Lessonplans are also viewable pubically, allowing attendees of FTXs more infomation on sign-up.

This update will be implemented in a number of Phases.

  1. This SITREP - The feature is silently launched allowing testing and input by some training staff
  2. The feature will be, within the next few weeks publically launched as all lessonplans are loaded
  3. Around the time of the next major SITREP, lessonplans will be a requirement of scheduling an FTX, replacing the old 'Select SOP' method.


We will feature more about this update once it's ready for public release and many thanks to SSG Scape for his work on this. 


Joint Fires Communications SOP

Following the previous major review of Communications over the last 5 months, the second part of the updated SOP which covers the control of joint fires has been approved and has been published.

concerns the following Communications procedures, updated to Version 3;

  • (P10-53) Artillery Control: Basics
  • (P10-176) Artillery Control: Terminology
  • (P10-179) Artillery Control: Call For Fire
  • (P10-166) Artillery Control: Adjusting Fire
  • (P10-170) Artillery Control: End of Mission
  • (P10-171) Artillery Control: Bracketing
  • (P10-172) Artillery Control: Examples
  • (P10-49) Air Control: Basics
  • (P10-162) Air Control: Aircraft Status/Check-In
  • (P10-164) Air Control: Situation Update
  • (P10-51) Air Control: Terminology
  • (P10-52) Air Control: CAS Target Designation
  • (P10-50) Air Control: CAS Requests
  • (P10-167) Air Control: CAS Attack Phase
  • (P10-168) Air Control: CAS End of Mission
  • (P10-169) Air Control: CAS Examples

The update has substantually improved our procedures in these areas, and practices will commence next week on these topics, and more frequently going forward to get everyone up to speed. A big thanks to SSG Skullcollector, Cpl Noah_Hero and 1Lt Jari of STG-11 for their great work and patience over the last 5 months.

You can find the updated SOP here



New ORBAT roles

Thanks to PFC Clarke for the images.


Fire Support Chief

Complimenting the Logistics Support Chief, the Fire Support Chief orchastrates indirect fires by organising the battery and it's canonneers and communicating with the forward observers.


Combat Journalist

With a new mod covering cameras and the ability to use splendid camera via UNITAB a dedicated role of Combat Journalist.



The up-to-date mod requests and under-testing list can be found here https://unitedtaskforce.net/operations/mods/pending if you have made a request and it has not been mentioned below, check this page for an update on the request status if it has not been approved it will be listed in the Denied/Dissapproval List section with a reason code.

  • Naval Legends APPROVED
  • Snowmobiles APPROVED
  • Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY APPROVED FOR TESTING
  • Hate's Digital Camera APPROVED
  • PSZ: Polish Armed Forces APPROVED FOR TESTING
  • Crows Zeus Additions APPROVED
  • Blastcore Murr Edition APPROVED
  • Gulfcoast Islands APPROVED
  • Fifty Shades of Female (formerly FEMAL3 Heads) APPROVED
  • AWESome - Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow APPROVED FOR TESTING
  • BackpackOnChest - Redux APPROVED FOR TESTING
  • ACE 3 Extension (Placeables) APPROVED
  • PSZ: Compatibility with ACE APPROVED FOR TESTING

Weapon overheating

In the ACE 3 update 3.14, some further changes were made to the Overheating Framework which we missed in our previous update, but have now tweaked.

  • Weapon overheating is now more prominent than before and functions have been added to cool your weapon using water in your inventory.
  • Hot weapons are less accurate and have a higher rate of fire but are more prone to jamming
  • Very hot weapons can cook-off (where a chambered round ignites due to heat rather than the hammer) causing discharge.
  • Spare barrels are now more useful and should be carried by Assistants to allow MGs to swap barrels as needed to sustain fire.

Intel notifications

A new discord channel called #intelligence will allow Campaign staff to broadcast their intel postings to discord.


To broadcast a piece of intel, navigate to the campaign center and click on the Bullhorn icon to send the ping. This can only be done for publically viewable intel.


Uptiering notifications

It's now possible to subscribe to up-tiering notifications on an ORBAT. This will ping you directly when each stage of the up-tiering window opens, this setting is specific to an ORBAT, so will only ping you for ORBATs you have subscribed to.

Clicking on the toggle ON/OFF will toggle the subscription.



The upcoming and currently live operations on the homepage will now display more detailed information, as well as being clickable.


Discord ping improvements

A number of Discord Pings have recieved updates.

  • MVP pings contain more information about a deployments overall rating and how it compares to other UNITAF deployments both from it's campaign and globally.
  • UP-tiering notifications now contain more information about the slots left on the deployment, and mention those with notifications enabled



Just finally, a big thank you to those supporting UNITAF on Patreon, your contributions are always appreciated - so thank you.


Major James
Commanding Officer

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