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TFCO MAJOR SITREP/16 - November/December 21

Wednesday 29 December 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer

Welcome to the final SITREP for 2021, it has been nearly two months since the last major SITREP, so while this is a bit of a bumper edition of sorts, we will follow up with a Minor SITREP around the middle of January, as there are a number of items we just couldn't roll out in time. If this is your first SITREP a very warm welcome to UNITAF - I hope you are enjoying your time here thus far. For those of you that are skipping this paragraph because it's not your first rodeo, I wish you a very happy holidays and into the new year, from all of UNISTAFF.

The SITREP is the primary communication detailing roadmap progression and changes to SOP - it contains key updates from the senior staff and from across the senior chain of command.


Firstly and in view of what you will read further down in this SITREP, a massive thanks goes to our Mission Support and Leadership teams for delivering some fantastic campaigns this year. We're a bit heavy on the Conventional War side at the moment and I have instructed staff not to accept any further campaign pitches of this type. That said, we are willing to accept proposals for COIN / Peacekeeping or similar to help bring balance to the schedule in the new year.


New Campaign Updates

Operation Poseidon
Summary: Throughout the last 10 years, the People’s republic of China has increasingly built up their military. At the same time they have also been expanding into the South China Sea. The US & Australia have recently been combating this threat with major exercises however, After the recent incident with PLAN Forces, it's time for more drastic action.

View full details on the Campaign Center https://unitedtaskforce.net/campaigns/portal/op-poseidon


Operation Everglade
Summary: Cold War, mostly ironsights without optics - to be announced shortly.


Existing Campaign Updates

Operation Sapphire
Sapphire was retired out in mid-December to allow for a map change, and is due to return shortly on it's new terrain.

Operation Parabole
Similar to Sapphire, Parabole is set to return with a new map shortly.

Changes to Recruit Fatigue and Slot Access

Effective immediately, (fatigue bonuses may take up to 36 hours to apply)

Over the course of this year, and since the introduction of the Tier and Fatigue systems, we've continued to review effects across the Task Force and what follows is the latest re-balance in that vein. Even if your not a Recruit, this change may impact you so it's worth reading.

Earlier this year we noticed that some recruits were ignoring Core Infantry and progressing tiers in other areas, which lead us to prevent Recruits from being able to achieve Tier II in any non-infantry area. This change was aimed at ensuring that recruits are not distracted by the lure of those areas until they have served a set period in entry level combat roles. This is vitally important because the majority (over 80%) of the entire slot supply is Infantry, and our Recruitment and Retention Marketing also reflects this, with Applicants being told specifically that the Unit is Infantry First, and not to apply if they dislike infantry roles.

This is a quite deliberate effort to deter applications from single interest applicants, who for example would only fly, or drive tanks and never deploy in other areas. Our data shows that the most successful applicants have 2-3 interests and we're looking ultimately for team players who'll be flexible to the teams needs, but still have their own interests. Partly, this is also about rewarding those that do have multi-interest approches.

To further this effort, we're going to continue to double down on this policy post application by making the following change;

  • Recruits no longer have access to Tier II (or greater) roles in any Combat Area, except for Core Infantry
  • This means Recruits;
    • can access T-0 and T-1 roles outside Core Infantry, via L Slots, having the Tier or via 1UP
    • can access any Tier Core Infantry role via having the requirement or through 1UP or 2UP


Above: Recruits will see the "Min Pvt" message on roles which they can't access as Recruits.

This update will go some way to reducing the time a Recruit spends in their probationary period by funnelling them into meeting the requirements required to progress, or, frankly giving up because the unit is not right for them - which to be clear - is OK.

To help Recruits, while we are taking away with one hand we are giving with another;

  • Recruits will no longer gain fatigue in Core Infantry, getting a 100% reduction in fatigue (only for Core Infantry roles) during their first month of active time in grade (0 ATIG).
  • During their second month of active time in grade, they'll get a 50% reduction in fatigue (only for Core Infantry roles) (1 ATIG)
  • Once they reach 2 ATIG, 2 months active time in grade, they will no longer get a fatigue bonus for Core Infantry Roles

This change is two sided, it will give Recruits priority access on release to Infantry roles, and will free up specialist roles for Regulars, at the same time it is intended to ease some of the complaints around the difficulty of slot access for new Recruits, easing them into our system of deployment. We will continue to monitor this closely and the resulting impact/behaviours on both Recruits and Regulars.

