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TFCO MINOR SITREP/17 - January 22

Saturday 22 January 2022


Major James

Commanding Officer

Welcome all to the latest minor SITREP, and indeed the first of many in 2022. The SITREP is the primary communication detailing roadmap progression and changes to SOP - it contains key updates from the senior staff and from across the senior chain of command.

At least in this addition, the minor SITREP will recap on detailed changes since the last Major sitrep (in case you missed them) as well as give some indication of whats on the horizon, wheras the Major sitreps will be where we implement the most change.


Server Issues / New Server

During November December, I noted the performance issues, and of well over 700 deployments I recall cancelling only 3 in the last 3 years to server issues, one of those was recently on Operation Polaris. We continue to make adjustments on this front more conservatively to optimise performance but with a focus on stability. All deployments from this SITREP will also take place on the new hardware which has a better CPU and core count than our 2020-2021 hardware.


Below are a number of updates from our ongoing Continual Standard Operating Procedure Improvement Programmes (CSIPs)


CSIP Core Infantry

concerns the following Core Infantry procedures;

  • (P3-184) Weapon control statuses - updated to version 3
    • split out from LOAC, updated and better defined usage on weapons states (red/orange/green)
    • Effective immediately
  • (P3-9) Rules of engagement and the law of armed conflict - updated to version 3
    • expanded with detail
    • Effective immediately
  • (P3-155) Captured persons (CPERS) - updated to version 3
    • expanded with detail and more procedures.
    • Effective immediately
  • (P3-181) Movement: Peel - updated to version 2
    • This new movement technique has been introduced and specified
    • More FTXs will be scheduled to drill this in completely.
    • This will be added to recruit training
    • Effective immediately
Core Infantry SOP Updates apply to everyone, you must read it.

Many thanks to Pvt Minipily and Pvt Johnson working in the LOAC/CPERS CSIP and SFC Skullcollector for Movement.


Leadership CSIP Update

You'll see a number of trial ORBATs in the schedule with varying Squad sizes, as you'll know our default Squad is 15 men, and you'll see a variance between 9 and 15 man squads as part of the CSIP trials.


Medical CSIP Update

You'll see some trial ORBATs without Squad Medics, and the usage of Combat Medical Teams on platoon ORBATs, this is part of CSIP testing.

Updated to version 2201.22 Effective immediately

  1. Disabled retrieval of GPS from UNITAB for all deployments
  2. Prevented convertion of FAKs to ACE medical items, to counter duplication bug
  3. Balancing for weapon overheating due to ACE update allowing suppressor coefficient
  4. GRAD trenches settings re-added


GRAD Trenches

Trenches dug with the Entrenching tool now return to GRAD trenches. Effective immediately

- Camouflage your trench with small bushes
- New trenches to place
- Short trench to quickly provide cover for 1-2 soldiers
- New digging sound effects and visual effects

  • Map - Kujari has been approved
  • GRAD Tranches has been re-approved


Annual Survey Reminder

If you have not already, please be reminded that the Annual Survey will stop accepting Subissions on 23:59 UTC on Monday January 31st 2022. 
If you have not submitted now is the time to do so: https://unitedtaskforce.net/communications/topic/82

I would add a massive thank you to those who have already done so, we have had exceptional uptake from the total force this year, and we'll circle back to talk about the results over the coming months.


4 Troop

As you'll know, we are preparing to open 4 Troop to support our future growth, which will take place within the next month or so. Selections for all roles related to it's formation are ongoing.


Role Certification System

As announced in TAFFCAST 10, the Role Certification System (RCS) will be launched in the next SITREP;

  • If you missed it, you can listen to TAFFCAST here
  • If you are looking for a summary of RCS you can find it here

What I can tell you is that on launch, the RCS will start with the Radio Operator Certification, and then shortly after all other Communications roles.

  • The current version of the RTO Certification can be found here this will give you an idea of what role abilities look like.

Shortly after Communications roles are introduced, Leadership, Aircrew and Marksmanship will follow. More updates on this as they come, but do expect changes as this is in-development.


Schedule Conflict Management

It's now possible to control schedule conflicts by preventing deployments on overlapping ORBATs or re-runs. On ORBATs that have schedule conflicts, you'll get a warning an link to any conflicting ORBATs - this will open up more creative opportunities for the schedule.

If you are deployed on one of them, you'll be prevented from deploying on the other, and be shown a warning.


