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Summer/Autumn Development Recap (2022)

Tuesday 13 December 2022


Major James

Commanding Officer

This is a summarised Change Log and Recap of Developments to unitedtaskforce.net from April to December 2022.

It's designed for those getting up to speed with changes during reactivation.
Up to date change logs and all the latest can be found in the history of the utfn-change-log discord channel.


Thank you to contributing editors for J2 Communications for their work on this consolidation.

  • PFC CjmUK
  • SP3 mtb
  • 1Lt Korean Falcon
  • Capt Jari
  • PFC Kerry
  • Pvt minilurk123
  • Sgt mbaker5114


Change Log

T1203: The achievement date of all Tier completions is now shown in the practice record views


T1617: MA requests can now be approved without transferring the Field Leader away post ORBAT lock.


T1666: Deployment specific Plan Ops tactical maps can be added via the 'Edit Operation' view by the Field Leader using view only PLANOPS URLs, once added, provided the OPORD is published a new 'Maps' tab on the Operation sidebar will allow easy access to the Plan Ops map for said deployment for all on the ORBAT.


T1683: ORBAT views for past / locked ORBATs changed to more closely resemble open ORBAT designs, Vacant slots will now continue to show on locked / past ORBATs.


  • T1694: Added auto-reminders for FL/IO and Server Administrators when deployments are approved
  • T1698: Added cancellation interception modals to ORBATs with messages regarding the new CNP penalties
  • T1699: Functions enabled to start tracking time on ORBAT
  • T1703: Bugfix for Anniversary Ping formatting
  • T1706: Added support for combat fatigue global multipliers
  • T1707: Added j3-mission-making and associated web views
  • T1709: Added ability for custom bot messages
  • T1712: Added support to remove deployments from the approval queue
  • T1714: Added #reinduction-chat and support for reinduction candidates and RRO, J1 groups /removed Officers ping (moved App pings to #deleted-channel)


T1716: No-showed users will now show in the MA assignment list for Field Leaders, to allow them to be re-assigned if they turn up after their slot is forfeited. Users assigned to new slots from no-shows will not be reported as no-shows on ENDEX, but should be marked as late accordingly


  • T1717: Added FL/IO/SA user change notifications for deployments
  • T1720: AAR Status on Past ORBATs has been re-added to new layout.
  • T1721: Added "Next deployment" to MYCOC 2.0 Activity Reports + full reformatting of data in MYCOC 2.0 Activity Report for readability


T1724: Added a master ping switch (do not disturb mode) to UNISOCIAL to allow disabling of pings across all rallies without needing to unsubscribe from all games.


  • T1729: Corrected table date sorting for reports in MYCOC2.0 & Dossier Management for created and updated date sorting
  • T1733: Bugfix for removing manual assignment requests automatically when operations or ORBATs are wiped or overwritten with templates
  • T1734: Deployment Intelligence Officers (OPORD Access / UNITAB Access) can now be granted to PFC (E-3) or greater, rather than Corporal (E-4) or greater
  • T1736: The max lock time for ORBATs is now 3 hours
  • T1737: Tier and Fatigue updates now run twice daily
  • T1739: CNP Implementation Update: If a no-show is reported before a deployments official start time, a reprimand is no longer automatically issued, these are only issued when no-shows are reported after the official start time. Notifications have been updated also to reflect the change.
  • T1741: Global fatigue values on practice records are now correctly broken down into reprimand, late cancellation and late arrival


T1742: SP1 William Added the ability to change the homepage background between the default video loops and random images from campaign media uploads via account settings.


T1743: When the Operation Images homepage setting is enabled in account settings, the link to the image, author and deployment are credited in the bottom left.


T1744: Initial platform support, schedule now shows the platform that the deployment takes place on, deployment scheduler has support for platform selection

T1750: The ability for Field Leaders to change schedule and release dates for pre-approval deployments via the 'Edit Operation' view, the Release time edit option is now removed from the Edit ORBAT view.


T1751: Ops Scheduling - Cover Images once selected should be indicated in the same selector, the requirement to specify a deployment map is removed

T1752: The campaign of a deployment can be changed after creation by the Field Leader, so long as the deployment has not been approved as that the target campaign is active.


