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Update for deployment preference analysis

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Major James

Commanding Officer

To better understand your preferences, we've changed the Not Attending button into a feature which allows you to give us more information about why you're not attending a specific deployment. While this is not a mandatory feature, it's use like AARs allows us to better understand trends and issues.


As before, when you view an ORBAT, at the top of the ORBAT will be the Not Attending prompt (in yellow).


When clicked, you'll now see the following prompt, here you should select the primary reason you are not deploying.


When submitted, you'll see confirmation


And the deployment center, as before will indicate against deployments you're not attending.


Finally, as before - if you do end up deploying anyway it will cancel out the not attending submission for you.
So if and when you can, don't forget to let us know why you're not deploying.

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