Updated Active Personnel Chart

The active personnel chart has been updated to include a new section for Support Staff. This is designed to make it easier to know who to contact if you'd like to get involved in some of the support teams, such as mission making or training and SOP.
This lists the key personnel who are active in those areas and sits just under the active force chart.


SOP Change Request Notifications

When SOP change requests are approved, notifications will now be sent to the relevant J6 channel to notify the requestor and other interested personnel about the change and it's detail


SOP Viewing Statistics

We've now extended the SOP viewing statistics to show not only the total number of views, but how many members of the Active Force have verifiably read the SOP.
There is the possibility that they have read the SOP while logged out, so this figure should be perceived as a worst case scenario in any case.


ORBAT Viewing Statistics

We've also extended viewing statistics to ORBATs, which in the key information section will show the total number of views and how many unqiue active force members have viewed the ORBAT.


Operations and Campaign Orders Viewing Statistics

Again, similar data for the viewing of Operations Orders (OPORDS) and Campaign Briefings can be found in the toolbar. This is to better help us understand how the are used.



You can now filter by owned games only


Active rallies are shown with Discord Voice links.


Campaign Specific Media

While this existed before, it was not working. But it is now fixed and possible to access all media for an entire campaign by going to the Campaign Center, Media tab. This draws screenshots from all Dossiers where the user uploaded the image to an ORBAT from said campaign.


Campaign Center Nationality Flags

Added the nationality of the Campaigns Factions to the Campaign Center and Operations Schedule, each campaign can now have mutliple flags.


UNISTATS / Campaign Center Statistical Updates

The Campaign Center has been overhauled with new statistics, starting with a full breakdon on the last 6 months of operations by type, and upcoming. As well as for the first time, a full breakdown of Campaign Statistics by Rating, Performance, Slots Deployed and Hours

There is also a full breakdown of Roles and Slots by area all-time and upcoming.


We have also dded an interactive / live visualization of the all-time combat operations size/rating scatter graph to UNISTATS which shows every combat operation as a single point in time, with trend lines for size and ratings.


You can find a persional version of this chart in your Dossier Account page, or via Dossier management for ORGCOC.


Dossier Management

Messages sent automatically by the bot are now logged and viewable in dossier management


Ability to Global Search for Campaigns, Roles and Communications

The Campaign Center, Roles Center and Comms Center have been added to global search.


T1556: Fixed an issue where some images would bleed over SOP/Comms topic borders
T1553: Added a key contacts chart to the Active Personnel Chart for J teams / staff
T1184: Mods can now be copied from any unique modset rather than the last ~20 deployments via search
T1554: Updates to SOP Change Requests for easier processing
T1550: You can now filter by owned games and sort via A-Z, by default it's ordered by most recently pinged/popular 
T1544: Active rallies are now shown on UNISOCIAL with Discord Voice Invites
T1551: Show the player count below the name in UNISOCIAL, as you can’t see it if the user has it toggled off
T1557: Some games with short names will now create voice channels as such, e.g. UNISOCIAL-DCS
T1558: Reduced the clean-up time for rally channels to just under 3 hours
T1559/T1538: Viewing analytics added for ORBATs, OPORDs and Campaign OPORDs
T1560: The size of a deployments DLC/Mod overhead is now split instead of combined
T1538: Extended the SOP viewing statistics to show not only the total number of views, but how many members of the Active Force have verifiably read the SOP. There is the possibility that they have read the SOP while logged out, so this figure should be perceived as a worst case scenario in any case.
T1452: BUGFIX Fixed an issue whereby accessing the Media Tab of a Campaign on the Campaign Centre, would not show all images from that campaign.
T1561: Added Campaign Nationality Flags to Campaign Center / Ops Center, now allows multiple nations
T1565: Added a link to Debrief SOP in AAR pings
T1564: Various QOL, permissions and automations for the Recruiting Office
T1568: Fixed an issue where the media tab on the campaign center would not work
T1575 / T1026 / T1570 / T1571: You can now see full Campaign Statistics Breakdown, by Rating, Performance, Slots Deployed, Hours on the Campaign Center Statistics Page. https://unitedtaskforce.net/campaigns/statistics 
T1334: You can now view your Deployment History over time and your averaged AARs by month on your account settings page, ORGCOC members you can find this for people in your Troop and Section in Dossier Management too, helping to spot trends.
T1574: If a deployment has no images uploaded yet, added a link to the campaign media page
T1578: Stopped pinging the person who's been MA'd in utfn-activity-log as they are Direct Messaged as well
T1587: Added a UNIBOT message log to Dossier Management so ORGCOC can see what messages have been sent via the DM BOT
T1584: Added an interactive / live version of the all-time combat operations size/rating scatter graph to UNISTATS https://unitedtaskforce.net/campaigns/statistics
T1585: Switched the personal (dossier management / account settings) scatter graph from a line chart that shows personal deployment and rating trends.
T1588: Misc: Improved formatting of COC Report and After Practice Reports in dossier management / account management
T1591: Minor changes to ATIU and ATIG formulas for fringe cases
T187: You can now deploy as a Reserve after ORBAT lock, up to the maximum number of reserves
T1404 / T1503: Manual Assignments can now be made for any role post ORBAT lock (or after STARTEX but before ENDEX) from the reserves list
T1594: The bot message log relevant to you can now be found in account settings
T1597: You can no longer delete non-vacant slots, or units with filled slots from the ORBAT editor, a warning will be displayed
T1602: Prevented the Generation of new units on the ORBAT editor after ORBAT lock
T1600: UNIBOT sends a direct message now when a user is a reported as not showing up, so they are informed about the process.
T1607: You can no longer change the ORBAT release time after a deployment is approved 
T1604: Reserve slots now are locked until general release, and open on general release automatically
T1176: When two deployments conflict either on the same day with overlapping times (or if they are different runs of the same deployment) you'll be given a schedule conflict notification, and the ORBAT will not allow you to deploy to both ORBATs
T1610: Reserves are now ordered by time slotted instead of rank, since this should be the preference order
T1618: Fixed an issue whereby not owning a DLC failed to prevent slotting on an ORBAT requiring that DLC