T1753: When selecting loadouts for a deployment, only loadout sets approved for the specific campaign the deployment is assigned to will now appear for selection.


T1754: Campaign Centre Loadout Database For ease, loadouts used and their factions for specific campaigns can be found on the Campaign Centre on a new tab called 'Loadouts' - like the Roles Centre, this allows easy access to loadouts for change requests, however it allows viewing entire Factions at once, as per the Campaigns assigned factions list.


T1748: When cancelling a deployment as a reserve, the CNP prompt will indicate that there is no penalty

T1755: Roles Centre, new roles have been added Assistant Machine Gunner, Heavy Assistant AT Specialist, Heavy Ammo Bearer


T1757: Added an exception warning when a slot is taken from a user while their deployment request is being processed by the server. This usually happens when two requests are processed at the same time, the ORBAT will correctly show an error, instead of a success message.


T1758: Updates to ORBAT Pre-set Groups

  • Changed: 2nd Fireteam pre-set leadership positions will now generate Junior Team Leaders by default
  • Added: Combat Medical Team


T1759: Pre-slot period automation:

  • Pre-slotting periods (24 hours prior to release) are now released automatically by UTFN and pinged 24 hours prior to the approved release time in #hq-announcements.
  • Please ensure any MAs required, including JFTLs are complete prior to T-24h to release, otherwise these slots may be left vacant on release.


T1760: Overdue check-in dates in MYCOC now produce notifications


T1761: BUGFIX: Fixes an issue where no-show reprimands are raised for personnel who attended in alternative slots. No-shows reported via the ORBAT editor no longer issue immediate reprimands. Reported no-shows will notify personnel that a no-show has been reported instead, on ENDEX the server will search for reported no-shows who did not attend the deployment in an alternative slot and where the no-show was reported after STARTEX, it will then automatically raise no-shows on ENDEX for these circumstances. This does not affect CNP penalties and is not a change of policy, mechanics are the same as the published CNP.


T1762: The deployment centre will indicate on the main view if a deployment with vacant slots (normally green deploy button) conflicts with a deployment you are already signed up for, and the deploy button will change to a conflict button.


T1764: Added the ability for Regulars, Recruits & Reserves to view breakdown of CNP penalties in Account Settings and for JNCOs/NCOs/SNCOs via Manage Dossier. Supports CNP LAP and CNP LCP, shows issue and expiry date. NSP to follow, contact your COC if you find issues or bugs through tracking the detail of CNP.


T1765: AAR breakdowns for both operations and practices have been re-added to Account Management (self) and Dossier Management (COC), an AAR must be opened to see the full breakdown/more information. The updated views are deployed across all relevant AAR sections, such as ENDEX ORBATs views for relevant OPCOC Leaders.



T1766: CNP BUGFIX - Account/Dossier management, fixed an issue where CNP penalties were lumped together on a single line not correctly displayed per deployment - Fixed an issue where a no-showed user would not correctly be issued with LCP, this may issue some backdated CNP LCP.


T1767: Added roster view navigation and jump to commands


T1768: Fixed a high CPU process leak causing issues on ORBAT releases, performance should be notably improved.

T1769: Added a Campaign Team module to the Campaign Centre to show the official CT Roster and other contributing Intelligence Officers and Field Leaders.


T1770: CNP Bugfix Fixed a reported issue where, when cancelling a deployment within the 24-hour CNP window, the issued penalty would include time spent as a reserve on the same deployment in the total penalty when redeploying from reserves to a new slot and then cancelling within 24 hours of the deployment time. The correct penalty is based on time on the ORBAT not as reserve. This fix does not backdate, so if you have issued penalties matching this description you'll need to speak to your COC, but is fixed moving forward.


T1771: Updated formatting of Loadouts in the Loadout Viewer, added missing class names for Everglade - split other items into logical columns.


T1772: Added the ability to quick switch between Roles and Factions when viewing loadouts.


T1773: Summary Equipment lists are now automatically attached alongside OPORDs and WARNOs, they show a summary equipment list based on combined loadouts across an approved ORBAT, useful for Logisticians and in preparation for some Framework updates on LOGPAKs.


T1774: Fixed a global search issue, the latest deployments show first in searches returning deployments

T1775: Fixed a MYCOC access issue for Sergeants


T1776: Changed the date time formatting for STARTEX and ENDEX on the deployment archive to make it easier to search for days of the week.


