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TAFFCAST EP0013 HQ in 22 - December 22

Thursday 15 December 2022


Sergeant Kerry

Operations NCOIC

On the 14th of December the first HQ in 22 TAFFCAST session was held on Discord in 343 CH1 (and is aimed to be held monthly in future). 

Hosted by: PFC cjmUK and SP3 mtb (J2 Comms)
Written up by: PFC Kerry (J2 Comms)

The session was recorded and can be found on the usual TAFFCAST locations, your major Podcast platforms and Spotify



Below is the summary of the 1st session:

Maj James opened with a short introduction where he said that it’s been almost 4 years since UNITAF has started and that over the course of this winter, we will reach 1000 deployments, 70 000 deployed hours and our 600th inductee.  He also touched upon the recent HQ personnel changes, and Situation and Roadmap Updates and how the overall standards had been upheld during the transition period. 


The first question was directed towards self-induction. New applicants can now go through the process of self-inducting in 5 short 10-minute videos on their own pace. UNITAF receives anywhere from 40-50 applicants every month and automating the induction process will allow J1 to focus on those applicants that will join the UNITAF in the long run.


Second question was a touch on CSIP and SOP changes. Maj James explained that there are two parts to SOP changes and that if members have ideas on how to change SOP, they can submit a request to change it. If the fundamental change is approved, then a draft change can be written. There are currently around 55 SOP change requests being written by J6 and are in different stages of completion.


Third question was addressing KAT Medical. At the moment, KAT medical is nearing the end of testing in CSIP ORBATs. Upon the conclusion of testing, they will submit their final proposal upon which they (the HQ) will have a final consideration of implementing the new medical system. 


Fourth question was about lesson plans. With the new lesson plans, members who are experienced and have been approved by J6 as an instructor in an area, will be able to instruct a FTX via said plans without an ORGCOC member present. Lesson plans are aimed at improving the quality and quantity of the FTXs. 

With a follow up question on that with how tier decaying will be implemented and how J6 will ensure that there are regular FTXs to prevent tier decay, to which Maj James replied that with the new lesson plans will tackle the lack of FTXs and that there may be frequent lower cap FTXs if led by non ORGCOC instructors. The hours needed for certain areas will also be changed to a more dynamic approach where hours to get to a certain tier might not be the same in different combat areas. This has not yet been fully decided upon, however. 


Fifth question touched upon re-tiering and new combat areas. There is a chance that when re-tiering will be implemented, members will drop in tier levels. As some of the combat areas are now going to be split up, the hours will be transferred to their respected sub-trees. The new combat area’s will be implemented to better define their role. As Maj James said in his example, now you can attend a mortar FTX and deploy as an EOD but in the future, this will not be possible as they will be their own combat areas and fire support FTX hours will be added to the fire support combat area and not combat support.


Reforger operations were also addressed, with Maj James stating that there is no real movement on it. He (Maj James is open to try and build in multi-platform support on the website but not necessarily to the level of the UNITAF framework at this stage due to the delays in Arma 4 development, and he believes once the player base feels like the game is in a good state operation can start to be held. He also believes that early adoption is key (as it’s unlikely that Arma 4 will be released anytime soon). 

If an official UNITAF meet will happen, it might happen in the summer.


If you have questions for future sessions you can submit them via any Discord channel by using the /ask command.

Sergeant Kerry
Operations NCOIC

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