UNITAB Additional Feature Update for Intelligence Officers

Effective immediately

If you are the listed Intelligence Officer for a deployment, a role assigned to the Senior Game Master, you'll see a slightly altered UNITAB in future;


  • Reporter - opens the Splendid Camera
  • Admin - Opens the Admin Menu



  • Reload ORBAT - Hard reloads the full ORBAT, use if having multiple issues with loadouts or Zeus permissions
  • ENDEX - Runs the ENDEX script, desimulates all AI, heals all players, puts all weapons to safe
  • Get Zeus - Emergency Zeus recovery performant, never use promote Zeus modules.
  • Open Arsenal - Opens a full Arsenal for your Player.


CBA Settings

Effective immediately

Version 2412.21 was updated and released to STG-2 in December, a number of minor changes outlined below;

  • Ability to arrest armed players or suspects pre surrender
  • Minor increase to blood flow rates for IV lines
  • Removal of ACE Fire systems introduced in the ACE 3.14 update
  • Added versioning headers to setting files for easier tracking

If you have not updated your mission files, please ensure you do so, a version for AI Uncon has also been published.

A full mod review has taken place, and you can find approved mods here and pending approval / rejected mods here.

Effective immediately

I will highlight just a few notable mods;

  • Zulu Headless Client (ZHC) - to be tested, potential for performance improvements
  • grad_civs - to be tested on deployments pending adoption, a good candidate for Enduring Freedom

A number of mods have also been approved for the Upcoming Operation Poseidon (China) and Operation Everglade (Cold War).

November/December 21 Personnel Activity

With a few deployments still to go until the below data for December is finalised, the recovery in total attendance continues with just over 800 unique deployments in both November and December, the active force strength remains strong at 114 in November and down to 109 in December, with the next intakes planned for January 2022, this should continue to level out in the new year.


November/December 21 Operations Activity

November posted a joint record with May for deployments at 38, December a little quieter which was anticipated over the holiday period. There was a notible dip in overall mission ratings posted in December, down 5 points from the accepted average, it's also cerrelated with a minor nose dive in server performance ratings which will contribute somewhat to the overall figure.


Some work was done to address poor server performance reports in late December which we continue to monitor - In any case, some healthy data all around and nothing to be overly concerned with during this period.


A look back at 2021

When we get to this time of year, it's a good chance to reflect on the year, but to also cast back on previous years - to see just how far we've come.


Deployment activity

I feel this probably speaks for itself that we completed the same number of deployments last month (November, less 1) than the entire year of 2019. The number of deployments increased by 69% to 393. Well over the 1 per day average. Talking to the active force strength, annualised (this is the number of unqiue people deploying in the given year). Increasing at a similar rate to deployments, from just shy of 200 to just under 300 this year, what that does show is a % of total force members with a total membership less than 1 Year, or a higher turnover of Recruits as the force grows, which is expected and also under further investigation.


Slot supply

Where this gets really interesting, is when you factor in not only the huge increase in operations, but the increased size of them, resulting in a ramp even SP2 Bex wouldn't drive off. Again to use my prior comparison, we deployed 825 slots this November, which is more that the total deployed in the entire year of 2019 at 556. The number of slots deployed has increased 148% from 2020/2021, to over.. 9000.



Mission ratings

You know what they say, quality over quantity - and so it's important to not forget that. Even so, average mission ratings across the years are still overwhelmingly positive, and we recently passed the 90% average all time. While there are observable points of failure month to month, this shows that the application of corrections is overall effective.



You will have likely seen the UNISOCIAL announcement on Discord, which has already been deployed a few days ago - the video below outlines it in full, but a summary is below.

  • Other games moved from account settings to UNISOCIAL
  • Other games getting dedicated pages
  • Other game rally pings auto-create and remove voice channels with invites as part of the pings



As mentioned in the original update, we will build on these updates in the future.