Major James
Commanding Officer

Maj James
Capt Jari
Capt Korean Falcon
1Lt WhiteWolf
2Lt Zuka
MSG Crossy
MSG Aiedail
SSG Kevin
SSG mbaker5114
Sgt Johnson
Sgt Hrusi
Sgt Grezvany13
Sgt Vyqe
Sgt Jenkins
Sgt Mohawk
Sgt Jochem
Cpl Mason (Ret.)
Cpl Bond
SPC Nomad
SPC Johannes
SPC William
SPC Mattjamco
SPC SkullCollector
SPC Deksterus
SP1 Hotspur (Ret.)
SP1 Fowlds
SP1 Dreolic
SP1 Wavan
SP1 Fire Hawk
SP1 Aynzerwulv
SP1 Tony
SP1 Lexsal
SP1 Applechaser
SP1 Edoardo
SP2 LegacyStetson
SP2 Dungworth (Ret.)
SP2 mtb
SP2 Yoi Blackkit
SP2 Minipily
SP2 Omni
SP2 Taru
SP2 Bex (Ret.)
SP2 Khan (Ret.)
SP2 B.Miller
SP2 Nico
SP2 Chelmy (Ret.)
SP2 Bomer
SP2 Sean
SP3 Clarke
SP3 SuspiciousFox
SP3 Shahid-e-Gomnam
SP3 cjmUK
SP3 Rusky
SP3 Felix
SP3 Astreo
SP3 Miksi
SP3 Flubber Dubber
SP3 Adshield
SP3 Noah_Hero
SP3 Jeb Saur
SP3 Argo
SP3 BlueWolf
SP3 Bossatron
SP3 Natlos (Ret.)
SP3 Scape
SP3 Scotsy (Ret.)
SP3 STORM (Ret.)
SP3 C.Angels
PFC Siberian
PFC BigRed (Ret.)
PFC Ross (Ret.)
PFC Murk
PFC Spectre
PFC Matthias
PFC Sharkhus (Ret.)
PFC Blackdragon
PFC Cross (Ret.)
PFC Ghost
PFC HybridRage
PFC Tim (Ret.)
PFC ryyszla
PFC H. Sarwat
PFC Painchiller
PFC Luke
PFC Squido
Pvt Meyer
Pvt ambi
Pvt Kyoptic
Pvt Chris
Pvt KovalSix
Pvt TeddyOregeno
Pvt Brenwen
Pvt Magni
Pvt Silderoy
Pvt JaSmAn (Ret.)
Pvt Rain Twister
Pvt donte
Pvt Norseman (Ret.)
Pvt DDavidson
Pvt EgyMau
Pvt BigPoppa
Pvt Vincent
Rec Mitch
Rec Patrick
Rec GrowlWolf
Rec Rick
Rec Hammer
Rec GleepZorp
Rec Aleyboy
Rec Achilles
Rec Henderson
Rec Quad
Rec Lomik
Rec JamesMay
Rec Larsimore
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