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The 2022 UNITAF Annual Survey

Wednesday 29 December 2021


Major James

Commanding Officer

For the Third Year this year, we'll be running the UNITAF Annual Survey.

The Survey runs each year from the 1st of January to the 31st January. The Survey is the only direct feedback the organisation collates outside of AARs and Suggestions and the Chain of Command itself.

UNITAF has a strong platform of feedback analysis, with over 10,000 After Action Reports submitted comprising of over 1,250 A4 pages of feedback. Alongside the chain of command feedback channel, this will be our third annual survey. We want to understand how you feel about the ongoing development of United Task Force. 
This is an opportunity to feedback directly to the headquarters, top-level non-mission specific feedback and ideas to be considered for the 2022 period.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

The closing date for submissions is 23:59 UTC on Monday January 31st 2022.

Please note: 

  • This is not mandatory
  • The survey is not anonymous and you must submit a valid UNITAF ID in your submission
  • if duplicate submissions are recieved for the same person, you will be contacted by a member of UNISTAFF
  • unresolved identity issues with a survey result entry will result in it being destroyed - meaning it wont be considered
  • only members of UNISTAFF will see the individual entries of the survey, that is myself, Capt Kevin and 1Lt Jari.

Click here to take part.

Thank you.

Major James
Commanding Officer

Maj James
Capt Jari
Capt Korean Falcon
1Lt WhiteWolf
2Lt Zuka
MSG Crossy
MSG Aiedail
SSG Kevin
Sgt Mohawk
Sgt Jenkins
Sgt Jochem
Sgt Kerry
Sgt Hrusi
Sgt Vyqe
Sgt Johnson
Cpl Bond
Cpl Mason (Ret.)
SPC Nomad
SPC SkullCollector
SPC Mattjamco
SPC Deksterus
SPC William
SPC Johannes
SP1 Wavan
SP1 Edoardo
SP1 Hotspur (Ret.)
SP1 Lexsal
SP1 Fire Hawk
SP1 Aynzerwulv
SP1 Tony
SP1 Fowlds
SP1 Applechaser
SP1 Dreolic
SP2 Sean
SP2 B.Miller
SP2 LegacyStetson
SP2 Dungworth (Ret.)
SP2 Khan (Ret.)
SP2 Chelmy (Ret.)
SP2 mtb
SP2 Omni
SP2 Bex (Ret.)
SP2 Bomer
SP2 Yoi Blackkit
SP2 Minipily
SP2 Taru
SP2 Nico
SP3 Flubber Dubber
SP3 C.Angels
SP3 Noah_Hero
SP3 Clarke
SP3 Scotsy (Ret.)
SP3 BlueWolf
SP3 cjmUK
SP3 Astreo
SP3 Natlos (Ret.)
SP3 Rusky
SP3 Miksi
SP3 SuspiciousFox
SP3 Adshield
SP3 Jeb Saur
SP3 Argo
SP3 Shahid-e-Gomnam
SP3 Scape
SP3 Felix
PFC Blackdragon
PFC Luke
PFC Murk
PFC Squido
PFC H. Sarwat
PFC BigRed (Ret.)
PFC Mectus (Ret.)
PFC Siberian
PFC Ross (Ret.)
PFC Spectre
PFC Tobiwan
PFC HybridRage
PFC ryyszla
PFC Cross (Ret.)
PFC Limelight
PFC Sack
PFC Pete (Ret.)
PFC Ghost
PFC TheNightstalk3r
PFC Tim (Ret.)
PFC Matthias
PFC Sharkhus (Ret.)
Pvt donte
Pvt DDavidson
Pvt Brenwen
Pvt JaSmAn (Ret.)
Pvt Maslank
Pvt Strange
Pvt Vincent
Pvt EgyMau
Pvt Meyer
Pvt BigPoppa
Pvt Kyoptic
Pvt Norseman (Ret.)
Pvt TeddyOregeno
Pvt Silderoy
Pvt Chris
Pvt ambi
Pvt Rain Twister
Pvt T4l3
Pvt riccardi48
Rec Linus K.
Rec Lomik
Rec Aaron53
Rec Quad
Rec Unfriendlyghost
Rec Cobra
Rec Aleyboy
Rec Henderson
Rec GleepZorp
Rec GrowlWolf
Rec Hammer
Rec Larsimore
Rec Turtalia
Rec Busterguy
App ShadOw
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