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Communications Strategy Update

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Major James

Commanding Officer

For nearly 4 years, we've communicated typically on a monthly basis in two main forms - firstly via SITREPs - written updates and typically quite bulky breakdowns of future plans. Then, two years or so ago we added TAFFCAST to that mix, filling the gap of expanding on those plans and changes in greater detail.

These communciations take a lot of time to produce and this year we've all had a lot less time on our hands, so something had to give. Once thing we've not been doing as well this year is communicating some of the great work that has been going on behind the scenes and some decisions we've made along the way. So, that is something that we're changing today.


Our new communications strategy

You will have seen the latest update to the website has overhauled the new Updates Center, this is part of our unit wide new strategy to move away from irregular, bulky updates - to frequent, more focussed updates. What this means is you'll be hearing from us more frequently with specific updates.

The SITREP as you know it has been retired and in future the updates we issue will be specific and you can see that in the way the new Updates Center is layed out. Some updates will ping you and require Acknowledgement and others won't.

This strategy will allow us to focus on development as we issue and push updates as they are ready - instead of waiting for major updates.



Filling the void

While TAFFCAST is well recieved it is very long at roughly 2.5 hours. People do appreciate the ability to ask questions and while there is a place for long form content from time to time, today, the branding geniuses here at UNITAF are announing a new initative called:

This will be a regular town-hall style voice channel gathering held prior to HQ meetings which run every other Wednesday, it will be held in a regular voice channel and will last exactly 22 minutes. The event will alternate between unit-wide sessions and ORGCOC sessions and therefore will happen unit-wide roughly every month.


The event is moderated and will follow this rough outline;

  • 2 minute introduction from a moderator
  • 4 minute update from UNISTAFF
  • 16 minutes Commanding Officer Q&A
    • 1-minute maximum per question and response
    • one follow-up question and response to the same 1-minute time limit


Questions can be submitted in advance using the new /ask command from any channel and the questions are banked in a hidden channel organised by J2 Communications Staff and will be tackled at the next session.

Recordings will be posted to the Updates Center and to our Spotify channels.
As usual, you'll be able to see upcoming events via Discord and the Operations Center.


What's next

We've got some Roadmap specific updates coming very soon as well as a round up on some of the latest developments which may have gone under the radar, so don't forget to submit your burning questions using /ask

I hope to see you there.

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