Continual SOP Improvement Programmes

There are number of CSIP teams underway at this time, they are;

  • CSIP Medical: Full Review, expected Q1/Q2 2022
  • CSIP Leadership: Full Review, expected Q2 2022
  • CSIP Mission Support: To create and detail undocumented SOPs, ongoing
  • CSIP LOAC / CPERS: Minor updates to CI LOAC policies, expected Q1 2022

It has been a rather long 2 months since I did a proper updates and congratulated those of you promoted since the last SITREP, so it's a longer list than usual. The last few months saw two new entries to the COC, both Cpl Sean and Cpl Nico and some promotions up the chain for SSG Chelmy, SSG Aiedail, SFC Whitewolf and most notably MSG Zuka and 2Lt Korean Falction - congratulations.

Also notable, the batch of SP2 and SP3 promotions since the Rank Review of SITREP/14.

Rank Grade  
Second Lieutenant O-1 Korean Falcon
Master Sergeant E-8 Zuka
Sergeant First Class E-7 WhiteWolf
Staff Sergeant E-6 Aiedail
Staff Sergeant E-6 Chelmy
Corporal E-4 Sean-TheLeprechaun
Corporal E-4 Nico
Specialist 2nd Class E-5 Bex
Specialist 2nd Class E-5 Nomad
Specialist 2nd Class E-5 Deksterus
Specialist 3rd Class E-4 Edoardo
Specialist 3rd Class E-4 Wavan
Private First Class E-3 Prius
Private First Class E-3 B.Miller
Private First Class E-3 Tobiwan
Private First Class E-3 ryyszla
Private First Class E-3 Mectus
Private First Class E-3 Blackdragon
Private First Class E-3 Luke (Ret.)
Private First Class E-3 Yoi Blackkit
Private First Class E-3 Argo
Private First Class E-3 mtb
Private E-2 Rain Twister
Private E-2 Silderoy
Private E-2 Chris
Private E-2 Metters
Private E-2 Miksi
Private E-2 Johnson
Private E-2 Josh
Private E-2 T4l3
Private E-2 HybridRage
Private E-2 Meyer
Private E-2 Adshield
Private E-2 Ross
Private E-2 Rusky
Private E-2 DDavidson
Private E-2 Nickleby
Private E-2 Jenkins
Private E-2 Applechaser
Private E-2 Khan
Private E-2 H. Sarwat
Private E-2 Kat


Corporal, Assistant Section Commander Selection

Looking to contribute more to UNITAF, or for dedicated Leadership time?
Selection for Corporals will commence this week. If you have already put your name forward, you do not need to put it forward again, however it is worth checking with your COC that your name is still on the list.
Check Discord for the Specifics of the Selection in the announcements channel.
To apply, contact your Section Commander (SC) or Assistant Section Commander(s) (ASC) before the deadline date. Sending any text to support your application is optional, expressing interest is the only basal requirement.
Corporal/ASC is part of the ORGCOC
You can as always, direct questions to your COC.
- Good Luck.

Well if you thought the promotions list was long, wait till you see this one.

Congratulations to everyone for all your achievements this period. A couple I would like to point out is to the long-servers achieving the Long Service Medal 1 Year - it's fantastic to see.