T1777: Automated Regular/Reserve activity status change


3031625431: Dossier management and account improvements

  • Fixed timezone issues
  • Added relative and actual time references for most all reports - Made all date and time references uniform formats
  • Changed dossier notes formatting for better UI
  • Added the # of words to dossier note list views


3031614887: Bugfix Ensure reprimands are not raised for no-shows in certain cases, automatically


3031602050: ORBAT Management UI Improvements

  • Filtered edit and ping functions to sub menus
  • Prevent certain ORBAT pings, for example ENDEX prior to STARTEX



3146580355: Added a Parent Dependency column to optional mods in account settings to show which mods are required on the ORBAT for an optional mod to be loaded.



3136395052: Fixed an issue where a COC report could not be de-escalated, and some QOL changes to COC reports

3156375831: Added slot vacancy data to statistics


3156376452: Removed all time limits to UNISTATs data

  • Added force application data to total force graph
  • Added mission approval/disapproval spread to average deployment ratings (taken as Poor/OK = Disapproval and Good/Excellent = Approval)
  • Added number of practices against deployments graph




3156375831: Added deployments per capita data to UNISTATs.



Further to previous updates, ORBAT vacancy data has been added to the deployment archive



3173195738: Major Loadouts QOL Building on equipment lists, it's now possible to drill down into specific items across loadouts and equipment lists and see where they are used across the task force.

  • Updated Equipment lists
  • Added Quartermasters reports
  • Added Faction Directories
  • You can click any item, weapon or piece of equipment on a loadout or equipment list and view all other loadouts and factions using that item
  • You can view a list of all loadouts from any given task force faction and their status by clicking that factions name
  • You can start exploring via any classname
  • Added the ability to search 40 factions and 30000 items via global search




6168111022: Mods lists on the scheduler can be copied from any ORBAT ID.



6139631814: Personal slot activity logs can now be accessed via Account Management and Dossier Management.



6139631814: Added Slot Activity Report to MYCOC for Subordinates



6171175007: FTX Slots will now respect rank requirements in future circumstances for the following:This opens new opportunities for instructors and updates the P15-145: ORBAT Slot Allocation policy

  • Added role Assistant Instructor with MA requirement.
  • Future additions may follow in due course
  • FTX Candidates, where the only rank eligible is Candidate (CDT)
  • FTX Recruits, where the only rank eligible is Recruit (Rec)
  • FTX Regulars, where the eligible rank must exceed Private (Pvt) with no maximum
  • FTX NCOs, where the eligible rank must exceed Corporal (Cpl) with no maximum This opens new opportunities for instructors and updates the policy P15-145:
  • Added role Assistant Instructor with MA requirement.


6178185878: Bug Fix, Cancellation prompts quoting LCP seconds were showing incorrect estimations of potential CNP penalties in the prompt, but giving correct penalties, the prompts have been updated to match the given penalties.


6139611084: Automated the generation of Communications plan table to summarise frequencies on published OPORDs as part of the SMEAC Command/Signal segment, this will work on all past and future ORBATs without intervention.


6178318398: Dossier observations can be converted directly to COC Reports from Dossier Management via the new Actions menu, this carries over the information from the observation.



6189023485: In respect of loadouts: Implementation of loadout slaving, culling approximately 35% of the total loadout database of ~2,400 loadouts by slaving similar roles to master loadouts.

  • Loadouts with slave roles will indicate on the kit list which roles are slaved to its kit list
  • Change request cannot be made to slaves, only to master kit lists, effecting all slaves
  • Slave kit lists will link to and show the name of the master
  • Culled approximately 750 loadouts through this method
  • Loadout overhead for faction creation reduced from circa 100 kit lists to circa 65




6189328859: On ORBATs, more informative gear icons:

  • Grey - approved loadout exists
  • Orange - approved loadout exists but a request to change it is pending
  • Orange red - approved loadout does not exist but a change request is pending
  • Red - no loadout exists and no request is pending



On practices, the Field Leader is now able to override all loadouts retrieved from the arsenal from loadouts related to roles of the subjects being trained, this can be done via 'Edit Operation' and then 'Loadout Override'.
This is useful during practices because the slots are e.g. FTX Recruits, but the practice may require special equipment. During execution of the FTX the Field Leader may at any time, change the assigned loadout and all attendees reloading via the UNITAB will be able to retrieve the currently assigned loadout. For example cycling between LAT, MAT and HAT during anti-vehicle FTXs.

