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P15-186 Policy and Procedure Management

Tuesday 15 March 2022


Major James

Commanding Officer

Before we come to our next SITREP I want to introduce a new feature that all Regulars can utilise, effective immediately. One of the things I'll touch on in my SITREP are some reasons that we're not able to get updates deployed quicker - a big part of that is the complex management of standard operating procedures.

SOP is a really important part of the unit but by limiting the collaboration of SOP to a very small number of people means that we've been unable to deploy continual improvement principles in this area resulting in a huge list of agreed changes, but no pen to paper - even more so post-COVID-19. P15-186 is a SOP about SOPs and it's here to change that.

From today, all those of the rank of Private or higher have access to the SOP Portal, which allows the suggestion of improvements to SOP, and when authorised the ability to make those edits and submit them for review and approval. This is effectively crowdsourcing but with authorisation at a command level and very shortly similar updates will be deployed covering other areas such as loadouts. So if this is something that intrests you, please check out how you can help, and use the j6-training-and-sop channel if you have any questions.


All the relevant information and detail about these changes can be found in P15-186 Policy and Procedure Management which is our new policy covering;

  • What SOP is and why it exists
  • The SOP creation process
  • How to use the SOP portal
  • How to write effective SOP


A video that also covers these changes in a little more detail than the above link, but visually can be found below.

Finally, as I mentioned don't hesitate if you're interested in getting involved in this area (J6) by letting us know in the J6 channels, or by contacting some of the key staff in J6, per the roster.



Major James
Commanding Officer

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