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The 2023 UNITAF Annual Survey

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Major James

Commanding Officer

For the 4th year we are running the UNITAF Annual Survey.

We want to understand how you feel about United Task Force. 

The Survey runs each year from the 1st of January to the 31st January - although it is starting a bit earlier this year. The Survey is the only direct feedback the organisation collates outside of AARs and Suggestions and the Chain of Command itself.

Although we have a strong platform of feedback analysis, with over 15,000 After Action Reports submitted we understand that some things do go by the wayside and in previous years the annual survey has influenced the introduction of changes or new systems. 

This is an opportunity to feedback directly to the Commanding Officer, in confidence - top-level non-mission specific feedback and ideas to be considered for the 2023 period and beyond.
I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.


The closing date for submissions is 23:59 UTC on January 31st 2023.

Please note: 

  • This is not mandatory, but it is appreciated 
  • The survey is not anonymous and you must submit a valid UNITAF ID in your submission 
  • All active and non-active force members, past and present can take part
  • You should be able to go back to and edit your response up until the deadline date
  • If duplicate submissions are recieved for the same person, you will be contacted by myself for validation
  • Only I will see the individual entries of the survey, but I as in previous years - I will share overall findings of the survey.


Click here to take part.

Thank you.

Maj James
Capt Jari
1Lt Korean Falcon
1Lt Mattjamco
2Lt WhiteWolf
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SP1 William
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SP2 Nico
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SP3 LegacyStetson
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