This can only be done ORBAT wide and cannot be customised per person.



6203825262: Tidied up the layout / formatting of the deployment settings.


6209233616: Started logging mod database changes from j8-mods to mod-change-log


6188552637: Changes to After Action Reporting

  • Grace periods introduced, outstanding AARs are good for 48 hours before blocking future deployment actions
  • Notifications will show remaining grace period and get progressively more aggressive when overdue
  • Located and fixed a bug whereby outstanding AARs for practices were not preventing deployment actions



6244026345: You can now save After Action Reports To further aid improving the quality of after-action reports, they can now be stored and returned to

  • After action reports for operations and practices can be saved
  • The notification will remain, as detailed in the above update
  • You can return to saved after-action reports to finish them and submit them
  • Submitting an AAR is still irreversible and saving it only stores it temporarily it does not send it anywhere or influence any data



6139616381: Various deployment scheduler validation rules

  • Ensuring only approved factions can be assigned to a campaign, per its mod lists
  • Only allowing members of the campaigns MST (FL/IO teams) to schedule/FL/IO it's respective deployments, by default
  • Ensuring OPORD segments are provided by the correct assigned persons


6250015414: Added ability to cancel and copy the contents of own loadout requests while a request is pending approval.


6139616835: Deployment Scheduler QOL, various fixes to move away from Scheduler based permissions to FL based permissions in line with recent updates

  • My Drafts now lists any draft deployment where you are the current FL or IO
  • Field Leaders of draft deployments can now Wipe ORBATs and Delete Draft deployments completely
  • The current Field Leader may now Request Approval, instead of the scheduler who is no longer able to do so
  • Current IO's can use the “Edit WARNO” button from My Drafts to edit WARNOs



6275865149: Removed Reserves from the total slots for upcoming deployments on the Operations Centre

  • The number of reserves is instead shown separately as the number of reserves on the ORBAT with X in reserve
  • The unit header counts on the ORBAT also no longer factor reserves into the total ORBAT count
  • The ORBAT cap for Field Leaders and its associated warnings, will not factor Reserves into its calculation but the cap remains the same (i.e. reserves cannot be accepted beyond the cap, only used to fill vacancies as required.)


6274269483: ORGPTS will factor Game Master deployments into it's calculations

6274241518: Practices utilising FTX Restriction slots, FTX (Regulars) and FTX (Recruits) will now automatically, after 24 hours of the release time, convert any vacant and unlocked slots into FTX (Open) therefore removing any grade restrictions for vacant slots. When this happens, a ping will appear in practice-pings.


6318445744: Follow-up to 6139616381

  • Campaign Team Field Leaders may assign non-campaign team Field Leaders via the scheduler, pre-submission
  • Campaign Managers, Deputies and Assistants can assign non-campaign team IOs from the scheduler, pre-submission


6411896207: Bug fix - incorrect assignment of primary transmitter on automated radio matrix for OPORDs
6411442410: Communications Center Activity added to Dossier Management and Account Management, shows unit updates and the viewed status and acknowledged status of the viewed account
6349904333: Communications Center Update
  • New subcategorization to facilitate planned future smaller updates
  • Allow for non-mandatory acknowledgement updates
  • Various readability/layout improvements
  • Ability to filter by unread updates
  • Ability to limit number of updates displayed
  • Ability to filter by subcategory




6421295987: The UNITAF Induction Process is now automated
  • Applicants can self-guide through a video induction process
  • The system ensures applicants watch all videos
  • RRO Office has been updated and shows status of applicants % progression
  • RRO Office logs will detail watches
If you'd like to try out the new process and help give feedback to @RRO, J1  you can via this link https://unitedtaskforce.net/rro/complete and feedback to j1-recruiting - it would be much appreciated. 


6390998950: Added self-served re-induction requests for Inactive/Retired members


6178291067: OPORD Assistant
  • Easily reference ORBAT callsigns into OPORD segments
  • Easily insert common phrases and lines into OPORD segments

Major James
Commanding Officer

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