Issue Medal Dated
SP3 Edoardo Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-12-29 01:31:41
PFC PMCRUGBY Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-12-29 01:31:41
SSG Scape Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-12-29 01:31:16
MSG Zuka Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-12-28 12:59:32
PFC Scotsy Wilderness Partnership Champion Award   2021-12-28 11:48:34
SSG Chelmy Prisoner of War Medal   2021-12-27 23:16:34
PFC ryyszla Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-12-27 23:14:23
Pvt Khan Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 23:11:00
SSG SkullCollector Recruiting Service Ribbon   2021-12-27 22:55:54
PFC Mectus Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
SSG SkullCollector Joint Service Achievement Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
SSG Aiedail Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
Pvt H. Sarwat Medal of Occupation   2021-12-27 22:55:03
MSG Dungworth Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-12-27 22:55:03
PFC PMCRUGBY Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
Pvt Minipily Recruiting Service Ribbon   2021-12-27 22:55:03
Pvt Minipily Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
SP3 Hrusi Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
SP3 Astreo Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
PFC ryyszla Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
Pvt Johnson Medal of Occupation with Bronze Oak Leaf 2021-12-27 22:55:03
Pvt Khan Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-12-27 22:55:03
1Lt Jari Field Exercise Service Medal with Silver Star 2021-12-08 23:43:29
1Lt Jari Professional Development Ribbon   2021-12-08 22:35:23
PFC mtb Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-12-08 22:34:11
Pvt Minipily Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-12-08 22:34:11
Cpl Sean-TheLeprechaun Darwin Award   2021-12-08 22:30:54
PFC Natlos Joint Service Achievement Medal   2021-12-08 22:29:58
PFC Natlos Medal of Occupation   2021-12-08 22:29:58
PFC Vyqe National Medal of the Arts   2021-11-26 00:12:17
Cpl Nico Support Operations Service Medal   2021-11-26 00:11:07
Cpl Shahid-e-Gomnam Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-11-26 00:08:42
PFC B.Miller Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-26 00:08:42
PFC B.Miller Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-11-26 00:08:42
SP3 Edoardo Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-11-26 00:08:42
Cpl Nico Field Exercise Service Medal   2021-11-26 00:08:42
SP3 Astreo Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-11-26 00:06:35
1Lt Jari Going for Gold Award   2021-11-26 00:04:38
Pvt Jenkins Medal of Occupation   2021-11-22 01:26:37
Pvt Khan Medal of Occupation with Bronze Oak Leaf 2021-11-22 01:25:14
PFC ryyszla Medal of Occupation with Bronze Oak Leaf 2021-11-22 01:24:55
Pvt Spectre Medal of Occupation   2021-11-22 01:23:48
SP3 Hrusi Space Command Medal   2021-11-22 01:18:51
Pvt Kat Space Command Medal   2021-11-22 01:18:51
PFC Mason Space Command Medal   2021-11-22 01:18:51
Maj James Support Operations Service Medal   2021-11-14 01:32:54
SP2 Deksterus Education Command Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:38:56
2Lt Korean Falcon Education Command Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:38:23
MSG Dungworth Education Command Medal   2021-11-07 23:37:15
Cpl LegacyStetson Education Command Medal   2021-11-07 23:37:15
2Lt Korean Falcon Field Exercise Service Medal with Silver Star 2021-11-07 23:36:47
SFC WhiteWolf Field Exercise Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:35:58
PFC Clarke Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:35:03
PFC Siberian Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:34:43
Cpl Nico Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:34:12
PFC Natlos Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:33:53
PFC Jeb Saur Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:33:25
SSG Aiedail Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-11-07 23:32:49
PFC Prius Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-07 23:23:19
PFC SuspiciousFox Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-07 23:23:19
Pvt T. Ashworth Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-11-07 23:23:19
PFC Taru Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-07 23:23:19
PFC Vyqe Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-07 23:23:19
PFC Blackdragon Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-07 23:23:19
PFC Lexsal Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-11-07 23:23:19
Cpl LegacyStetson Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-11-07 23:22:40
PFC Clarke Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-11-07 23:22:10
SP3 Ainz Ooal Gown Long Service Medal 1 Year 2021-11-07 23:21:38
SSG SkullCollector Field Exercise Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-10-31 22:51:47
Cpl William Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-10-31 22:51:25
SP3 Hrusi Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-10-31 22:50:55
Cpl Sean-TheLeprechaun Combat Operations Service Medal with Bronze Star 2021-10-31 22:50:25
PFC Scotsy Combat Operations Service Medal   2021-10-31 22:49:49
SP3 Mohawk Medal of Occupation with Bronze Oak Leaf 2021-10-29 23:19:25
Cpl Dreolic Joint Service Achievement Medal   2021-10-29 23:18:14

Update on works in progress

The eagle eyed among you will note the absense of a few items, so let me update you on those.


Automatic JFTL Assignment

Expected on MINOR SITREP, mid Jan 2022. Will automate the assignment of Junior Fire Team Leaders from non-NCOs during the pre-slotting stage.


Lesson Plans

Will bring central lesson plans database to the site, with approvals and versioning process, going through final stages of development.


Master After Action Reports

Expected January 22, either in the Minor or Major SITREP, further changes are expected to AARs as part of this update.



