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Version 4 - P15-154 Policy: Promotions and Selections

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Major James

Commanding Officer

Unit Policy Update Notification

Policy: P15-154 Policy: Promotions and Selections
Version: 4

Scope of change: 

A policy clause has been approved for direct entry applications to selection boards.

Purpose of change:

The purpose of the change is to reflect the long term comittment of contributing members of the Chain of Command and to permit them to enter directly to senior positions via applications to selection boards without starting again. For example on re-activation, exiting of retirement or other activity related circumstance.

Updated Policy:

Whereby a person has previously held a position in the Chain of Command but who may have since Retired or returned to the Enlisted force they may apply directly to any position to which;

  • they meet the Minimum Selection Requirement
  • to any position lower than or equal to the position in which they meet the requirements for
  • to any position to which they have previously achieved an established rank promotion

Candidates applying via direct-entry are treated equally during a selection board and their dossier history shall be taken into account during the selection process.

Link to updated policy:
Date ratified: Monday, 5th December 2022

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