  • BUG PATCH Combat fatigue applied to future deployments unintentionally has been removed, and will take effect on the next daily update for each dossier.
  • T1494: Staged update for upcoming SITREP with fatigue and recruit changes
  • T1515: Started detailed tracking of ORBAT / OPORD and Campaign Center viewing
  • T1506: Added new functions to support Mod Center request processing
  • T1278: Rolled out PAR Medal Detail Module as outlined in hq-announcements
  • T1526: updated formulas for bugs reported in MYCOC2.0 - Promotions Report Good Conduct %
  • T1510: When UNISOCIAL games are rallied, automatically create a temporary voice channel and place the invite in the ping
  • T1523: Added a warning when a user is viewing an ORBAT for a campaign in which a campaign OPORD exists, but they have not read it yet
  • T1527: Security fixes for other game pings
  • T1473: UNISOCIAL modules roll-out and removal of OG modules in account settings
  • T1508: Added the ability to add other games to UNISOCIAL to all users
  • T1533: Fixed issue with Privates- accessing loadout viewers in the Roles Center
  • T1358: Linked Fatigue SAL Policy to Fatigue data in Dossier Progression
  • T1521: Recruit Tier Updates pre-SITREP
  • T1465: Recruit UP Tiering Updates pre-SITREP


Please ensure that your After Action Reports are constructive, we'll be releasing a policy with further guidance along with the MAAR update.



Well, it's been a big year for UNITAF and with the announcement of Enfusion earlier this year and it's encouraging updates, next year could well prove to be even better.


See you in the field soon.

Major James
Commanding Officer

Maj James
Capt Korean Falcon
Capt Jari
1Lt WhiteWolf
2Lt Zuka
MSG Aiedail
MSG Crossy
SSG mbaker5114
SSG Kevin
Sgt Mohawk
Sgt Jenkins
Sgt Vyqe
Sgt Hrusi
Sgt Jochem
Sgt Johnson
Cpl Mason (Ret.)
Cpl Bond
SPC Nomad
SPC SkullCollector
SPC Mattjamco
SPC Deksterus
SPC William
SPC Johannes
SP1 Lexsal
SP1 Dreolic
SP1 Wavan
SP1 Edoardo
SP1 Tony
SP1 Fowlds
SP1 Applechaser
SP1 Fire Hawk
SP1 Aynzerwulv
SP1 Hotspur (Ret.)
SP2 mtb
SP2 Yoi Blackkit
SP2 Sean
SP2 Taru
SP2 B.Miller
SP2 LegacyStetson
SP2 Nico
SP2 Dungworth (Ret.)
SP2 Chelmy (Ret.)
SP2 Bex (Ret.)
SP2 Minipily
SP2 Bomer
SP2 Khan (Ret.)
SP2 Omni
SP3 Scape
SP3 BlueWolf
SP3 Natlos (Ret.)
SP3 Flubber Dubber
SP3 Noah_Hero
SP3 Clarke
SP3 Jeb Saur
SP3 Argo
SP3 C.Angels
SP3 Astreo
SP3 Rusky
SP3 Felix
SP3 Miksi
SP3 Adshield
SP3 Scotsy (Ret.)
SP3 SuspiciousFox
SP3 Shahid-e-Gomnam
PFC Murk
PFC Sharkhus (Ret.)
PFC ryyszla
PFC Luke
PFC H. Sarwat
PFC Mectus (Ret.)
PFC Ghost
PFC HybridRage
PFC Blackdragon
PFC Shambala
PFC Cross (Ret.)
PFC Squido
PFC Pete (Ret.)
PFC Siberian
PFC Ross (Ret.)
PFC BigRed (Ret.)
PFC Spectre
PFC Tim (Ret.)
PFC Tobiwan
PFC Matthias
Pvt TeddyOregeno
Pvt ambi
Pvt Vincent
Pvt JaSmAn (Ret.)
Pvt EgyMau
Pvt Milfner
Pvt Strange
Pvt BigPoppa
Pvt T4l3
Pvt donte
Pvt Chris
Pvt Norseman (Ret.)
Pvt Silderoy
Pvt Brenwen
Pvt Rain Twister
Pvt Meyer
Pvt Kyoptic
Rec Linus K.
Rec Lomik
Rec GleepZorp
Rec Busterguy
Rec Aleyboy
Rec Henderson
Rec Quad
Rec Hammer
Rec Unfriendlyghost
Rec GrowlWolf
Rec germex
CDT Bishop
App ShadOw
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